Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Call these people. This will help you. **** you perps.

Hi!  My name is  YOUR NAME HERE. 

I’m contacting you because I want to share a story with you.  The Federal government has a program where people are being listed and  punished  in a cruel and unusual way.  These people are usually innocent and never have the benefit of rights, lawyers, or even sympathy.  The three main types of punishment include, driven to complete mental breakdown, driven to commit suicide, and finally driven to commit a violent crime.  No one knows who is in charge of the list.  No one knows who is on the list.  No one knows where the funding is coming from. 

The tactics used against the mostly innocent civilians and their children, and unborn children in the womb, include, gang stalking, vandalism, tainting food supply, execution of pets.  The targets automobiles are also targeted and damaged, or even destroyed in “set-up” car accidents.  The target’s job, lovers and spouses, children, and reputation are destroyed or placed under control.  The target’s doctors are also placed under control.  When the targets go for help they are usually labeled mentally ill, or criminal.  It has been estimated that over 350,000 US citizens have been affected.

The vast number of dead and injured due to this program will make it easy to shut it down.  More people are being killed than in workplace accidents. 

Although I have a clean criminal record, and a college degree and I am a normal person, apparently, I have been secretly sentenced to death, or self-committal, or harassed until I appear to be, or act like a criminal.  Federal tax dollars are spent every day carrying out this sentence.   The aircraft involved range from fighter jets to AWACS and helicopters flying over me every day.  Large numbers of people in mostly white or red cars with vanity plates following me on large columns everywhere I drive.  When I go shopping there are large numbers of cars in the parking lot that match the cars on the road, and the food is sometimes tainted.  The night stockers at some of the stores also have the same type of cars and plates.   I have been on this list since the 1990’s or ealier.

THERE IS A LIST AND THERE ARE SOME BIG NAMES ON IT.   Some potential targets were Tim Russert, the shooter in AZ, Jared Lougher, and Ted Koppel’s recently deceased son.  The head of NPR, targeted. Other names on the list could be veterans, for example Daniel Cointner, the 2005 Marine of the year appears to be a target.  Pat Tillman appeared to be targeted in Afghanistan.    There will probably be other military, religious, or political figures once the list is finally disclosed.  It would not surprise me to see children on the list as well.  Children scheduled for torture in the United States. Children who may never be allowed a normal life or even medical attention. 

 The death toll from this targeting list is larger than the number of people killed on the job or in fires.   It has been estimated that 99.5% of all targets are innocent.   This is a huge issue.

Would you like to know more?

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