Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

FINALLY... I've found a most interesting article that tends to EXPLAIN how all of this mind control actually works.

...from Deep_Thought

(posted June 2007!!!)

"...Thus, it attempts to reduce startle responses and modify feelings to one of apathy or submission.  It achieves this by invoking anger responses in the human subjects and systematically identifying the neural firing patterns and suppressing them with modifications to those neural firing patterns.  This removes the fight from the subject making them somewhat compliant to the experiments."

CAN A SATELLITE READ YOUR THOUGHTS?  -  The Current Status of the Experiments


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Comment by djgTheMediaLady on October 31, 2013 at 8:37am

Here's yet another interesting paragraph from above article.  Amazing--


We have looked at some of the major aspects of what this US-led medical torture program is doing and I am sure we can all understand why we have such a level of distraction from it.  From domestic spying, to the war or terror, there is so much to look at it is easy to overlook what is considered a conspiracy theory.

Just keep in mind that whilst the PR push on this technology will be defending from terrorists and rouge governments, it won't be long before mission creep sets in and corporations are targets too.  We have seen it with domestic spying already.

Why negotiate with CEO's and stakeholders for investment, when you can get it with a click of a mouse?  Or steal their ideas, before they have had a chance to even express them.

Let's get realistic, in a capitalist world this is and will always be its true purpose."

Comment by djgTheMediaLady on October 31, 2013 at 8:55am

I"m just baffled by this technology and that it's been kept secretive all of these years.  ~djg

"...Inner Monologue Control

The inner monologue, that little voice inside our heads has been the subject of highly intense analysis and control attempts.  The AI tries to select words and sentences for the human subject by injecting them into the monologue faster than they can convert their ideas into their native language.  The theory behind controlling this element is unknown, as the formulation of an idea precedes it and selecting particular language has little use.  It is speculated that this is aimed at the manipulation of contracts, treaties and the Press.  Anywhere were word selection can have meaningful consequences.

A further assessment states that since ideas precede this stage, then this is just a stepping stone towards mapping the system responsible for the formations of ideas themselves.  Indeed, the AI is able to inject complete sentences and concepts without the use of language.  Further, it is able to stimulate regions of the brain that reinforce the notion that words, sentences or ideas are coming from you.  Although, this is not always successful."

Comment by Nick Fo on October 31, 2013 at 11:14am

Debra, hi, i wonder if you saw that blog because of my request for other Peacepink members to help look at Deepthougts Newsvine home page for me,

to see if that page can load. I wanto download a copy of that home page to make an archive, and NOONE on peacepink seems to know how to use a computer or wanto help

and since youve obviously now discovered theres some interesting things to read there, and assuming you have basic computer knowleged to know what archiving a page means (but i also spell it out) would you please look at my request to try and load that main page, download an archive copy and upload it for me

and if you want a sense of what TI's seem to go thru EVERYWHERE THEY GO on the internet, read thru the whole thread to notice how unusually unhelpful the few respondents have been after AN ENTIRE WEEK OF ASKING. The frustration you could imagine about the lack of help, is very much what every effort to gain help is like for a TI, both online and off. People just 'kindof wanna help but cant'

Comment by djgTheMediaLady on October 31, 2013 at 11:34am

I've been on PeacePink the better part of the day... all day... I have been on a quest for more authoritative info and I do believe as I reflect, that I found this link through something you posted.  Wow... sorry for the long sentence.  I'm not a geek so I'm trying the best way to get this in a fashion for a zip file.  Did a screen print and saved to WordDoc but this PeacePink won't allow for an attachment in email.  If I can get ahold of my sister on tomorrow who can do this kind of thing, I will ask for her help.


Comment by Nick Fo on November 1, 2013 at 3:52pm

nevermind, Cedric saw the new thread and figured out what went wrong with the first upload they did. After posting my comment above, started a 2nd thread to avoid people thinking it was a discussion or had been resolved. If you wanto see what i was asking for, can download a copy here (extract it and double click the .htm to view in your default browser)


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