Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


Christians were inculcated to believe that a saviour would come and save them from enslavement to the extent that some of them will not do any political activism whatsoever at a time when we are being slowly and incrementally enslaved by means of advances in technology as well as by means of medical fascism and unjust man-made laws. Many Christians simply wait around while they are being slowly enslaved they spend their spare time praying to Jesus to come and save them. However, praying is simply a form of self-programming. They are praying to nobody. They are simply talking to themselves while continuing to be passive.
Jesus is not the only fictional saviour that has been created in order to render people passive. Other saviours such as non-existent extra-terresterial saviours and Q Anon non-existent saviours have been created. Still Further, Benjamin Fulford at his website benjaminfulford(dot)net is informing us that a secret group is secretly saving the world from behind the scenes. I dont believe you Benjamin Fulford. You are either being mind controlled to believe this yourself or you are paid by the would-be enslavers of the human race to render us all passive by claiming that some secret group will save us from enslavement and we dont need to do anything ourselves.
If you believe in Jesus Christ what is your reason for doing so because there is no historical evidence for him having ever existed? Perform some acts of political activism instead of praying to a fictional character. Organised religions inculcate us before we are old enough to defend ourselves from inculcation. Organised religions should be banned from the face of the earth for that reason alone. I align with moral law and I love the whole human race equally but I will never respect organised religions
Nanochips and Smart Dust are the new technological means for the advancement of the human microchipping agenda. Due to their incredibly tiny size, both nanochips and Smart dust have the capacity to infiltrate the human body, become lodged within, and begin to set up a synthetic network on the inside which can be remotely controlled from the outside.
­Smartdust is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect, for example, light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, or chemicals. They are usually operated on a computer network wirelessly and are distributed over some area to perform tasks, usually sensing through radio-frequency identification. For some time, a small team of researchers at UC Berkeley has been working on plans for a wireless monitoring system. Earlier this month, they released a draft paper: "Neural Dust: An Ultrasonic, Low Power Solution for Chronic Brain-Machine Interfaces." However, in reality this has already been achieved and is being actively used against many non-consenting members of the human race.
Humans are being forced to inhale and ingest tiny, dust-sized, wireless sensors without their awareness or consent. . At the same time a separate transceiver is being placed directly under the skull but above the brain of a selection of non-consenting humans at a time that they were unaware that it was occurring. The transceiver communicates with the sensors via ultrasound.
Another battery-powered transceiver outside the skull which can be buried in the walls of the home of the victim of non-consensual experimentation receives data transmissions from the transceiver inside the skull and supply wireless power to it. This type of power transfer is already used in a variety of medical applications, including cochlear implants.
.This system then allows scientists to see what's going on with thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of neurons inside the brain of that aforementioned non-consenting and extremely unwilling human subject. That human subject loses all future right to privacy. I am one such non-consenting and extremely unwilling subject of such neural research and extreme brain invasion. All my freedom to move my own muscles can be taken away by this method and it is all occurring from locations that are unknown to me and by people who I have never met and who are unknown to me. When I spoke to authority figures about the matter they did not appear to believe me and mandated that I attend for psychiatric evaluation. I had to then partially withdraw my story to the psychiatrist so as to protect my right to return to my home without instead being incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital. When is this ongoing crime which is being committed against me going to be stopped. My name is Gretta Fahey also known as Margaret Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.
Stay far away from any and all covid vaccines. Some if not all covid vaccines contains neuro toxins which can torture you from the inside out. A friend of mine told me that her mother got a covid vaccination because an older sister wrongly advised her to get it. Now as a direct result of the covid vaccination she has developed tardive akathisia which has made her so restless that she paces constantly and can no longer sit still or relax. Back in 2003 I was given an anti-psychotic formula in a hospital called St. Teresa's Unit in Castlebar, Co. Mayo. The anti-psychotic drug which I was given was called Haldol which is also known as Haloperidol and it gave me tardive akathisia. The tardive akathisia caused me to pace up and down the hospital corridor each and every day all day long and I could not sit on my bed and relax for longer than ten minutes at a time. It was a form of torture from the inside out. The psychiatrist did not take me off the Haldol for several weeks. I was in an extreme state of distress because of it. What psychiatrists do is instead of taking a patient off a medication which has generated in them extreme side effects is they give them another medication to help alleviate the side affects of the first medication while mandating that the patient continues to take the first medication at the same time. This ensures that the patient is then receiving two poisonous concoctions instead on one.
Please stay far away from any and all covid-19 jabs because the neuro toxins in them could torture you from the inside out and you would have no escape.
