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Thank you for your interest! I know that as a European and a soldier, you are familiar with some of the circumstances in my country. My answer to your question is: Serbian Government on their own, pro - Russian oriented! I am enclosing the letter that I failed to send to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, which will explain everything to you!

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Comment by Stephen O' Neill on January 8, 2021 at 3:43am

So it is the Serbian government that is targeting you, and they also murdered your son and also the diplomat that jumped to his death, my God. I loved Kosovo when I was there, but favoured the Serbs because I am Christian (at least I used to be before targeting). But anyway often thought how lovely it would be to live in Serbia, but I would think twice now.  I read your letter to Putin and it was very well written. So they are attacking you with VOICES? I have had a taste of this type of torture but only when falling asleep and waking up , I wouldn't be able to cope with voices 24 hours a day.

What they do to me is they attack my mind with what I assume is synthetic psychosis and plus I get violent urges when talking to my loved ones , so I could be having a really nice chat one of my relatives or friends and then I will get the urge to hit then with all of my power. Plus my attackers are trying to mimic mental illness so when I don't take anti psychotic medication the attacks are far far far worse. When telling my family that I was being stalked , harassed and attacked with directed energy weapons they put me in front of my doctor who put me in front of a psychiatrist who forced me into hospital and forced me anti psychotic medication. Only when I tried to stop taking them my harassers/attackers wouldn't let me. So now I am forced to take pills even though there is zero wrong with my mind. And I have been labelled and stigmatised as mentally ill. Sad but true.

Lets hope that we all get justice one day soon, also I am not a Soldier anymore , it was the first domino that my attackers pushed. Once they harassed me out of the Army the Police unit that is targeting me since 2006 took over, and the stalking , sleep deprivation and directed energy weapon attacks started.

Comment by Gordana Filipovic on January 11, 2021 at 3:02pm

Thank you very much for your trust Stephen!


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What shielding methods worked for all of you?

I think I am dealing with satellite beams, but I'm not sure what kind.See More
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