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Thanx Chanath. & yep Sue...I've read up on how the perps can read & monitor our thoughts. But many Ti's believe the perps are stalking the places where we go to buy food or take away etc???. Maybe so. Gud example of them not interfering with food or drink establishments to where i go. Wud be if I go to my local pub. I ask for a beer & another then another. The bar man pours it out in front of me. A punter might beat me to ordering a beer before me? But the bar man uses the same pump to pour 20 or 30 beers from the same barrel or beer keg. So there's no way! This cud be tampered wiv before that nice cold beer touches my dry lips!. I make a snap decision if I call for a beer. I also never think if perps are gonna follow me? Its totally mind games & Ti's need to stop being so scared or thinking the outcome beforehand!!!. I can go into a supermarket and pick up a pack of steaks?. Now there cud be 10packs of the same steaks in front of me. So wot do I do? I'll juggle them & pick 1? But perps might of drugged them all!. I doubt it?? Because all the people who pick the rest of the steaks are gonna be drugged too?!!. Its really mad how perps get Ti's to think soo much shite up when we go out & about shopping. They want u to believe that they av control over us wherever we go. When this is not the case. You are free to go & eat wherever u decide?!. Jus be careful when your shopping. Think logically. All perps/tech is there to put pressure on the brain. They want to drown the brain wiv total negativity!!! So we surround ourselves with it. So in the end its the only thing we kno. Negativity, negativity negativity!!!. This is the ONLY power they av over you. That's why they go to so much trouble 24/7 to harass us. It doesn't work on me no more because I don't think the way they want me to think. So do wot i do & ignor ignore ignore!!!. Its easy! & that's all there is to it. Soon as Ti's change the way they think?. Then the sooner you will slowly start regaining positivity back into your world!. & become the person u were before all this shite entererd youre lives. You're reality!! Now start taking back control!!! Take care's Ti's. I'm off for cold 1 down me local. ;)

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Comment by Carl on June 24, 2016 at 11:59pm
True Chanath. Since being a T'i I've learnt the perps/tech stick to doin the same shite!. They cnt do nothing else but do the same thing over & over again!. Nothing new???. I kno I don't suffer from v2k 'yet?'. But I spose the same thing goes with that too? They just try to put Ti's down everyday!. & the only reason they give v2k is to enforce negativity on us. When Ti's realise this is all perps/tech is doing? Then Ti's will stop feeling scared! & stop thinking wot other people are 'so called saying behind their backs'. The main goal is to single us out & to enforce fear & negativity on us. So in the end that's all we kno. Well fook that!!! ;) . Its great I don't care wot perps/tech can do?. It doesn't interest me nomor!. I wud rather them knock my door & av it out wiv me in person. Because if they think they can av me wiv their tech? They are sooo wrong! Hahaa. I'm freeeeeee!!!! Take cares Chanath & I hope things are working out for you too?...;)


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