Take heed to what I advise. My name is Gretta Fahey from Claremorris, Ireland.
The covid-19 deliberately manufactured pandemic was created for the purposes of achieving a totalitaritian world government power grab. Viruses are dead matter and are not contagious.
Dust sized receivers have been inhaled by most people throughout world. Subliminally transmitted messages are being transmitted to them via their smart phones which hinders their ability to think effectively. They are being remotely influenced to believe what is false.
A selection of individuals who are being overtly experimented on from a distance receive messages by means of the smart dust receivers inside their heads which are audible to them. The messages sometimes contain commands. If they disobey the commands it is possible for them to then experience pain, electric shock and other unwanted sensations which is enabled by the smart dust which has permeated their brains and bodies.
If you hear audible voice commands which come into your hearing range from the smart dust receivers which are embedded throughout your brain you will no longer be able to pray because each time you attempt to pray, those who transmit the voices inside your head will pour scorn on your prayers. However, even though I live a life which aligns with moral law and I love all human and other sentient beings I hate and detest all organised religions because they are highly immoral for the reason that they inculcate us when we are too young to defend ourselves from inculcation for the purposes of gaining money, power, status and control for themselves and for many other reasons. I also believe praying is self-programming and nothing more. We are surrounded by intelligent energy which some scientists call a morphogenic field or some others call ' the ether'. However, that intelligent energy is not manipulatable to swing things in your favour simply by flattering and worshiping it.
Government ministers have become inactive in our defence because the world financial system is effectively privately owned and controlled by those who wish to perpetrate the power grab and whenever government ministers act against the wishes of those international bankers and others, finances are manipulated to empoverish what ever country attempts to resist the bankers.
In order to extract ourselves from this situation we must first disempower the international bankers who are sometimes known as the self-proclaimed elite. We can do that by refusing to recognise their financial system and by initiating an alternative financial system throughout the whole world. We can begin that today. There are many world financial experts who could make this happen if they were supported by members of governments of all countries throughout the world. The international bankers would be arrested and detained for questioning by now if the worlds police were not under subliminal remote influence and if millions of people in positions of power had not been legally compromised through bad behaviour which was more than likely brought on through subliminal remote influence. I believe that the freemasons, the trilateral commission, the Bildergergers, the club of Rome, The Skull and Bones Society and many other powerful groups are all enslaved and if they attempt to leave their secretive groups they are murdered. What is to be done in order to set them free? It benefits nobody in the world to lock down the whole world in a rigid hierarchy of enslavement? Do you know of anyone who would ultimately benefit from such a situation and if you do who are they and how would they benefit?
The vaccines are untested and experimental.
The vaccines dont stop anyone from getting covid-19.
They dont stop anyone from spreading covid-19
They cause death and injury.
The vaccine manufacturers are not liable for injuries or deaths caused by the vaccines which they manufacture.
Once someone is vaccinated they can then be patented and owned by someone else.
Messenger RNA contained in the vaccines is software. It is a nanotec operating system and it has a direct effect on DNA. Programmers are introducing lines of code into the DNA of previously vaccinated women.
Covid-19 vaccines do not come under the legal definition of vaccines. They are not vaccines. They are technology.
Those who have received the covid-19 vaccine still are mandated to wear a mask and to social distance even after having been vaccinated and they still continue to get the symptoms of covid-19.
Many vaccinated women become infertile because of the vaccine.
There has been a 366% increase in miscarriages since the covid-19 vaccination program began.
Viruses are not alive. They have no nucleus. There is no respiration. There is no glandular activity. There is no functionality. They are solvents. The body makes them to dissolve tissue in your body that is too toxic for the parasites, the bacteria and the fungus to eat. Viruses dont reproduce because they are not alive. Viruses are not contageous. Viruses are the human body's last resort in trying to save your life. The flu develops when people are so toxic that bacteria, parasites and fungus can not break down your toxins so in such a case the body makes viruses in order to dissolve those toxins. The "Germ Theory" is a lie, and no virus has ever been Isolated, purified, or proven to exist. Sars Cov2, was NEVER proven to exist. It does not exist. Covid-19 is a Fraud.
Some of the side effects of any and all covid-19 vaccines are Anaphylaxis, paralysis, Guillain Barre Syndrome, Sudden hearing loss, Sudden Blindness, Seizures, Strokes, Encephalitis, and Death.
Forced vaccines are a holocaust level crime.
Fifty one percent of people dying of covid have already had the vaccine.
You are not getting a vaccine. You are getting a pathogen producer. It is a deadly pathogen and your tissues are being flooded with it.
