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Caughing and car honking used to discourage thoughts and actions

In the past few years, I've noticed an interesting phenomenon.

When I am about to do something out of the ordinary, someone will caugh, and it automatically makes me think I'm not supposed to do what I'm about to do. Same with my thoughts.

This also happens with car honking. I believe it may be more than just a coincidence.


Originally, this was something people did consciously. They would say something between two fake coughs to "covertly" indicate something to someone else, or they would cough when someone said something weird, out of discomfort.


If you look at a sitcom, you may notice that coughing can be heard in the laugh track, sometimes in synchrony with a strange comment made by a character. "Intentional" caughing by characters also happens in this way.


I myself used to try to control my coughs so that I didn't reveal anything about myself by caughing at the wrong time when I was with others, or didn't interrupt them in the middle of a sentence, etc.

I tried to control their reaction to my cough by caughing at the right time, because I was fearful.

I have come to realize that this may have been one way in which I was contributing to this mechanism involving covertly-imposed discouragement of thoughts and actions.


What do you think?


Love, Daniel

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Comment by JustMeKaren on August 31, 2014 at 12:24am
I've also thought the same as well as other different behaviors... I believe it's conditioning and the program can manipulate those around you to do this....
Comment by Christine on August 31, 2014 at 3:42am

I had something like that it was like having a ouija board in my head conversations everything would be in sink with everything else, then I'd say something like ouija board extinguished and it would be gone.....or they would tow me to some weird place in my sleep and i'd have to figure out how to get untrapped from there...but I never noticed anything about coughing or honking....I felt like a walking pendulum for a long time.... 

Comment by Sally on August 31, 2014 at 4:04am

Yes its either perp activity as with the car honking (l get that too when l think particular things) or manipulated behaviour as my family will do things like cough, slam doors etc in sync to particular thoughts.

Comment by Xuthal on August 31, 2014 at 4:56am

I think you have it right there Daniel. I was in the same situation as you. For years I was a T.I and just learned to cope with it. 

They do seem to be able to make others around us do their bidding covertly. This technology being so advanced the best way around it is to simply ignore it. They could be perps or they could simply be ordinary people just living their lives.

 I make it a point in my every day life to just ignore most of these situations as "coincidence" as I call them. Being a T.I with this tech hounding you there are no real coincidences but I choose to treat them the same way. 

Comment by Daniel R on August 31, 2014 at 10:45pm

Hey LaBrat. I don't fully understand your comment. But I think we are used against others. A normal person will use mannerisms, metaphors in their speech, etc. You can say a person is acting naturally based on their upbringing and culture, but in this society I think our culture is a well-calibrated system that has been modified so that certain authorities can take advantage of our speech and behaviour. To be brought up here means you conform to a certain system of behaviour involving learned reactions. Or end up in a lot of trouble. So I would say everyone probably plays a role in this strange mechanism, but even people who are not T.I.s can be used.


I feel as though my behaviour and lifestyle is constantly being confined or linearized to what the authority can control, and I am being blinded from the huge part of reality it can't control. To do this, they constantly reduce my creativity and imagination.



Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 1, 2014 at 2:23am

Buck Mahoney, your view of how to deal with such things is advanced. It is true that much of what perps do is harmless and can be ignored. Cars honking can be ignored. So can many many other things. If they arent actually physically harming you, then what tbey do only has the meaning you give it. If you dont give it meaning, it doesnt have any.

When it comes to them using other's voices to manipulate a person,  I have been hearing things that I know people aren't saying about me. Sometimes it is so difficult to tell if it's real,  that I cant tell at all. I must ignore what im hearing as irrelivant, because it is a ploy to get my attention, to build an illusion. Learning to ignore these ploys allows me to keep some energy for myself in order to enjoy my day.

