Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Friday, 1l:30 AM Having coffee at Duncan Donuts – used the small individualized creamers and 2 drips of cream fell onto the table – turned around for 30 seconds to put trash in dispenser and then back around to find cream smeared over the table.

Purchased new pair of prescription glasses. Immediately the rims were slightly twisted. No longer fitting properly, each time I put on the glasses my hair catches at the hinges and unless I go to great lengths to release strands of hair, it get pulled out... Two days ago while having coffee at Borders, I took the glasses off to wipe lens with a clean rag, and as I was finished and ready to put them back on another smudge mark appeared on the lens... there was noone standing or seated nearby

Last night after cooking supper, I carried plate with food into living room and glanced down at my side just in time to notice liquid falling onto new carpet. I bent over and touched with my finger where I saw the liquid land, and it was soaking wet. I didn’t know until last night that what I cook is what I suppose is being used to leave stains all over a brand new carpet... or possibly it's some other liquid deposited with the aid of a focused beam of laser technology. I assumed that someone was entering my apt., and I now know that's not true. The1st time it happened I had maintenance come in to clean it up, and the next thing I knew the rug was stained again in exactly the same two places... this second time, it was done from memory.

Lately I've wondered if the Stanford Research Institute, et al may have learned a few things from Area 51 and alien technology and is now being used. I think this because the technology is so far advanced and sophisticated, it is quite unbelievable. It has occurred to me but probably not so and has simply instead evolved from decades long study along the lines of psychic research and remote neural monitoring, etc.

When they were staging this theatrical production back in 2005 to entrap me, a most ridiculous scenario that was played out for me was the landing of a spaceship >straight out of Speilberg’s ET< at a 4 –way
intersection where I had come to a stop. The exact moment I would be there was orchistrated and the staged

landing on the grassy green center portion as opposed to the middle of the street where if it had landed in the street would have collided with traffic which if I had been someone dumb enough to believe it, would have been most unrealistic and blown their cover. It was entertaining, but nothing more than that. I guess I was supposed to think I was about to be overtaken by aliens and space ships.

The ability to read another person’s every thought via the man-machine interface is even greater than I'd realized. Not only are they able to read thoughts at a subconscious level to be able to stay one step ahead of me – I learned two days ago that the technology is so far advanced, it has the capability of
being able to read a thought that doesn’t even fully register and
is fleeting – however, the computer, nevertheless, picks up on it and the
thought can be played back. I am outraged at the lack of privacy these well-paid bums in brown slacks and patent leather loafers with tassels have criminally interferred with my life. At this very moment they are attempting to implant rage into that last statement I just made and to incorporate as a part of my personalityand the acoustics that accompany it are unbelievable. The question is why would they be trying to incorporate feelings of rage or anxiety into my personality? I suppose just to see what these little men discover.

I'm curious about the young mother here in town who sees the holographic images of Angels projected before her eyes. She believes the images are real and the result of a few near death experiences. It's hard to fathom how it is possible for someone to believe they are realistically seeing 'angels.' She must be someone who's easily mind controlled and what is probably has playing in her head around the clock is that her baby is loved and well cared for – when, in fact, hernewborn baby was just taken out of her arms because she told the wrong person about the angels and was diagnosed as schizophrenic and had to give up her right to be a mother, and the baby could now be in the clutches of the devil to be raised from the cradle on synthetic telepathy as a lab rat. Babies and young children for research and experimentation into these CIA/NSA Mind Control Programs would have to be the ultimate hijack. As adults, we fall into another category for scientific experimentation. But babies straight from the craddle who perhaps would not be raised on the spoken word at all, but rather indoctrinated into a synthetic telepathy operation would have to be the creme de la creme. Reinforcing soothing beautiful images of compassion and love
with angels harking over the child is to remove any doubt that the child is not being well cared for.

Since Easter Sunday they have used the Silent Sound Spectrum on me. I was getting ready for church and tossing clothes around deciding what to wear when in the back portion of my skull I could feel sensations of manipulation. What they did was introduce an emotional state of mind completely foreign to my own inherent makeup - a stranger's agitation that was off the charts. It didn't play out well in my head and left me literally trembling until it was turned off.

Only black budget scientists of the lowest order could call this sort of thing experimentation. These
criminals live up to their NAZI, Germany role models they went to Europe and sought out after the War to bring back to this country to work for the Department of Defense in this country's mind control experimentation in exchange for another identity.

How long are we who have fallen victim to this heinous technology going to allow this to go on? When are we going to unite in huge numbers that can no longer continue to be ignored by the American public and our so-called leaders in Washington, D.C.

This morning they again tried to use another person’s agitated state to get a rise out of me, and again it didn’t fly. They ran a tape causing me to feel uneasy and jittery. As we who have fallen victim to these crimes know all to well, there is no bottom when it comes to how low these criminals will stoop, especially when they have it in for a targeted victim who is not compliant with their wishes.

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Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on April 20, 2010 at 2:58am
Are you sure they didn't mean Stanford University? They're separate from SRI who is an intelligence contractor to the DOD and are Futurists dedicated to building computing machines to mimic human capabilities;i.e., machines (Androids) that look and act as much like humans as possible which is why they're preoccupied with personality and all aspects of the human emotional response. They are incorporating personality and 'intuition' (to allow them to be more user friendly when they become a child's nanny or a Congressman's lover!!) into their androids and are obviously searching for a good fit... while other people build machines to do stuff that humans can not do or would prefer not to do, these little men in suits have more of an imagination. When you are feeling 'shaky' I wonder if you have a sense of what is going on? For some reason, I always know just what's happening, maybe because I was always all my life pretty much tuned-in to this, that and the next thing. Pretty soon in the not too distant future we are all going to unite and organize to stop this hideous criminal invasion into are minds and bodies and won't that be nice - we'll all get to meet each other. When you think about it, we are actually all very closely tied to each other because of the circumstance... so save your pennies and stay focused that the time will soon be here.

Psychological / Biological WARFARE Operations for Dept. of Defense


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