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Best Vastu Consultants and Vastu Tips for a Happy, Positive and Ideal Home

Vastu Consultant

We all always hope for the best and pray for peace, peace and prosperity in our homes. It is one thing to stay positive and pray, but have you ever thought about what else can be done to achieve all your life-goals and attract peace, positivity? Vastu Consultant is the answer. The fundamentals of the architectural cycle included surrounding various sources of energy, solar and astronomical. These energy balances are critical to success and bringing peace to you and your loved ones.

Vastu Consultant in Delhi

Vastu takes into account the layout, design, measurement and spatial geometric coordinates to create an aura of harmony and peace in your home. Vastu Consultant in Delhi is one of the things that really makes your "home" a "home". While building a house, if one is sure that the construction goes on as per Vastu preferences, negative energy will not be able to set foot in such houses. But the same takes one to a new house. All it takes is a Vastu expert and some small arrangement and alignment of objects giving the house a "Vastu touch".

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Vastu Consultant in Faridabad

This is not the only place in the house that functions as an open playground for a variety of energy from entering your home. This is because all the guests and other family members usually gather in the living room and they carry with them a variety of energy, some positive and some negative. According to Vastu Consultant in Faridabad One must ensure that only positive energy remains inside the house. Vastu suggests that the host will face north or east when guests visit. And should be seated opposite to host guests. This can be achieved by a simple seating arrangement change. In addition, all electronic items must face south, direction of fire. This will ensure the best and positive energy flows into your home.

Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad

A bedroom is the most important room in every house and it should be filled with positive aura round the clock. Vastu suggests that bedroom doors have to be unlocked, always up to a maximum of 90%. According to Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad This is important for channeling positivity in the room. While you sleep, your head will face south, as this is the most calm and comfortable direction. De-cuddle your bedroom and only need it exactly by you. Free and abundant flow of light and air in the bedroom is again an absolute must. The best Vastu favored corner for any kitchen setting is that "south-west" corner. Otherwise, the "northwest" corner works as fine. All burners and stoves must be facing south, while drinking water should always be deployed in a northeast direction. Due to the vastly different energy spinning, try to set the kitchen as far away from the bedroom as possible.

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Vastu Consultant in Gurgaon

A pooja room is one of the most important and auspicious places in any house. More or less, a pooja room acts like an engine that drives and circles various energy houses. Therefore it is necessary that special care is taken while designing and giving worship room. Vastu is the north-east corner of your house, according to the Vastu Consultant in Gurgaon best and most auspicious direction and place for worship room. If northeast placement is not possible, it can be installed in the east or west side of the house. Once established according to Vastu, the worship room keeps driving harmonious vibes throughout the house which in turn heightens positive energy.

Vastu Consultant in Noida

What makes cash / money is to go worldwide. Our feelings are so deeply associated with money. For us Indians, money is not just a means to buy or possess material and worldly things. Our culture is resident in the form of Goddess Lakshmi. We pray for money and this is, more or less, a part of our religious beliefs. Therefore, in this money kept according to our money / cash box vastu. Vastu Consultant in Noida suggests cash locker is of utmost importance to keep the flows always southwest or in a room should be placed near the southern wall. It is important to ensure that the locker is open to the north side. This is because Lord Kubera is believed to be living in the northern direction. When we repeatedly open the locker in God's direction, the gracious God refills it every time.

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Vastu Consultant near me

Place or placement is of paramount importance in Vastu-Shastra. For optimal confluence of the best of energy, every room is marked to be located in special places according to Vastu Consultant near me. For example, the main entrance to the house must face the rising side of the sun, allowing it to enter the positive light and beautify your home. It is ideal for cooking in a south-east located kitchen facing east. This setup is the easiest recipe for happiness. The bedroom must occupy the southwest corner, the bathroom must necessarily be built in the northwest corner.

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In many cases, following Vastu suggestions is sometimes tedious, impractical and impossible. But there is nothing to worry about. These suggestions are more of guidelines rather than "do or die" rules. In the case of Vastu, the opinion of an expert usually goes a long way. We wish you a happy home and a happy life.

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