Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Citizens of the world for the United Nations develop < < on the prohibition on citizens to use remote electronic mental control technology and orientation to cover against arms > >


The directed energy weapon, is aims at some one the goal direction launch technology energy which determined by the user to achieve the target damage the weapon.Because this weapon and the technology are with technical energies and the material and so on launch like laser, electromagnetic wave, ultrasonic wave, infrasonic wave, each kind of beam and particle beam achieved kills the human the goal, therefore, it is different in the ordinary weapon use has the foresight which the naked eye may observe obtains and may verification.It has the confidentiality kill capability very strong characteristic.The ordinary citizen is very difficult to have the resistance and the verify directed energy weapon attack engineering factor.Uses one kind of weapon the risk which verifications to reduce, also increased this weapon grasping and the master abuses its possibility.The directed energy weapon took country military power a part, must restrain in the military weapon use standard the specific war time and the wartime opposes the enemy the attack goal.In the world peace time, used the directed energy weapon in view of our country any citizens to surpass the national compulsion ability category which the maintenance country constitution order needed.It does not have in the technical use covert characteristic in standard politics and the legal proceeding meanly openness which must have for the use country compelling force and may verification.Therefore, it already does not have as public security, National security Department and the armed police army's police violence method uses, does not have to use by the national army in view of the ordinary common people.!!!
Needs to point out that, the directed energy weapon may utilize in the aggressive spiritual control technology.It to the goal launch electromagnetic wave, the infrasonic wave reads human's brain wave signal technical carrier by the achievement, also may use together with the spiritual control weapon or take the spiritual control weapon one kind of function, after uses is killed by the spiritual control person the accusation technology weapon.Therefore, forbids in view of the citizen to use the spiritual control weapon, must simultaneously forbid in view of the citizen to use the directed energy weapon.These pose the serious threat and the violation high-tech weapon to citizen's brain thought energetic safety and the safety must be far away people to need to respect, the freedom, harmonious and the happy civilized society.!!!
Says from the legal principle theory of law, any forces the human spirit and the psychological physiology characteristic occurs is different with the daily condition hazardous change, constitutes the counter-human crime.Therefore, the spiritual control, the directed energy and so on each kind of cruel aggressive technology is already listed as in some countries the prohibition the technology which uses in our country (to see also appendix material one, two).The preliminary examination indicated that, at present the world already had and is using the aggressive spiritual control technology in view of the average person, and has created the extremely serious violation consequence to people's brain thought safety and the basic human rights.!!
therefore the United Nations and the correlation human rights organize departments and so on \ Security Council, United Nations General Assembly and international criminal court, first forms the technical committee, is controlled to the worldwide scale in the brain technical and the directed energy technology violation citizen carries on the investigation. Grasps the first material, the judgment nature gravity, and consequence which can create for the world, carries on the overall assessment, and stops immediately to citizen's violation.They should take the bull by the horns carry on the special technical legislation or the increase legal provision.!!!

They may in "the International Criminal Court Rome Terms of an agreement" seventh, harm the human crime, for this terms of an agreement goal, “harms the human crime” is refers in widespread or has systematically in the attack which carries on in view of any common people population, in knew perfectly well this attack in the situation, the following any behavior which implements as an attack part:
5. Violates the international law fundamental rule, the imprisonment or deprives the personal freedom seriously by other ways;
6. Torture;
11. Creates the significant pain intentionally, either causes the serious damage to the human body or the physical and moral integrity other nature same not humanity behavior!!

The increase prohibition uses the aggressive spiritual control technology and the directed energy for the citizen and so on each kind of covert weapon carries on the violation.To illegal use, business, transportation and so on aggressive the spiritual control technologies and the directed energy and so on each kind of covert weapon, implements the international surveillance. Carries on the violation to the world citizen, international has the authority to carry on the intervention.

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Comment by ron on March 21, 2009 at 10:55pm
Thank you for this. Please post this as a comment of peacepink as well as asian victims as well as MCworldvictims if you could.

Ron Angell
Comment by ron on March 22, 2009 at 10:52am
Helen Roedrig has died from directed energy in New Mexico as well as from chemtrail spays.. Clifford Carnicom was her assoicate and he also is being targeted very heavily

Please download the 43 MB file of my radio Show that was done May 21st 2008 with Dave Case, myself, Dahl Wahl, Caroline Palit and Helen Roedrig.

Here is a Radio Show that was done on May 21st 2008- Manhattan Project Backstep- how to figure out the bad science from Good Scientits and undue the sinister purpose of AI on humanity

The Call above was with Dave Case who worked on the infa red interface to the human brain for the US Air force and it was at the time a helmet worn to control aircraft. It was then discussed that this technology was to be put in space as satellites and interfaced with DARPA.

Also Dale Wahl is on the call and he describes a system of grounding that he has had great sucess with relief from directed energy.


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