Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Dear President Putin, I am Gordana Filipovic, the target individual for 34 years from Belgrade for political reasons. I want to tell you that suppose that there is a possibility I would not be an admirer and supporter of you if I were born and lived in Russia, but that is not the reason I am sending you this letter. The reason I am addressing you is - The International Conference of Victims of Psychotronic Terrorism held in Moscow in December 2018 and its conclusions. I am not naïve to think that something like this could be realized in a country like Russia without your approval and consent. As a target individual, I am grateful to you for that. In Serbia, psychotronic terrorism is a taboo topic, although there are evidences that torture (sleep deprivation) with high military technology used still in the concentration camp Goli Otok during the Informbiro period. What an irony! Ideologically, the same ones who persecuted those who favor Russia, now persecute those who do not glorify Russia because of its exceptional military armament. That Russia knows what Serbs like about them is enough for me that Mr Lavrov did not read poetry to us but to some Croatian officials. And for me, the greatness of Russia is reflected in the love of the Russians for Pushkin, whose bust in the Pushkin Museum the guides caress with gentle words! And when we are with the red-black coalition and your struggle to not falsify history, it is well-known fact that the Serbia Chetniks chose collaboration with the “swastika” sign rather than the five-pointed star in World War II. The statement of the speaker at that conference that an international consensus is needed to ban the use of high military technology as torture against people is exactly what has been the goal of my actions since my older son is no longer among us, as a victim of dictatorial and criminal Serbian regime. I have known personally many forms of torture with high military technology. The highest authorities in my country, by “voices in my head” overestimated me that they would shoot me in the legs if I showed up at the demonstrations and my son in the head if he did not stop exposing himself against the president and his regime. He committed suicide by jumping from the fifth floor of the apartment in which he lived. My beautiful, brave, unusual, honest son could not stand it more. Between a life without freedom and freedom without life, he chose the latter! In my persecution I knew the power of suggestions for committing a directed suicide! It is very difficult to oppose that! Looking back on our lives, I am absolutely certain that my older child at the age of seven became a guinea pig in examining the possibilities of high military technology in the former Yugoslavia from 1986. This fact may provoke disbelief that something like this is happening in a socialist country! Confidence is obvious in fact that in Serbia there was a real and not just digital number of baby kidnappings organized by the same state, and some parents ask deputies in the National Assembly if children were sold for experiments! Our persecutors and murderers of my son are the highest officials of the Serbia government, military and police leaders who were initially exposed, but still in fear that there is a possibility that they will be prosecuted for crimes one day, they start hiding behind criminal circles and psychopaths and use them to wash bloody hands. All this is happening with the classic Goebbels propaganda, which succeeds remarkably well in a morally devastated environment. Why should you be particularly interested in this at all and why should you know that? Because my son responded to my warnings that he was in danger with words a little popular in today’s modern world and still sacred to the Russian people: “Well, let them kill! For freedom, life should be given, as mine fought against Nazism”. My son was the direct grandson of grandfather (my father) who was a partisan during the long years in World War II and he was the direct grandson (according to his father) of a royal officer who spent all the years of World War II in the American liberated Nazi concentration camp in Germany (no Auschwitz}. Call of American for asylum in the United States with a warning about the red Russian five-pointed star was in the former Yugoslavia - he refused. Although he was a royal officer, it did not bother him to return to his country. I want you to try to imagine for yourself what my thoughts might have been about you when you invited people from our country to the celebration of the 75 anniversary of the victory over Nazism, whom I consider directly responsible for why I do not have my child! I know that you said “22 million Russian victims of Nazism gave their lives for life and not for death” and it is truth! I think that for you, as the President of Russia, it is not unimportant to know: - That I was brought up with Russian and French literature and poetry (I found God by reading Dostoevsky as an eleven-year-old child). - As a journalist of “Review of International Affairs” during 24 years I met many more Russians than Americans and none of them ever disappointed me. On the contrary, I remember them with love and nostalgia. However the voices in my head of which certainly come from Serbs, who are supposedly oriented towards Russia are: “American, Hungarian, democratic prostitute”, repeated thousands of times! - A long walk along the Nevsky Prospekt of your Petersburg on a cold autumn day with the woolen, warm scarf from the mother of the Russian journalist Nadezhda from “New Time”, who followed me, is one of my most beautiful memories in life. - I was born like you in 1952. - I could list many more things, but it would be important for you to know that I look at your photographs questioningly and wonder how you would react as a statesman and how as the man if you were familiar with many details of my unusual, difficult, painful experience in my own country, among my own people. - What you should know about the political climate in Serbia is that it is a country with divided people between supporters of the ruling dictatorial regime and those who are opponents. At the same time, a division is being created completely irresponsibly in accordance with the geostrategic interests of the great powers. I think that Serbia’s place is in the European Union. - I consider myself a person who does not divide people by skin color, belonging to a certain nation, or religion and that is how I raised my children. My younger son’s roommate during his four-year study in London was a Muscovite, friend from an International American high school in Nicosia. He is both his married godfather and the godfather of his children. I recognize only those who care about preserving man and god in themselves. - My children grew up with American films, Western music and admire the values of democratic countries: human rights, freedom speech and opinion, freedom of choice…Regardless of my political orientation, my heart will always be with the Russian poet Vladimir Vysotsky and not with the American actor Richard Widmark and his arrogant attitude (I well remember the anger I felt many years ago when I read about their meeting). My son, who is no longer with us, often mentioned Nadezhda, with a Russian soul, who called me in excitement during NATO bombing: “Gordana, send the children to Moscow, I have provided everything”! I will never forget that! Speaking of the bombing, we survived it in the “Bermuda Triangle” across from the American embassy, and we know where those whose policy was to confront the whole world were hiding. What is happening today - policy of cooperation with the whole world and not with a certain percentage of its own people is an even greater evil now! I am very grateful that you maybe may read my letter! With the hope that in the future I will not look into your photos questioningly and that the events on the world stage will deny me when I am your strict judge. I am absolutely sure that soon the world will find itself again between the choice of good and evil! Controlling and punishing people with high technology is pure Nazi idea. I like to listen Glukoza’s song Schweine. Then I think of our persecutors, swindlers and of murderers of my son. I cordially great you and wish you all the best. Gordana Filipovic

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