Many if not most medical personnel are being paid by government instead of being paid directly by their patients so they are compromized as to what they might say.
Masks can cause some adverse affects in individuals.
The Nazi death camps of the second world war era were run by both the leaders and the supporting staff. Are you one of the supporting staff for this current worldwide mass murder which is being deliberately caused by poisonous vaccines.
People who object to the hoaxed covid-19 pandemic are being censored from the main stream media, youtube, facebook, and other online platforms which are mainly owned and controlled by the new world order cabal.
The mask is an anti human symbol. It depersonalize us. It is a sign of obedience to a cult. It is important for the psycho social development of children to see human faces.
The mask is a sign of unquestioning obedience to state demands.
The media added confusion to fear in order to create anxiety in society. It is a deliberate psychological operation.
Vaccines are profitable to pharmaceutical companies.
Nurses who wore a cloth mask had between six and thirteen times the risk of infection than those who didnt.
Refuse any and all vaccines now and into the future and strenghten your own natural immune system.
Hydroxychloroquine really works as a preventative. In India, half of the Mumbai police department received hydroxychloroquine and they remained well while out of the half that did not receive hydroxychloroquine many got sick and died. Hydroxychloroquine stops in its tracks whatever is currently making people ill.
When you get the covid vaccine, your body becomes a spike protein factory. When you breathe you exhale your own cells. Those who made the poor decision of accepting covid vaccines are exhaling substances which are causing nearby women to have miscarriages to the extent that at least one medical doctor called Dr Steven Baker who can be found at his website dr steven baker (dot) com. has banned all vaccinated people from his surgery for a minimum of thirty days after being vaccinated by any and all covid vaccines.
The pcr test is faulty. It is incapable of diagnosing any infection and yet that same faulty pcr test has been used as an excuse to lock down the whole world and deny us the right to travel on our own roads, the roads we own ourselves.
At ten past four pm Irish time on 2nd May, 2021 a voice which was transmitted inside my head by the use of bio-communication technology without my permission to do so was heard by me to say the following:-
"If you come to justice I will get a substantial pay out."
I responded to the unknown voice by asking the following question as follows:-
"What do you mean by that precisely."?
The technologically transmitted voice was heard by me to answer as follows:-
"We thought you had done something wrong but now we know you havent done it." My name is Gretta Fahey also known as Margaret Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. I have been psychologically tortured for more than eighteen years by individuals who use extremely advanced technology to force me to listen to their voices which I hear coming from inside my head against my will and without my permission as well as to force a selection of my muscles to move against my will for the purposes of bio-robotizing me at some future time. They also send me pain, electric shock, surges of electricity going through my whole body and a wide variety of other upsetting sensations throughout each and every day of my life. When is this going to stop? I am not the only individual in the Republic of Ireland that this is happening to. I know many others who are experiencing similar experiences to mine but the Gardai and others prefer to believe that we are mentally unwell rather than admitting that this technology exists and is being used against us. The Gardai are under technologically induced mind control. What do we as a nation do to expose this situation to the rest of the men, women and children of Ireland in view of the fact that those who work inside the main stream media are also under technologically induced mind control. How do we free their minds from it.?
When I was a child growing up in the Republic of Ireland I was not allowed to answer back to my teachers. I was not allowed to express discontent of any type. While I was in school I was forced to give undivided attention to the teacher throughout each school day to the extent that if I was not attentive in class I would be either caned with a cane, hit accross the knuckles with a ruler, screamed at in front of the whole class or criticized by the teacher. I spent all of my school days in national school being terrified to even look sideways at the school child who sat beside me in case my teacher caught me being inattentive. I was consumed by fear and terror every day all day long. I attended the National school in question from the age of four to the age of twelve between 1964 and 1972. It took me many decades to recover from my fear of false authority figures. I have now recovered from that extreme fear and I now know that we are all equal in this world and that nobody in the world is more important or less important that I am.
There were two teachers in the school which I attended. One of them taught me from when I was four years of age until I was eight years of age and the other teacher taught me from when I was the age of eight until I reached twelve years of age. This is not a criticism of the teachers. I do not blame these teachers for their strictness and the use of canes to beat their students because they and all other catholic national and secondary school teachers were inculcated by the catholic owned and run teacher training colleges in the Republic of Ireland to do so. The real reason that the aforementioned catholic owned and run teacher training colleges unknown authorities inculcated their trainee teachers to be cruel and sadistic towards the young children in their care is because those aforementioned unknown authorities wished to have a population of Irish people who were so afraid of the false authority of the Catholic church that they would never raise their heads above the radar in order to ever question the false authority of the catholic church in Ireland ever.
