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channel ducking and more ridiculousness....

Doing errands is always extra hard they come out of every vent air conditioner at the mall the swish from the cars, my head truly hurts from them running V2K over the back of my pineal glad my chest is scared from it to over my heart....been getting out lots lately but I'm still getting they're organised pattern of abuse the stupid things they say over and over again them narrating every nook and crevice of my brain putting words to things that arn't even remotely relevant...they are soooo stupid and they think there funny  standing in front of a cashier ( I have noticed interact being a lot faster then it was a month ago and I'm so glad for that) is the worst I dread that 2-5 minutes in line while they try and make me say and insinuate me doing all kinds of things.  They have nothing important left in there pathetic lives that they care about at all or it would be massacred in the same manner by now I'm sure I guess that's why they keep themselves that way...they are so sick that they have taken the humor out of everything.They even take the time to massacre my favorite song and make it sound stupid...they think the word butt pustule being said over and over again in different sentences is somehow funny...." is that guy hot? cuz we could make you look like a skank" I don't even take time to think about the male species for one anymore and I could care less what anyone in the mall looks like....seriously....picked up some bioplasma today BIO XII should probibly mark down the date of when I started taking it just to see if its helping things have been worse latly I havnt felt like doing much noticed there was something for tinnitus relief at the health food store today to wondering if that would shut up the V2K I'm going to look further into this. Another vitimin I'm reading on is CoQ10...and also ginkgo biloba.

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Comment by Sally on August 31, 2014 at 3:59am

Thats true! Christine as much as l hate what lm going through l would hate to be one of these soul-less, lifeless perps much more!

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 2, 2014 at 2:16am

It is a great drain to have to deal with constant input. I found myself responding to them out loud as if they were actually there.  I appeared strange to those around me,  talking to the air.  Didnt find anything that lessened it.  They just let up on their own. When I do hear things that I cant tell if it is them or not,  I ignore it. It is not easy,  but being consumed with manipulated input is endless and pointless, like chasing your tail.

I really do hope that you get some relief soon!

Comment by JustMeKaren on September 2, 2014 at 4:44am
Very good analogy..... Chasing your tail... They want you chasing your tail.... Then you are not doing something productive or something that brings you joy. It is very difficult when you go out and you are so crowded you can't get to any items on the shelf and people bump into you all the time and just are mean and stare you down and make it known that they are there .. That's also a way to tell the difference from influence like on a cashier who is just slower with you than those before you and people actually following you in the store and blocking you in every aisle. That started because I was ignoring the more peaceful Yes it's hard but as they change it up I have to continually tell myself do I let them take my peace? My energy? No...
Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 2, 2014 at 5:14am

Karen , thats good to be positive! When I believed that Everyone in Seattle was against me, I dacided to be Foregiving. I woukd smike at the grumps, and even talk nicely to some (to my suprise they were always very nice when I talked to them). I was able to convert my resentment towards those around me into positive energy. And I avoided falling into reacting in negative ways.
So my advice would to become a real good foregiver, if you already arent one.

Comment by JustMeKaren on September 2, 2014 at 5:32am
I am but there are those that aren't nice back.. There are those that follow you, give you the finger or give you wicked grins just to say yes you are being stalked. There is true gang stalking and I have experienced. There are times I did mistaken manipulation for stalking, more times Than I want to admit but there also has been real stalking. I do forgive, better yet I just don't allow them to take my energy or allow them to take my peace. It's a struggle but One we all must fight.....
Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 2, 2014 at 5:50am

There is real people who know what they do. But they are rare. And how do we know if they know what tgey do, or are blind by manipulation?  I cannot read minds, I dont know.  So I ignore and foregive. Its better than the opposite.  

Comment by JustMeKaren on September 2, 2014 at 7:11am
I agree and that's our choice but doesn't give us the right to say others aren't having different experiences. Yes they probably are similar but we may never know either...
Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 2, 2014 at 7:22am

Well, I know from my own experience that one can truly believe that they work for the Queen of England,  and that the whole world knows who you are,  like the Trueman Show.  I also know how that can end up being a manipulated illusion. They create this illusion by use of your brain. So how can you then know what you experience is real?  Ask yourself, If tgey can read your mind, then why would they just stand there for you to take a picture? Tgey areht going to let you take their picture any more than they will let you shoot them!

What your subjective reality is may vary greatly,  but I assure you that if they want type to see you,  they will just look through someone's eyes, without them knowing it. There is no need to employ someone to follow you with a camera.  

In order to figure out what is most likely reality,  we need to think logically. Redundancy and archaic methods are chasing your tail. The enemy reads your mind,  not your computer. They dont ude cameras, tbey use peolles eyes. They dont use spies, tbey follow your brain signals, thus they see your every thought. Understand the implications.  If you Choose to chase your tail, the rest of us hzve to do your thinking for you. If we find freedom, and choose to share it with you,( if your tail doesnt continue to distract you) then we will  all be free together!  

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 2, 2014 at 7:31am

Chasing hour tail....if tgey have you consumec with how the guy two blocks down the road will soon pass by your house and botger you by doing so, then you WILL NEVER, think about how their organization is comprised.  Or how their psychology works. I mean, tgey do a hell of alot more than torture. Their leader is most likely benign appearing as any world leader. They all have heavies that torture and shit, but they have families that go to school and make newborns to gawk at.

So it is. So we must lsarn to understand our enemies. As soon to be gods, but yet human still. This seeing them  as creeps with cameras hiding in the bushes is,  "chasing your tail".

Comment by JustMeKaren on September 2, 2014 at 7:44am
I never said that Paul... I said I did believe many times that I was gangs talked and I wasn't. However there are times I catch the wrong person or incident and they let me know by having the camera card be eaten by my dog (he has never eaten anything in my house since getting him). I don't go around camera in hand either and recently I've let most go but I'm not that single minded either to know that they have used that method on me and others. I'm learning to live, not call out others, condem others or be a victim .. I'm just here to learn and share what I can and understand more everyday


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