Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

So I was jus wondering. If anybody thinks or kno that they might be chipped? Why can't you use EMP 'Electronic Magnetic Pulse' to destroy or disable the chip's' inside your body? I've read that u wudnt need a lot of output so it wud in turn destroy the chip but not do any serious harm to the body. Worth a try eh?. There's loads of info on the web on how to make a handheld one. You can even buy these too. Also I was thinking about. If TI's are chipped & nobody believes them or they can't afford scans or x-rays? Why don't a lot if TI's come together & buy a scanner or x-ray machine. We cud even buy a portable version of one? So every T'i around the World cud get scanned?!!!.. Then instead of an indvidual trying to prove their case alone! We would all come 2gever as a whole wiv evidence & solid proof that we are targets of Electronic Harassment. By doing this! We take control back from our harassers. Let's hit them hard for once & for the whole World to kno that this torture exists!!! Take cares ;)

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Comment by ms. freebird81 on July 14, 2016 at 11:45am

Carl, I would love more than anything be be able to do those things. My problem is I have no one and I mean absolutely NO ONE to get together with I've been looking on the internet to try to find support groups but can't find any. This site is the only communication source for TIs that I know of.  I don't even have a friend just to hang out with let alone this.  Do you have any ideas how we can organize local groups where TIs can physically get together and also my idea would be that these local groups would be part of a larger group world wide and we could all work together.  I don't do facebook because my "family" is on it and I don't need the drama of it.

Comment by Carl on July 14, 2016 at 10:49pm
There's another site for TI's called But I think Peacepink is the best one!. I think some T'i or maybe even not a T'i or some sort of financial banker/advisor would av2 come forward on our behalf on this site. & giv up their time to organise & open a bank account or sumat wiv a registered list of TI's names put forward so we cud then invest $10 each into the account. If 3000 TI's each put $10 in? That's alot of money! Which wud pay for the tech to prove TI's are truly being targeted. This in my eyes is the only way for TI's to move forward. Because nobody wants to listen to us or listen to any individual cases. We need to hit them hard!. Just imagine wot we cud do wiv the TI's money? This wud be a 1st of its kind! We could buy a portable van. Wiv the words & info written on the sides of the van wiv info about Electronic harassment & websites & TI's etc. In the van we wud av a scanner/ x-ray machine. Also hand held rf equipment & so on. Then we wud av the evidence to prove our cases in court. By doing this we wud also gain media from different tv as we wud be going from country to country... This van wud travel to every T'i on the planet & wud be paid for by every T'i who believes their a target individual. This is something 'WE' can do. It is 'NOT' something we can't do. ;)
Comment by Sally on July 15, 2016 at 4:39pm

Carl l like this idea. It would be great if it worked. The only problem l see is co ordination of a united plan. We are scattered all over the globe, most of us are unwell and mostly appointing someone Tls would trust to co ordinate something like this, collect money etc. Finding Tls is a prob too. 1000's members on this site and maybe 20 contribute. Where are they all l wonder? But l do agree a united front is our best strategy. Just dont know how to co ordinate this and the perps make sure to make us poor. Whens the last time you met a rich Tl? Im not knocking your idea just not sure if it could work in practice.

Comment by information-book com on July 15, 2016 at 6:34pm

It is a good idea to try to reach out to organisations and associations. 

A recent post of EUCACH

says:  "EUCACH.ORG performs free RF radio frequency readings for citizens to ascertain if these individuals are being targeted with scalar nano technology control weapons. In a recent public RF testing in London, UK, 40% of the participating public tested positive for emitting RF frequencies, and indication that they were being subjected to non-consensual scalar mind control. In one public testing, 100% of public participants tested positive. One targeted individual testing positive for RF frequencies was a five-year old child, indicating that children are at risk of human robotization in the Transhumanist Agenda."

In the francophone group we try to find information on a French association to co-ordinate actions with European and International associations. It would be a good idea if similar actions could be performed simultaneously. 

Comment by Carl on July 17, 2016 at 12:13am
Thanx Guys ;) . I think it wud defo work. Its just comes dwn to somebody taking charge. & putting the idea into motion. Like a 'head T'i wiv lots of info & getting a group 2gever... t'i is rich! But every T'i cud afford $5 dollars each per week. Even if their claiming some sort of benefits? Just fink! If every genuine T'i kept giving $20 each month for say just 6months?!. That wud ad up to a hell of a lot of coin. Much better than every T'i trying to save in drips & drabs for a certain shielding or so. In the end it wud benefit all genuine T'is. Bit like when u get a portable van in your town & welcoming everybody to give blood. Same principle... ;)
Comment by Carl on July 17, 2016 at 12:57am
There's a video I watched lastnyte. About how to destroy the chips in your body. The chap in video had bought a mini stun gun wiv 2prongs on the top. The stun gun was not in the shape of a gun. But like mor in the shape of holding a candle in your palm. Then he took some copper wire and wrapped it round an empty 2ltr bottle about 10times. Then when he'd finished. He slipped the bottle out & had the shape of a copper coil. He put tape around the inside & outside of the copper wire so it kept its shape. He then took 1 end of the copper wire & attached it to 1 prong of the stun gun. & left the other end attached to nothing. He then turned it on & ran it up & down his body & around his head wiv only the copper touching his body. But being careful to not av contact wiv the other prong of the stun gun. He demonstrated this & he said this worked! And said his perps went mad & attacked him loads! But now instead of feeling a threshold of pain at say 10? His pain is now between 1 or 2 . So it looks to of worked!!! ;) . Years back when I was being attacked?! I found on the web some info that if you wrapped a silver piece of wire around 1 arm from your wrist an up to your elbow. Then cut 2 holes out of a piece of 'G 10 board' (green mother board where circuits & components are soldered onto in a computer) etc. Then this in turn wud act like a capacitor & a tuner. So u wud be able to change your body's frequency?? I've never tried this myself. So if anybody has info on this method? Then please add any useful comments. Thanx & takecares! ;)
Comment by Carl on July 17, 2016 at 1:03am
Oops! I forgot to say... When the silver wire is wrapped around your arm from wrist to elbow. You drill 2holes in the G 10 board & thread one end of the silver wire through the holes & move the G 10 board up & down the wire which is attached around your arm. When moving the G 10 board up & down the wire. This is the tuner. You are changing ya frequency???


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