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I've been tortured by electronic harassment for over 8years now. With a press of a button I am at the mercy of these evil perps. I do not know the reasoning and I was stupid enough to ask the doctors and psychiatrist for help. They deliberately broke my back so I have been suffering with chronic back pain for well over 2 years now. My mind burns everyday to the point of exhaustion. I called the police for help but they were useless. Any victim of electronic harassment is powerless against their attacks. It is criminal and I demand justice against these scums of the earth. This is the future. Your children and grandchildren will be chipped and controlled. If anyone can give me some advice or tips to fight off these cowards it would be greatly appreciated. I am in Canada and i'm not an evil banker or terrorist to be subjucated to this torture. Nobody believes my story unless someone has experienced such a horrific nightmare in real life.

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Comment by Bethany Wright on June 30, 2012 at 5:44am

Comment by Sally on June 30, 2012 at 9:22am

We believe your story John, we are all suffering different levels of their attack. Im sorry they have been so horrendous to you, you're right should have our basic human rights and they should be restored to all of us but they have been cruelly and unjustly stolen from us and even more than this they torture us and treat us like we are their property. Just know John that there will be justice one day. God will see to that. Until then we have to bear it the best we can, I cry every day at what they have and are doing to me, its useless, apart from peacepink i cant get anyone to listen.

Apart from shielding methods John i dont know what advice i can give you, google EMF shileding, google freedom fighters - their website has a list of shielding methods targets have found helpful and i think there is one on this site under Forum. Apart from that keep sharing with us on blogs, there are some people here with helpful advice.

God bless you


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