Most Irish children left school in a state of post traumatic stress disorder because of the treatment that was doled out to us by the school system. The teachers themselves were probably beaten during their own school days so they must have thought it was acceptable to in turn beat their own school pupils. However, the catholic church authorities are experts of psychology because in order to inculcate two billion people throughout this planet into a false belief system and keep them inculcated throughout the entirety of their lives, requires them to be experts in psychology.
I have a friend who attended Carysfort teacher training college in Dublin, Ireland during the 1980. The trainee teachers were sometimes told not to smile at their pupils during the first school term each year in case the pupils would interpret a smiling teacher as a maleable teacher. The phrase that was used in Carysfort college was "Dont Smile Before Christmas." My friend also informed me that she was told my a National School Inspector that she must enforce absolute obedience from her students. She was told that if she asked any child in the school to do something that they must do it no matter what. She was led to believe that the must generate unquestioningly obedient order followers. In my own opinion, unquestioningly obedient order followers can be
_made to commit acts of extreme evil in the mistaken belief that they are being of service to their country.
The Republic of Ireland is a very beautiful country. It would also be a very happy country if we could only get rid of church and state forever and run our country by a system of anarchy which is a linear based self regulating system, a system of rules without rulers. Hierarchies always use extreme fear in order to maintain themselves. Hierarchies are ultimately enslavement systems.
What inspired me to write this true information is because I am reading a most excellent book at the moment called 'Electric Body, Electric Health' by Eileen Day McKusick which informs me that trauma from the past gets stores up in the human biofield which is the human electromagnetic field but that trauma can easily be released by a variety of healing methods which would lead the traumatised individual back to a state of perfect health.
____________________________________________________________________________________________I am a targeted individual of remotely administered wireless torture. I dont know who is tortureing me but as well as torturing and tormenting me from a distance due to nanotech which I have been illegally implanted with, they also hack into my computer and sometimes take external control of it or they use it to monitor my online activities.
When ever I allow google earth to know my location, then instead of it zooming on my own location, google earth zooms in on an entriely different location other than where I am located. I believe that those other locations are various locations where the computer hackers reside.
Today, when I allowed goodle earth to zoom in on my location, it instead zoomed in on a location at Pearse Street, Dublin. It was a read bricked two story building between Headon Boxing Academy and Lir Academy.
Is that where one of those who monitor, surveil, harass and torture me from a distance is located and if so how can I find their name and address in order to stop them doing what they do to me. Directed Energy Weapon enabled torture is widespread throughout Ireland and is part of the New World Order takeover agenda. It must be exposed in order to set us free.


Reduce from eating three meals per day to eating two meals per day which will take an enormous burden off your whole digestive system.
Cut out carbohydrates.
Cut out fibre. You can do both of those simply by switching to a carnivore diet for a while such as simply eating meat, fish and eggs. If you feel that a carnivore diet is too extreme for you then add back above ground vegetables after a month because all other carbohydrate food is very high in glucose to the extent that if you eat any of it your digestive health will not improve. Some examples of above ground vegetables are celery, cucumber, avocados, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, cabbage and spinach among many others. There are many books which are widely available now about the safety and health value of the carnivore diet or any type of low carbohydrate diet.
Avoid dairy.
Add Apple Cider Vinegar in a small amount of water before each meal in order to increase stomach acid.
Add Lemon Juice or ginger tea in the morning on an empty stomach.
Add Bethane Hydrochloride before meals which is a formula which will make your stomach acid stronger.
Eat mono meals for example, eat only eggs for breakfast and eat only meat for lunch.
Take purified bile salts. You might be deficient in bile if you dont have enough good bacteria. Take them on an empty stomach. They break down the fats into smaller particles. They help cure constipation. They helps convert thyroid hormones from T4 to T3. They help cure hypothyroidism. They reduce the risk of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth aka SEBO. Bile is toxic to bacteria and it kills off all the bacteria in your small intestine and it then gets reabsorbed into the liver so it does not kill off the bacteria in the large intestine. Bile protects the liver from inflamation.
Four tactics to improve bile flow.
1. Chew Slowly. 2. Take choline which is found in eggs, cauliflower or beef. 3. Incorporate fermented foods into your diet, such as sourkrout, kimchi and kimbouchi. Incorporate bitters into your diet such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Watercress, Kale, Ginger, grapefruit.
Take Vitamin D which cures inflamation.
The underlying causes of SIBo are intestine motility and stomach acid deficiency, both of which are caused by stress.
