Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

A letter to Soleilmavis Liu, Tiffany and all the targeted individuals members of Peace Pink

I know we should trust each other! I know that we believe unconditionally when we read about that we survive and that we know, that we have already experienced or are experiencing.

The   reason for my letter are the words of empathy of our Soleilmavis addressed to Tiffany.  “I am sorry to hear your suffering. Until today, victims still could not get evidence to prove that they were being tortured and harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. However, the UN and USA government had admitted the exist….”

I note with great regret that you do not believe my following words:

We, my family and I are exposed to the public, turned into predecessors of reality shows, turned into a TV station, 34 and a half years ago! All this was done against our will, without our consent in own country from our own people. I recorded it with fear, so to speak, from the first day! Distinct persecution began with years of war in the disintegration of the state – the former Yugoslavia. My anti-war commitment has made us all targets, targeted individuals, victims of Goebbels propaganda!

Fake porn movies have been made about me, using only my face, and this was proven by the American Embassy in 2002. Porn movies were done by the security services, the army, the police and the nationalist - populist government Serbian during 1991 - 2000! My entire family has been persecuted with various scenarios… My son was driven to suicide a year and a half ago in their persecution by opposing them! I have met almost all kinds of persecutions that Tiffany is talking about!

After the democratic changes in October 2000, our persecution continued by the unlustrated security services! During my stay in Nicosia 2003 - 2004 with a younger child who was attending the fourth year of American High School, my persecution was terrible!

After the arrival of the old structures 2012, the same people who ruled 1991 – 2000, our persecution  and especially the persecution of my older son was terrible! The last four years have been creepy! He left with the words – “life is worth giving for freedom, all our ancestors fought against Nazism”! My persecution with voices and the most primitive swearing, dream programming, sexual harassment continues despite the fact that I am suffering severely due to the death of my son. I am 69 years old and have had bilateral breast cancer surgery! My torture takes place in my bedroom where there is a shelf with numerous pictures of my beautiful son including pictures when he was a child and became a guinea pig for some Mengele  Serbian! I successfully defend myself against their attempts at my humiliation by waking up and not allowing them to deceive me in my sleep. That is left of the land which created a long time ago – heroes and saints.  

And now about the evidence and witnesses! These are thousands of Serb witnesses from security structures, including  many thousands of citizens from Serbia who, with Goebbels propaganda, played the role of accomplices in the school example of Nazi persecution for decades! In addition to Serb witnesses, there are thousands and thousands of non – Serb witnesses, all of whom were employed in the security structures of the former Yugoslavia at the federal level, as well a large number of members of the people who made up the former SFRY. Witnesses are also the diplomatic staff of all embassies in Belgrade in the period from 1991 until today! These are all foreign embassies in Nicosia during the period 2003-2004. Cypriots are members of a truly religious people and residents of Nicosia who watched my torture live will not hesitate (I believe) to testify before the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague!

Dear Soleilmavis, we cannot say that “victims could still not get evidence to prove that they were being tortured and harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control technologies.” Each of the target individuals can demand from their governments that the embassies in Belgrade that are witnesses find a way to speak out! UN Secretary Antonio Guterres has reason to say – we finally have a case for The Hague! Do you think that targeted individuals for political reasons in dictatorial regimes should not be recognized in our persecuted community.

I have a feeling that the target individuals scattered around the world do not believe me. You can’t believe that it can happen In a European country belonging to Christian civilization, my persecuted family and I lived in a visible (not invisible) digital concentration camp! Sometimes I say, knowing that the very obedient inhabitants of this space occupied by the internal occupation are watching and listening to me, the following: “We were slaves and free and you are free and slaves”! I believe their answer is – “We are slaves but we are alive”! These are the descendants of those who carried slogans on the streets of Serbian cities and Belgrade (among them my children’s grandmothers) on the eve of Hitler’s occupation: “Better a grave than a slave!”

If, after this letter of mine, (which I will send to Mr. Nils Melzer, the Hague International Court, to Mr. Antonio Guteres and the US Government - because of Tiffany), there is no prosecution of my persecutors in the UN Hague International Court of Justice, I want to tell you that we should no longer have any hope that anything can be achieved. It is an absolute sign that humanity is in the final stage of enslavement. That means - it’s late. We are witnessing the realization of the pure Nazi idea of enslaving people on a global level with high technology! It is passionate what kind of world a modern man is ready to leave his children, without resistance!

I hope you will understand everything I have written as my sincere, true and well- Intentioned contribution to ending our suffering and the suffering of those who come after us! My goal is for all who are no longer among us to rest in peace by discovering and prosecuting their persecutors!

Gordana Filipovic

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