Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

CHURCH CHILD ABUSE: Telemetry is a scientific military psychotronic weapon to destroy societies.An "intelligent overall" known human behavior.If an entity destroys the "offspring of human animal" ... will be hated.

People leave the Catholic Church..Also Muslim hate churches ...By killing her children with terrorism.

And Buddhism may enter without paragon,,,,They are collaborating with AVATAR PROJECT 2015..


A PAINFUL TRUTH INVISIBLE lives among us because of the silence of good :"We are psychically VIOLATED" with "neighborhood specialist groups" that have a "front man" covered by concealing them to the neighborhood.

Aparatologia hospital used as the "TELEMETRIA psychotronic" ... which is basically what a Magnetic Resonance apparatus makes brain when you get into it.

"Teleport quantum" information to study the cognitive system remotely.

They have the power to channel sound audible infrasonic or our head mode according to the operation of the service.

" IMP"PRIMER Psychic" and "quantum superposition" or OVERLOAD .. "twin photons parasites" colonize our brains creating a "state of absence 'to use our system as" avatars, AUTOMATAS "with the intention of creating problems for families ... .. "shaping the will" of the people and inspiring ideas to create perverse conflict.

CATHOLIC CHURCH, which is what I know, being of my culture "crushed the woman" and "freedom of expression" from the beginning.The witch hunt ...ALL THIS WAS BY ALGO..son pure psychic weapons used for evil.If the woman is given to the profession it is a great danger to the country.

The church..I think the social chaos joining the power of the crown and used his power to put into practice perverse behaviors ...

This is history that nobody can deny ... But what happens in our time where clergy live with the people and is dedicated to teaching? I know many priests who are great people.

Why is there evil in the clergy?
We think that we are all people, we think they use the power of mind control and others.

But because an educated man ... acquires a "perverse sexual desire" to an innocent child?

This is not normal! It is quite normal that a priest go to a brothel and women use to indulge.

It is quite normal that a priest be greedy and aspire to be a personality in the church.

It is quite normal that a priest make with the political power to gain power and influential friends.

But rubbing a child ... and psychologically and physically mistreat this falls within the "CONDUCT DEPRAVED" ... "own people without culture" and mueben by the idea of the supremacy of ... The HERD stronger is the one that gets everything and the weak must submit.

I am a victim of women and observe all kinds of perverse behavior own paternalistic macho culture:

contempt for the female opponent ... and ... the "supremacy of delirium of power" to be like the man.

A woman mountain has grown sharply with the idea of supremacy racial or caste..

it has been created to "be the womb of the tribe" and where his worthless person finds a "headlong rush" when in a group of electronic harassment psychotronic.

"Suddenly," she works with men and this is something SUPERIOR.

"You increasing consciousness" of it ... so that it becomes smarter and think faster....... And can also spy on the lives of others .... and do whatever you want with them ... Their job is to confuse consciousness.

review and critique on the conduct of the women do not behave as they have been educated.

This prototype woman experiences the "spiritual asceticism SATAN" ... towards the sky omnipotence over other mortals ... And as a result rejects any male authority in men and women ...
"Authority is male" because it puts the brakes on "excitation AWARENESS FEMALE" their instincts of pleasure .

Everyone has a male part and a female we must develop ... These women are the "AUTHORITY OF ORDER" ... POSED all churches in the world ...

...The Old Testament parables apply to our reality ... when a holy man like us has a story and love us fits better to internalize and apply them to our behavior ...

These women suffer "neurotization PSYCHIC" and subsequently a psychosis .... that makes a "childlike CONDUCT" .. that only seeks to "make themselves look" ... the other ... For reasons of "mating ritual" and maternal teachings questions ..

Everything is very ANIMAL!
Because when neurotizan with "BIORESONANCE QUANTIFIED" ..... someone is eliminated, the human education that parents and the school as a way to insert for peace and civility ... and get the animal that we all have to "MIXED PULSIONES "according to the acquired perversions ...

THIS IDEA: .... receive it as an affront because they have been educated ... THE IDEA THAT "THE SUPERIOR ANIMAL" is the strongest and "he who must order" over the weak ...
So start using your emotional intelligence

A priest is an enemy who "love God" .... above the FEMALE SEDUCTION..

is a "little man" because it is weak .... He has to punish him for it.

They intended to force thinking "SEXUALLY repressed" the "animal behavior" ... for people,,,

"Histrionics by electromagnetic chutes" and belligerent by "delusions of grandeur" ... they have acquired .... to be like the man GOD ... and pervert the minds of men to see animals rather than INNOCENT CHILDREN ...

Childhood is a modern invention ...

The child is an animal born and more ..An object that has to obey the alpha male...

There is reality and you can try a "forensic psychiatrist" "EXPERT IN CRIMINAL CONDUCT" ... because .... they work in profiling from human and animal pulsion ...

destroy a man who "do not fornicate" is legal.

The man's semen "is to present" a woman ... To increase herd.,

The priest wants to implement the order and regulations .... It is normal for people who "have discovered the joy of making whatever they want want," ... with the use of psychotronic telemetry.

EVERYTHING IS PURE LOGIC! ... "Civilized Westerners" do not know the "psychological impulses EXYRAÑAS" ... that creates the minds of people TRIBAL ...

Telemetry is a scientific military psychotronic weapon to destroy societies.

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