Some Causes of low stomach acid are as follows:- the presence of H pylori, genetic predisposition, auto immune gastritis and chronic stress. Your stomach should be at similar acidity to that of car battery acid.
Signs of low stomach acid which is also known as hypochlorhydria are Excessive fullness after meals, constipation, bad breath, bloating, gas, mineral deficiency, undigested protein in the stool and Slow gastric emptying among others.
Take Apple Cider Vinegar, bitters or bethane hydrochloride to increase stomach acid. Start with taking apple cider vinegar in water before meals. Bethane Hydrochloride is very strong and should only be taken if the Apple Cider Vinegar does not improve your digestive health.
Put a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in water and drink it five minutes before a meal and it will help greatly with digestion. You can buy a bitter formula and take three droplets in water fifteen minutes before meals.
Use Hydrochloric Acid only if low stomach acid is very severe because it is very strong. eg of HCL is Bethane Hydrochloride.
Eat very slowly.

Practice intermittent fasting which is a process whereby you eat your meals each day within an eight hour window and then you fast for sixteen hours. This fasting period will give your organs a rest and will give time to your body to generate more stomach acid for the purposes of digesting the next meal you eat. Never eat between meals because if you do so there will not be enough stomach acid in your stomach to digest the next meal because it will all have been used up. If a medical professional advises you to eat small meals often, that medical prefessional has been misadvised by those who control medical training schools and it is strongly believed that medical training schools throughout the world are now being controlled and run by unethical occultists who have a hidden agenda of worldwide depopulation for the further purposes of worldwide enslavement to the extent that they have ensured that medical students are being deliberately misinformed and pharmaceuticals are being deliberately blended with very slow acting poisons in almost all instances.

Avoid drinking liquids thirty minutes before and after meals lest the liquid should dilute your digestive juices.
Relax when you are eating and eat mindfully without having the radio on in the background.

First thing in the morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of water containing a quarter teaspoon of baking soda. If you burp within fifteen minutes that it a sign that there is acid in your stomach because the baking soda is reacting with the acid and making bubbles.
Signs of Insulin Resistance are as follows:- protruding belly, frequent urination, food cravings, tired after eating.
Normal blood glucose reading is 80. Prediabetes blood glucose reading is 100 to 125. Diabetes is over 125. If you eat high levels of carbohydrates or if there is a high frequency of eating food then a huge amount of insulin will be released from the pancreas. The insulin works hard in order to keep the blood sugar down. High levels of insulin are very toxic to the body. Eventually the pancreas becomes exhausted from pumping out insulin so the amount of insulin goes down and the blood sugar correspondingly goes up giving you full blown diabetes. The Cure is to eat a low carbohydrate diet and intermittent fast every day for approximately sixteen hours while eating your meals during an eight hour window. Do not eat between meals.
I am not a health professional.
Start off by eating two meals per day and then reduce to one meal per day for at least one month in order to improve your health. Do it gradually.
Your body has made alot of ketones after fasting for sixteen hours.You are insulin sensitive rather than insulin resistent after fasting.After you eat your body processes that food and later after fasting for several hours your insulin level drops again and you become insulin sensitive again.
The longer you fast, the more you promote insulin sensitivity, the more ketones you make, and the more autophagy you generate.
Some people who have become used to eating only one meal per day often fast for thirty six or forty eight hours occasionally in order to promote better health.
You will eventually stop thinking about food and become totally able to control your appetite for food. You will have gained total self mastery over food.
You will lose weight, you will reverse insulin resistence and you will become very healthy and full of constant energy.
I believe that we all have now become virtually enslaved due to the fact that we have been sprayed from the skies with nano technology which we have inhaled and ingested and which has permeated our brains and bodies and this aforementioned nano technology is being wirelessly controlled from unknown remote locations to make us think thoughts which do not originate from our own wisdom and experiences. Some of us are by the same means being made to hear voices, see visions, feel unwanted pain, electric shock and other sensations, as well as being made to experience forced muscle movement. This is torture and if the spraying from the skies is not made to stop and if the illegal vaccinations of messenger RNA human software is not stopped from being injected into our bodies, all future generations of babies born into the world will be born into enslavement. We are trapped. Please find a way of releasing us from this trap. How can we free ourselves from this enslavement trap. Not all countries in the world are being sprayed with the nano technology which is needed to enslave us, for example Madagascar may not have ever been sprayed with nano technology from the skies. There is a good chance that our slavemasters live in Madagascar and are programming the nano technology inside our bodies and brains from that location.

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