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Dealing with Rumors
Rumors present themselves in any group. Some are true, some are not, but, left unchecked they can be very destructive. 
There are rumors in out group. We can list rumors we hear in comments. I woukd like to nowcadress how to combat rumors and tgeir negative effects.

The key to effective rumor control efforts is an ability to perform three functions.

  • First, some mechanism is needed for determining what rumors are actually circulating.
  • Second, an effective strategy is needed for determining which rumors are true, and which are false.
  • Finally, mechanisms are needed for correcting inaccurate rumors and replacing them with reliable information.

The first step, rumor identification, requires the support of people in each constituency group who are in a position to hear the latest rumors as they are circulating. In general, these are people who are very active in the conflict and interested in developing more constructive approaches. It is often helpful to provide these "rumor reporters" with training so that they understand how misinformation can drive the cycle of destructive escalation. It is also important that these individuals to be widely trusted by members of their constituency group.

The next phase of the rumor control process requires a workable mechanism determining the truthfulness of rumors. Here "rumor investigators" (who may be the same people as the "rumor reporters" or others), help determine, from their group's perspective, the accuracy of rumors pertaining to their group. While there will certainly be cases were the practices of secrecy and deception makereliable rumor checking impossible, there will also be many cases in which incorrect rumors can be at least partially corrected.

Additional insights into rumor control is offered by Beyond Intractability project participants.

This rumor investigation mechanism can be structured in a variety of ways, as long as it provides information that is widely regarded as trustworthy and reliable. "Rumor reporters" might be organized into a committee made up of people from both or all sides that meets periodically to exchange information about current rumors and then organize efforts to determine their accuracy. These committees should also involve people with access to the information needed to conduct effective investigations.

Another way of structuring such a program involves widely-trusted neutral intermediaries who systematically contact key parties involved in a conflict to identify and investigate the latest rumors. When these intermediaries hear a story that they think is likely to be untrue, they initiate an investigation to try to determine whether or not the story is accurate. Also needed is a plan for handling inconclusive investigations. This means that the investigators have to clearly acknowledge cases in which they are unable to determine the reliability of rumor.

The third and final phase of rumor control efforts is rumor correction. Here the investigators need some reliable mechanism for promptly reporting their findings to interested parties. In cases were there is no agreement on what has happened, they should report what is known, what is not known, and what is still being investigated. They should also report differing interpretations of available facts. When an investigation determines that the rumor is not true, then a plan for correcting the error should be initiated. The success of this plan depends upon the credibility of the intermediaries and their ability to communicate widely, effectively, and quickly.

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Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 27, 2014 at 4:17am

I know of a person who has spent a total of about 6 hours on peacepink and started a rumor that peacepink is a CIA front site. The person does not come back here, as he also feels like tge color scheme and name of out site is like a  mental ward. 

But his rumor has lived on. I have read one member tell as many as ten other members that peacepink truly is a CIA front site.

Does anyone think this rumor is true? If so, why? If not, why not?

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 28, 2014 at 9:05am

You're right, the person who started that rumor was deepthought. He in the same breath also said it felt like a psych ward because of aesthetics. He said both of these things immediately after joining, taking little or no time to make these judgements. Then, after making his judgement, he only stayed for around six hours total. Much of which time he spent advertising his twitter site. He calls everyone, inv
Cluding you LaBrat, that has MI or brain-damage due to a lobotomy, A NUTTER!
He has some technical knowledge, but other aspects of his theories dont hold much water. Im really not sure why you would blindly repeat an accusation because he said it.
Further more, if you want to believe something just because deepthought said it, then you need to dump your chip implant by major brain surgery , Because Deepthought doesn't believe You. He believes in noninvasive tech only.
Considering the above, uou look foolish to accuse peacepink of being a CIA site. I. Fact, deepthought said it one or two tim3s over 6 hours. It has been YOU that has been spreading the rumor. I think that your reason for spreading the rumor if for attention, because you are still here. What are you doing if you think its a CIA front site, showing off for the perps???
Lets consider the points from the article:
1)First, some mechanism is needed for determining what rumors are actually circulating.
( this blog is a mechanism for conversation, thus opening the door to find rumors.
2)Second, an effective strategy is needed for determining which rumors are true, and which are false.
(This needs to be discussed. It is important, obviously just because someone says something, doesnt mean
Its true. Not only does the source need to be examined, but exactly WHY and what evidence proves, or
Disproves the accusation.
3)Finally, mechanisms are needed for correcting inaccurate rumors and replacing them with reliable information
(So, in order to reduce and remove the destructive influence of rumors, the truth of tge matter musr be made known, then if the originator, or unrepentant spreader, of rumors might be disciplined.

