Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

     In the 12+ years I’ve been a TI, I’ve experienced an occasional success in throwing a monkey wrench into the smooth workings of the perp machine. I’ve done this by keeping my mouth shut, and paying attention.

     In order to conduct the monotonous and repetitive tasks of being a perp, perps are somewhat brain dead when it comes to initiative and imagination. They remind me of arduino robots that are programmed by their handlers, and never deviate in carrying out their assigned tasks. When they hit an obstacle they stop and call the handler. It can take a day or two of blissful quiet bf they return with a new tactic.

Firstly, keeping my mouth shut.
- I will bite my lip bloody before I cry or make any sound that indicates I am in pain. It becomes a fight of mind over pain. No matter how bad I feel at that moment, I know that if perps discover that the device/tactic being used is causing me to suffer, that device/tactic will be repeated for years to come.
- There have been times when I thought I’d have to go to the hospital bcz of the pain, but I suffered through the attack and kept silent. The DEW/device will sooner or later be replaced by another device bcz they weren’t sure the other device had worked.
- This is a response I have had from the beginning, and it has served me well. They NEVER know if what they are doing is working, so get no satisfaction.

Second, paying attention.
- Listen, watch, and learn the timetable and routines of your perps. This is valuable information and you will learn a whole lot more than you think. Remember, you are no threat or challenge - they won’t suspect you are watching and taking notes.
- Each perp has his own “signature”. Some just want to let you know they are omnipresent, other’s like to crank up the juice and cause as much suffering as they can. Each perp will use a given weapon differently.
- Make up a timetable for each perp. Then, watch for any correlation w/vehicles driving by, cars starting up, people going to work, etc. Look for connections between deeds and people you see or hear.

     The use you are able to make of this information will depend on a number of factors. The closer your perps can move in next to you, the worse your situation. The larger the buffer zone, the more chances you will have to test out avenues of relief.

     There are many TIs looking to hook up with other TIs, and many that have already formed groups. Connect with another TI or someone you trust, or get a couple of big dogs. Then, move to a lot in the middle of the dessert or on top of a masa and go off the grid. See how many perps show up to harass you...  they never did find Jimmy Hoffa.

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Comment by Brian Dodge on March 26, 2017 at 10:48am

     Cat Cat, all I can do is base my course of actions on the feedback I receive from efforts I expend, testing, and experiments. I have had no personal experience which leads me to believe it is AI, drones, or satellites that are doing the harassment - unless they can cause some real vandalism which takes physical effort to accomplish.  Each TI experiences a different reality, but the actual vandalism, stalking in cars, intimidation and attacks are in my case caused by real people. Occam’s razor seems to more closely fit the facts and circumstances.
      I do not argue that the goal of those who have assumed power is the submission and control of all humans. However, runaway overpopulation almost makes that a mandatory necessity. Left to their own devices humans are like yeast, they consume everything, pollute the world around them, then die in their own waste.
      It seems illogical and an imprudent waste of resources for those in control to spend billions of dollars to “dumb us up and make us subservient (hence why they torture us)”, if you are referring here solely to TIs. It would make much more sense to just overstimulate a TIs heart and have us all die of natural causes - why spend money that is not necessary. If this isn’t torture for the enjoyment and sake of torture, there doesn’t seem to be much point from any standpoint to continue it day in, day out, for the remainder of the TIs life... 20, 30, 40 years?

Comment by Sandy Lomax on March 26, 2017 at 7:18pm

Brian, "they won`t suspect you are watching and taking notes"? - do you mean the perps or the gang stalkers? The perps can see you at all times and everywhere you go. Or, if you mean the stalkers, then I would not waste my time, I notice their appearance/age/place and then  I usually ignore them, the exception being if I decide to report them.

Comment by Sandy Lomax on March 26, 2017 at 7:36pm

Brian, "runaway overpopulation...." - there is evidence that the increase in population is slowing down, because many people are moving to cities and having far fewer children than they would in their former rural homes. See Population 10 Billion by Danny Dorling.

"waste of spend billions of dollars to "dumb us up and make us subservient". They are not interested in killing us, and the perps are under orders not to kill us according to Robert Duncan. They are interested in controlling people who are alive, and collecting the data. The data is to show in detail how we respond to their control, and to see if their narrative is succeeding. You can hear Robert D. explain this in the video above with William Binney, Duncan speaks after Binney. 

Comment by Sandy Lomax on March 27, 2017 at 2:50am

cat cat, thanks for the info.


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