Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

This is a Call to Humanism, Altruism, Civism defines respectively as:

- Humanism: Philosophy that places man and human values above all other values.

- Altruism: By selflessness, one person selflessly devotes himself  to others. The altruist is a devoted and charitable being who never expects anything in return for his goodness, helping others. Altruism is the opposite of selfishness.

- Civism: the devotion of the citizen to the public interest, moral quality to do good, I will add, to denounce the evil and not to participate in it for the interest of others and therefore the interest of all.

Gangstalking is one reality and we are all victims. But one of the most serious scourges of this era is the lack of humanism, altruism and civism, a cancer for humanity, our lives, our environment, our daily realities.

In some countries, there are still people who demonstrate it.

The problem is that in the majority of cases, individuals close their hearts to any possibility of expressing their fundamental moral values, which are essential to the social balance of each and every one, such as assistance to a person in danger which is the most basic of the moral and social responsibility of every individual. This reality of lack and I would say disappearing at an uncontrollable speed of these 3 values promotes and creates a great boulevard favorable to the spread of gangstalking, Satanism in our current society in which the evil grows by using a hypocrisy and indifference as dangerous as murderous.

It will be said, but these people who do this are mentally controlled by the conspirators.

But are not we more controlled we the victims of gangstalking? Yet we still manage to remain sober, responsible for our most basic social and moral duty, which is solidarity, the revelation of the truth for the benefit of all. So I think that if some people still think about their moral and social responsibility in our time, it's because nothing is lost, it's still possible.

Thus, one of the most urgent and essential steps to take given the gravity of the situation of malice and extreme egoism in which our world is immersed, is to raise awareness, our immediate environment, our families, our friends, our neighborhoods, our cities, to our nations, the continents, the whole world, to the culture of Humanism, Altruism and Civism, together we will get there.

I say it because I'm Ivorian, and my gangstalking case is organized around a national game of moral and physical torture in which my stalkers are paid. So imagine, the whole nation is involved yet nobody dares to recognize it officially and all are hypocrites, everything is done informally and and all are agree. You will not believe me but it is a reality.

This example to better illustrate: I went to the town hall last year for the establishment of an administrative document. And because the agents and their manager were paid to harass me, they made it last two months to increase their chances of being paid every time I went there.

I will post some details of my case very soon for you to better understand.

Therefore, I invite ourselves to raise awareness, the populations of our different countries, this may be a key to solving the common problem that we all have, let's talk about it via our various means of communication, social networks, flyers, organize meetings. When I see what I live in my country and what each of you live, I am afraid for our humanity and I think that our urgent action is necessary.

Respect others, respect their rights: a universal moral requirement

"Act in such a way that you treat humanity, both in yourself and in others, always at the same time as an end, and never simply as a means."

As a reasonable being, according to Kant, the human being is part of the "reign of ends". This means that every human being is of such value that he can not, strictly speaking, have "price". You can not use a man as you use an object. Man is not part of the material world, the objects that compose it and that we could dispose of (we can, without derogating from ethics, buying and selling objects).


This approach may seem trivial, but do not we say that it is the little things that engender the great ones? Yes let us incite our world to Humanism, to Altruism, and to the civism, essential values ​​for the survival of our humanity in real Danger !!! Let's love each other.

Thank you.

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