So, you brought up some things. You say someone was killed at ffhcs office. How does tgzt make it a perp site? Just for theory, lets say the enemy had a real TI kill tge otger member just so people like You will go around spreading rumors, thus keeping people from going there. (Keep in mind this theory is presented as evidence that a murder simply does nt mean its a CIA site. Im sure we could come up with a fe theories).
Considering that we need as much support as we can get, it is not wise to spread something without getying all the facts.
Such as, I realize tgat Solielmavis said she was gone for 11 months but, I looked at her page, and she was gone no longer than 4 months. Unless hef page had been altered, but then she would recognize that by reviewing her page. At any rate, there are many things that could have caused any absence. Her absence itself simpky isnt an indication that its a CIA site.
I must ask, does anyone here agree with LaBrat that this is a CIA site?
Are tgere any Freedom from covert harassment members tgat want to weigh in on this?

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 28, 2014 at 9:42am

LaBrat,  you seem to be in the 'know' about rumors, since you have heard these two. And, I must add, you have repeated both rumors as though they were true. So in the spirit of point one, identifying rumors;

Can you think of any other rumors? 

Can you think of rumors concerning other members???

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 28, 2014 at 10:04am

Validity of opinion???? Can you find a scientific argument for that?

I have ten items in my home. Im going to move those ten. If you came in and tried to guess which order they were moved in, on your first opinion, you would have odds of 3,628,800 to one tgat your opinion would be right!!

The elements in our situation are more than ten. Its going to take alot more than opinion to get anywhere.

And when it comes to personal opinion about others, negativity is often frowned upon, most especially when few others share tgat opinion.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 28, 2014 at 10:37am

Look. Your point first, followed by mine in italics;

his opinion may have been formed after careful consideration during his absence 

What absence? He makes these claims on the very next day he became a member. DeepThought is now aa member of peacepink

Jun 23
Youll notice how he ends his tear down of our site, with a nice invitation to his twitter site.
And you didnt adress any of the other points,
1) deepthought thinks you're a 'nutter', does his OPINION  on that mattrr to you as much as his opinion about this site? (And you were the first person to be his friend)
2) what about deepthoughts OPINION about your implant, or better yet,  your Lack thereof?
Your point,
waiting around for the usual pointless mud-slinging, is counter-productive   nice and neat, in and out, as does happen here a lot   maybe they're just not 'slow targets'   the fact that you have already attempted to discredited him with a rumour you have not yet substantiated, that "he became psychotically incoherent", strikes me rather as confirmation of his assessment
The usual mud slinging is started by you. I can, and most likely will point out specifically how many bl8gs you have posted DIRECTLY about otheres. Then I can, loint out exactly how many Other blogs you have highjacked.
And, again, he want on long enough to witness any of this. AND if he wasnt interested to stick around and help those who werent arguing then maybe his opinion doesnt matter much.
You said,
t   maybe they're just not 'slow targets'   the fact that you have already attempted to discredited him with a rumour you have not yet substantiated, that "he became psychotically incoherent", strikes me rather as confirmation of his assessment
I say,
I observed this firsthand.  It was an opinion. In all honesty he could have acted like that for any number of reasons. I have visited his twitter page. I would higjly suggest anyone who wants to get a nice picture of deepthought visit his twitfer page. You can find it on tbe above link.  In any cade, I gave the opinion as an opinion when I said it. You, on the other hand, claim that peacepink is TRULY a CIA site! 
You said,
the death of the woman at a 'target center' is extremely suspicious, and you neglect to address the similarity of their agenda (a dozen reasons why it is obvious that ffchs is a disinfo front group organized by gang-stalking perps' and p-pink's general on-line (googled) image and presence
I say,
A murder is a tragedy! But it stll doesnt mean its CIA. Can you give some evidence?  And I have become a member of ffchs to see ic what you claim is of the fitst thinfs I saw was a forum fir gangstalking support!!! And, regardless of opinion on gs, the opinion holder is not a perp because of opinion! To say opinion can ve used, but then say others are perps for sharing their opinion, is kind shitty, or just kinda not very upper percentages mensa.
Why dont you message hdr and ask her what she meant? Then you can ask HER opinion on whether peacepink is a CIA front site. You seem to highky regard her opinion, why dont you ask her? (Brave boy)
You said,
 and surely you noticed the article teo cited recently in icaact phase lll - it includes ffchs as well, rest assured   he expressed disappointment in "all" the alphabet organizations, after lengthy attempts supposing that one could possibly mistaken in one's opinion, one might end up repressing the truth
I say, Teao is a member of peacepink.  Have you asked him if he thinks peacepink is a CIA site? And again, you state your opinio , while you put others down as perps because they dont share YOUR opinion. But when tbey share their opinion, that does differ from yours BUT DOES NOT Put You Down, or call you a perp, you reject their opinion, on account tgat your opinion is tgeir a pefp. Ironically, you call them a perp, Because tgey dont shafe YOUR .....OPINION!!!!
Can you provide some proof that you are upper percentages mensa? Because your current arguments aren't showing that. 
Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 28, 2014 at 10:38am

