Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

My brother i lived beside for three years when they threw me out of my home in 2007 to 2010.My brother was being hit with Microwave also during this time.How i know this is his neck and upper chest was red all the time and i could tell by his eyes and other things.The Radiation from the laser being hit gave him Cancer.The redness around his neck and upper chest was Parosites and being hit with Microwave Radiation drawed these parosites to his chest and neck area.He had to have surgery on his nose for Cancer in 2011,Who did this a neighbor a few homes down the street and he soled Drugs.When this boy father got out of prison he stayed with his son.In 2010 when this boy was attacking me there i heard his father tell him ,You Better Leave That Boy Alone.this was voice in my head So you don,t need implants to hear voices in the head,this can be done with just a Microwave laser weapon and they can look out your eyes also.The Radiation from the Microwave can make the parosites multiply at a alarming rate and everyone has these in their body world wide.Another example my neighbor on the other side of me that live by his self,when i moved there in 2007 he was fine .After being hit with Microwaves he became disabled by 2009 in 2012 he was only fourty two years old and had to have surgrey ,the doctors cut him from his neck all the way down both legs for arteries being stop up.The Microwave laser weapon caused this,he was being attacked also.The people that use these microwave laser guns have to be within two thousand feet from your home.This same weapon was use on me in 2000 in Federal Prison because i made a S.B.I agent angry in 1994.I too am fighting ateries being block in both legs today and Parosites and Implants and Radiation and nano machines and Microwave Laser Gun.How easy it is to get people to use this weapon around your neighbor hood,well you can look out peoples eyes and this includes your most private moments.The two guys i hear all the time has commented on my private parts many times.These people are more sick than you can imagine .The ones that has implants like i do a friend of mine told me that his cousin was a police officer and told him that this was being done in the basement at the police station in the computer room.Why my friend told me this he has implants also and i have know him since childhood.They tried to put him in a mental hospital but gave him medicine.he don,t speak out and he don,t take the medicine either and he doing good.  Thanks And God Bless.

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Comment by Sally on March 29, 2014 at 2:55pm



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