Comment by Brother Parren on September 1, 2014 at 2:01pm

I agree with Karen, the operatives can manipulate many things and people around you. Before I knew I was a TI, I often perceived many people speak "stupid" in hidden voice to me, and many people turned cold face to me even I was very polite. (For example cashiers said "Have a nice day" to everybody and smiled, when it was my turn, her/his face turned stiff suddenly and said nothing and respond nothings to my "thank you".)And sometimes people were angry at me with no reason. So I was fearful and careful. Sometimes I did not know how to satisfy other people. Now I know all these were manipulated. The "stupid" were voice to skull or thoughts injection. I think other people  who were non-targets might hear V2K too. One example was: I was sleeping upstairs without making any noise, but the woman sleeping downstairs complained that I made noise and caused that she couldn't fall asleep. Now I am aware of the technologies and don't care about these things any more. Just ignore many problems. Try to make life easy while we are living a difficult life.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 2, 2014 at 1:55am

Oijia Cheng, I had experienced similar things. Many do. The fact that the enemy can control those around us points to the reality that EVERYONE is targeted. Only we are aware of it. The technology they use does not use implants. They use the brain waves humans create by neural activity. So they access everyone at will. 

When you consider this fact fully, you come across some very pertinent realizations,  like If they are monitoring your every thought,  why then would they need to monitor your computer, or have someone follow you around with a camera?  These ideas can be ignored once you realize that they are in your brain. 

And the full scope of what we deal with can be more fully realized when considering that everyone is monitored. How we should respond to our enemy is greatly decided by their technical abilities. Sending endless petitions to people who are mind controlled into ignoring them is pointless. Following them with cameras when they know you took the camera from the drawer at home is useless, because they read your mind and are far in advance in action and planning. The same goes for violent response. They can read our minds, AND control them! They also do this with everyone around us. We wouldn't get very far with a weapon meant to harm them. 

As difficult as it may seem,  we need to be more creative in how we approach our situation. 

Comment by azwirlwind on September 2, 2014 at 4:32am

You are so right, finally somebody that understands the scope of the situation. Very well said.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 2, 2014 at 5:04am

Oijia,  have you studied deeepthought's ideas? He has some very interesting theories on how the enemy uses satellites to read our thoughrs without implants.  This is interesting and important in that it supports the reality that there is no need for implants. This in turn means anyone at anytime can be monitored and controlled. This explains why strangers around us say and do things concerning us without even realizing it. These strangers aren't Stasi. And dont even realize what they say and do. 

Im not understanding how some will support the idea of synthetic telepathy when it is offered from deepthought, yet they do not know how the reality of synthetic telepathy is actually applied. For somecreason their theory is that even though synthetic telepathy exists, gangstalking must be accomplished through archaic means. Why the enemy would create such a powerful device as a mind reading/control machine, then NOT USE IT, in deference to a bunch of people who need to becpaid, could become whistle-blower,  etc. the logistcs. Lebowxki once said ge believed tgat 60% oc the world populace was gangstalkers. Tgat woukd mean tgat in a city of 1 million tgere would be 600,000 stalkers! I live in a city about that size and I dint see anyone stalking anyone! This idea of mass stalkers doesnt fitvthe profike of a highly advanced technical agency that can see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you fee.

Tgese are realities.  Many of uscare aware of this while otgers deny them as impossible. Thisr who can understand these thruths are better equiped for success. Success will not be had by the simpletons who cannot see past their noses. I personally am looking deeply into scientific theory for an answer to the problem we face.  Through my study of advancing technology,  I am becoming aware of what kind of mindset our enemy has.  Have an idea of what the are currently doing with this tech, and where they are planning on going. The things we think about as a group are the product young children in comparison to what our enemy thinks. This does not mean that we cannot succeed,  but it does mean that as a group we need to grow and advance in our thinking,  and our approach to the problem. 

One thing I suggest is to,  as a group, petition our enemy directly, on a regular basis. It wouls6 be proactive on our part. If we did it in concert, it woukd be a great statement to our enemies. The results coukd vary, but there are some advantages.....we dont have to convince them that what they do is real because tgey are the ones doing it. It would becan act of organizing tgat could carry our interests into the future. In all reality,  wd dont know how the organizatonal factirs involved will change over time. The existing agency could fracture, or could be overtaken by another. Things may begin to take place in other ways. Ifcee are already organized and are accostumed to communicating our needs as an organization,  then we would be far ahead. 

There is simply the reality that diplomacy may be one of the greatest possibilities that we have, and I NEVER heard any of us discuss it. Many of us are too busy deciding for ourselves who is and isn't a TI or perp. Its not too hard to figure out which of us will remain slaves forever.


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