Note, my tablet malfunctioned, so I couldn't go back and italics my answers or edit any other mistakes

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 28, 2014 at 10:48am

Heres a personal rumor about me, that I currently, regularly smoke both meth and crack. Now, LaBrat,  is the Only member to accuse me of these things in 5 years!! But, he states it as reality, not just his opinion.

I must aks LaBrat,  why do you say thses things? If you are willing to start untrue rumors about one individual,  then certainly your thoughts on the whole group are in question.

Please,  provide some track record of your rumors being accurate. Do you want me tp post a blog about the rumors you started about yourself??? (Just to show how accurate the things you spread are)

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 28, 2014 at 10:55am

I missed coly/pasting the part about Solielmavis. Ill do that here,

soleilmavis stated that she was "blocked", i used that term above   to call it her "absence" and say it is not evidence is not inaccurate   someone is clearly blocking her   it is obviously perps, as when teo's videos were blanked   now do we get into a tangent about who's doing it?   the word was "blocked"   i am not sure whether she herself has reported her text being altered, but enough credible members and ex-members have give statements to that effect that it is no longer in doubt

This is my answer,

Why dont you message hdr and ask her what she meant? Then you can ask HER opinion on whether peacepink is a CIA front site. You seem to highky regard her opinion, why dont you ask her? (Brave boy!)

Im gling to ask this ladt question ahain, then leave it be until we get other input. You arent doing anything anything tgst answers a queation. And certainly your opinions have been stated,

You think peacepink is ax CIA front site, and ffchs is a perp site.

Do you Ever plan on answering the question, why are you still her if its a CIA site??? You're lookin kinda dumb by sticin around!

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 28, 2014 at 11:05am

To All considering the CIA rumor, LaBrat belives it BECAUSE deepthought said it, but deepthought also denies LaBrat has an implant.  And that he is a nutter,  because he had a lobotomy. These are both things that LaBrat sees as false, so he therefore question how LaBrat sees his opinion on the CIA matter as important. 

It is my opinion that it IS NOT A CIA site. Soleilmavis has set it up, and she chose the volors and flowers. I think she might be interested in deepthought and labrat s view of our aesthetics.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 28, 2014 at 11:13am

This is a quote from deepthought:

"What's with all the pink and flowers???  It feels like a mental hospital"

Its pretty clear that it was 'pink' and 'flowers' that made him say that. Why do you feel like you can put words in his mouth by stating tbat it was some members admitting MI? So what if members admit MI???? Alot if us ARE MI!!! If deepthought can't respect that thdn he doesn't belong here!! 

And if YOU hold deepthought s opinion of MI/TIs, then why are you here? I mean....its full of pink, and flowers...and nutters....with ONE UPPER PERCANTAGE MENSA LOBOTOMY PATIENT!!!

Really, if you want to seperate yourself from other MI members, buddy you've got another thing coming when you know damn well yoir brsin damage is the result of the lobotomy you told Sue and others about.


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