Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Forced awake another entire night with steady application of heat. The air conditioner is kept running at 60 degrees which doesn’t help. I’m being kept in a wet sweat and extremely uncomfortable all night long... first blasted with heat and then made to feel cold... They continue to deliberately undermine my flawless skin by further continued acceleration of the aging process by depleting the layer of collagen beneath the skin’s surface in addition to the artificial electronic marking of my skin. My forehead has the appearance of a neural network of sorts with an outline of squiggly lines in a pattern
faintly etched thereon from the man-machine interface and weapon assaults.

My day will come before a Congressional Hearing Committee, and I will see to it that this bunch of sick twisted little devil worshiping freaks don’t get off the hook as they did in the MKUltra hearings which was a total disgrace. When the day comes, it
will be necessary to have people in place and in charge like Nick
Begich, Robert Duncan and maybe Dr. John Hall and Cheryl Welsh with
other high-ranking women taken captive by this satellite electronic nightmare –
that is to say, a panel of people who know what they’re talking
about and who are prepared to ask the right questions Why was there
no interrogation of white collar criminals operating out of the
Pentagon and Department of Justice? Why was Stanford Research
let off the hook and not even mentioned when they were
/are the No. 1 ranking criminal perpetrator of crimes against
humanity because they helped design these black-budget programs. All of the agents and multiple agencies within the government complex, not to mention segments of every branch of the military as well as corporate – industrial – academic America
will need to be ferreted out, rounded up and brought to justice to be
punished for their crimes against humanity. Torture and human
experimentation going on and no one is being held responsible. There
are people who should have been thrown in jail a long time ago and
YET they are out and about having an informal lunch at the Elite
Hotel (once called the Carlton-Elite) in Zurich where they swap
stories. Besides this, why were they not ordered to pay back
billions of taxpayer dollars? You have someone like Senator Patrick
Leahy from my State of Vermont – someone who knew all about MK Ultra
and mind control experimentation that was taking place; in fact, it’s
alleged he had an active role in it. Yet, no one was punished for
these crimes against humanity carried out by the United States
government - crimes of nonconsensual human experimentation and

torture of innocent American citizens and nobody gives a rat’s ass?

I just do not think that this is so. These buzzards need to be rounded

up to begin paying for their misdeeds.

The MK Ultra hearings were a bogus waste of everyone’s time.

If you'd like to learn more about Stanford Research Institute's role - blow this link up to 400 and closely examine what's going on and who's who.

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