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Car Rental Services & Distracted Driving

Car rental services, law, and your loved ones, we all agree on one thing.

And that is that you shouldn't engage in distracted driving, at all!

When you engage in that, you are creating high chances of provoking danger on your life, and the life of those who share the road with you.

That being said, we are going to discuss 5 ways to avoid distracted driving and stay focused while you are driving.

Are you ready?

Car Rental Services: How To Handle Distracted Driving

Keep your eyes on the road:

Keeping your eyes on the road is necessary! Visual type of distracted driving is a whole category of distracted driving.

This is when you take your eyes off the road and somehow find something more important than driving at the moment.

Remember, taking your eyes off the road while driving can hurt or damage your rental car and upset the car rental services!

Keep your phone away:

Your phone is the biggest possible source of distraction at your disposal. And as big of a distraction that is, it is at least equally easy to reach out to it as well.

This is when you need to realize that the mobile phone is the source that can make you fall and engage in all three categories of distracted driving.

First of which is a visual distraction, taking your eyes off the road and maintaining that eye contact with your mobile screen.
Second is the manual, which involves taking your hands off the steering wheel and using your mobile phone.
Thirdly, cognitive. Which is taking your attention away from the road altogether to read, understand, and reply to messages.

Remember, distracted driving is not only related to upsetting car rental services, it is about something much important. It is about valuing your life and the life of those around you!

Stop and Eat:

We do know that it is legal to eat behind the steering wheel.

However, just because it is legal doesn't mean that it's ethical and right. You don't need to eat behind the steering wheel while you are driving.

You can safely stop, finding the right parking spot, and eat. If you can't do this, you don't either have to keep eating while driving unless you find a safe spot to stop by.

This is also what car rental services want from you:

Therefore, if you want to eat behind the steering wheel, the only way to achieve this goal is parking first and eating behind the steering wheel of a parked car.

Stay away from discussions

YES! For discussions, you can sit in a park or have a nice dinner while having discussions.

You can have that discussion at your home or a food court of a shopping mall, but not in a car!

If you are discussing your car, that means that you are willing to engage and be a part of a possible accident.

You don't need to do that. And once your car is damaged, car rental services can impose a fine on you for damaging the car and having a complete disregard for your life and the life of others.

Stop Daydreaming

This falls into the category of cognitive distracted driving. This is when you are caught up in a thought, idea, or a question, or simply daydreaming.

But, just when you catch yourself doing this, stop immediately.

Why? It is because this can be like a snowball, where the discussion in your mind or a dream just keeps expanding until you see the present (immediate present to be accurate), meaning what's standing right in front of you.


Neither car rental services and more the law wants you to engage in distracted driving.

And perhaps, even try asking your loved ones. They don't want you to engage in such a thing either.

That being said, we need to consider distracted driving as a dangerous matter and we need to be careful about it!

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