Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Designer Diseases and Other Remote Inflicted Illnesses

6:59 p.m Reached for a saucepan to prepare dinner and nearly dropped it… a newly implanted point located at wrist clipped for the purpose of disablement to mimic a serious case of arthritis. No arthritis in my joints BUT, I had it today… the artificial electronic version of the real thing straight from the makers of electromagnetic radiation weapons of war laboratories; i.e., highly sophisticated technological advances – applications and systems developed and perfected by corporate/ industrial contractors linked to the Department of Defense.

My body is filled with these devices – tiny nano particles and structures; nanobots, et cetera – remotely implanted

at the point of influence at the Illuminati Display Screen where "handlers" have access to the host biosystem.

My body has also been remotely implanted with enhancements and augments to both (R) and (L) upper arms & moving down to wrists and into fingers. (L) buttocks cheek has a sunken in appearance from the power unit that tugs at and PULLS IN musculature at this location. Some of these nanotechnology devises have the capability to travel around within the host biosystem settling in at strategic locations if, for example, they choose to promote one of their "designer diseases" to a specific location.

At the end of the day I get home and they commence working me over and hooking me up so that every muscle and bone in my body is made to feel sore and aching resembling a bad case of fibromyalgia and then some... I can barely move about much of the time. My feet can be tied tight and crippled in pain making it impossible to walk. My spine, which was remote surgically implanted (June ’08) while in Bradford, VT, can be made to experience debilitating pain and a low back point which was clipped or pinched was done so to exercise "control." This particular point I clearly recall them having to bring in a superior to help the "handler" get it right... he had tied and released twice already and was tieing so tight that I could no longer move my bowels. In other words, my entire body is programmed to be set up for debilitating pain, discomfort and crippling… ARTIFICIALLY MANUFACTURED implants, augments, power units, all kinds of devices which respond to the touch of frequency weapons that allow inadequate little men to feel like giants. Little men with not too much else to boast about in their lives are given these weapons to use as "power" over defenseless innocent American citizens. With these weapons in the hands of government employees like these characters, instead of seeking cures for diseases, they instead take pleasure in causing my body to mimic an elderly disabled person who forgot to take good care of him/herself and ended up afflicted with a very bad case of debilitating arthritis and rheumatism... a condition that can be turned on and off like a light switch.

When these criminals stole my life out from under me and thought it was perfectly okay to hook my beautiful mind and body up to a Pentagon man-machine interface for the purpose of Mind Control and torture, I had beautiful porcelain skin and was 100% healthy w/zero physical impairment. I remained this way until recently when these ghouls let me know that I was looking far too good for their purposes and proceeded to use a Thermal Microwave Weapon to heat my body around the clock whereby deliberately destroying the layer of collegan beneath the skin coupled with weapon technology that these sick twisted little men who are ridiculously referred to as "elite"

HOW MANY OTHER INNOCENT AMERICAN MEN AND WOMEN and citizens of the globe is this happening to? Artificial electronic manipulation to cause crippling of the masses using the latest advances corporate America has to offer. An arsenal of technological weaponry developed and perfected over the years COVERTLY – SECRETLY – UNDER COVER FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE - AN ARSENAL OF WEAPONS IN THE HANDS OF THE U. S. GOVERNMENT, its intelligence AGENCIES and ASSASINS - TECHNOLOGY THAT MOST AMERICANS DO NOT EVEN KNOW EXISTS AND WOULD BE SHOCKED TO FIND OUT - not to mention that they were devised to be used on them should civil unrest occur or for demonstrations. It is debatable whether most of America could even digest the idea that their own government which is supposed to be protecting and looking out for them is invested in a seemingly huge conspiracy to destroy its own people, depopulate the planet and carry out these outrageous trocities.

Am I one of the LUCKY ones smart enough to have figured it out. Maybe because I saw many of their faces when this all began – the fact that despicable little men could exist in positions of authority and run rampant throughout the entire government complex – that such an absolute degree of corruption and criminality exists in this country – that our Constitution has fallen by the wayside and decent elected officials have been made fearful to stand up to the ‘control’ factor keeping them in line and the corporate greed machine for fear of falling prey to the predator…. that our United States Department of Defense is using dreadful heinous technology it helped develop and perfect on university campuses with dirty DARPA money and National Laboratories such as Sandia, Los Alamos and Livermore who have bought and sold out the American people lock, stock and barrel.

Until I found out 1st hand about the technology, I would never have imagined my government capable of deliberately aiming it’s weapons of war on its very own people. No specific racial segment of the population this time around as was the case in Nazi-occupied Germany and Europe. Rather, they are targeting whistleblowers who wouldn’t agree to go along with the program as well as those they consider to be undesirable politically and/or economically – what they consider an underclass.

Our young soldiers need to beg to be taken care after getting shot up in a war for U.S. Imperialism and Expansionism - all about mighty military power and dominion while the Department of Defense sets aside BILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS FOR BLACK BUDGET OPERATIONS.

Recently, when government officials no longer chose to be forced to answer questions about the work they were doing, they took it upon themselves to phase out these military programs from many major university campuses in large part and have seen fit to hand everything over to corporate America instead because corporations are exempt from FOIA requests. It seems the U. S. Air Force has figured out yet another loophole. It wasn’t long ago that I read somewhere; and this isn’t a direct quote - that they arrogantly proclaimed they would soon “own the skies.” Between the USAF and Lockheed, it is probably a done deal with the Haarp Project in full swing.


What could the numbers possibly be in this country alone – keeping in mind that it is a worldwide problem of epidemic proportions. How many American men and women have been taken hostage by these weapons of war that are covertly destroying innocent lives and livelihoods and lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. Americans taken hostage and being used as guinea pigs for military “experimentation” and r e s e a r c h.

The average person has no idea that diseases they’ve suddenly come down with are artificial man made. What they are doing to me, they can do to anyone with the aid of chem trails, etc. In the blink of an eye, they can take a single point in the body or numerous points of the human anatomy and cause an individual to experience excruciating pain, debility and even crippling.

My stepmother last year on my birthday told me as we were driving around that her mother had RH arthritis, but she’d never shown any signs of it. Approximately one month later she was diagnosed with the disease. She was 84 years old and hasn’t been well ever since.

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Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on March 16, 2010 at 5:23am
It IS our very own government commiting these atrocious crimes against us... do you think that just because each and every member of the legislative branch does not directly have his/her fingers on the pulse of the technology that they are any the less guilty? each and every one of them is guilty BECAUSE THEY KNOW ABOUT IT AND CONTINUE TO allow IT TO GO ON AND NOT JUST FOR A DAY OR TWO BUT RATHER DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS & YEARS - There is not one elected official at this point in time who does NOT KNOW what is going on... don't be silly! And, yes, I know who, what and when put the hit on my on me to be targeted. it is not random
Comment by Carmen L on March 16, 2010 at 8:01am
Well, I got targeted when I was 15-16, not even an adult. They built up everything since then, but it was first when I became economically independent as they totally destroyed my life.
At random or not, I know that they chose "us", my family.
I personally believe that they choose people they might not like and use them in these experiments.
Lou, you are right, you were chosen maybe because you now were alone.
And "maybe" because you made friends with someone you didn't like.
But it could be so that they CREATED the reason, to make your life a little easier.
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on March 17, 2010 at 1:16am
We MUST march through the streets. The American public will see it on their television screens in a sanitized version most likely. If you do a search of the LRAD, lLIPC and PEP technology - the government talks about using it for demonstrations and whatever other purposes they chose and boast of the fact that these weapons do not leave a scratch on the victim's body so that there is absolutely no evidence. Come to Vermont - we WILL be heard and seen!


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