Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Extreme Threat to our Freedom from DNA bio-resonance frequency weapons.

Supercomputer software programming can manipulate your emotions and behaviour and it can all be done remotely from a distance.
Every individual human being as well as every living thing has an individual and unique DNA bio-resonance frequency, which is sometimes known as your unique DNA signature or your unique DNA fingerprint.
Scientists are weaponising our unique DNA bio-resonance frequencies so that we can be totally physically, mentally and emotionally controlled from a distance.
Your unique DNA bio-resonance frequency can be obtained from a laboratory which conducts blood tests on you or from a blood bank where you donate blood or it also can be obtained in a hospital at the time of your birth or by a number of other means.
Your unique DNA bio-resonance frequency is then put into a computer and algorithms are then run in order to bio-code electromagnetic transmissions so that those electromagnetic transmissions bio-resonate with your unique DNA bio-resonance frequency.
Technology is then used to broadcasts a radio frequency at you and that radio frequency will hook up with you and it will lock onto the bio-resonance frequency of your DNA. . In other words, the broadcast frequency of the technology is adjusted to resonate at the same frequency that your DNA resonates at, and when that happens both frequencies then interlock as one energy thereby creating a bi-directional super highway of frequency along which information can be sent and received to and from your brain and body. A bi-directional super highway is created which is used by unknown neuro scientists to both transmit information to your brain and body as well as to steal data from your brain and body on an ongoing basis.

Once you are connected to the supercomputer control system and once you and said supercomputer control system resonate together then a perfect avenue is created upon which to send and receive information back and forth. From that day forward unknown criminal neuro operatives will manipulate your thoughts and your physical body. They will send voices into your head. They will manipulate your emotions and behaviour. They will harvest data from your brain and body such as your vital signs, your words, your thoughts, your emotions, what you are seeing, what you are hearing, what muscles you are moving and then all that information is rendered on a computer via software and you are monitored and tracked in real time for the rest of your life. The neuro operative can see what the targeted individual is seeing because what the targeted individual is seeing is rendered in a visual form on the computer screen of the neuro operative.
The digital signals which are being transmitted to the targeted individual can come from aerial drones and satellites , microwave transmission towers, aerial vehicles such as airplanes or helicoptors or ground based vehicles. Because your DNA bio-resonance frequency is entirely unique to you, you can be harassed or tortured no matter where you are in the world unless you are deep underground where the signal is blocked or where there is no infrastructure to transmit the signal to you. It works in a similar way as a cell phone call.
All of the electromagnetic activity of your brain is downloaded to a supercomputer at the speed of light and is then collated inside a database. The supercomputer uses your data to build a cognative model of your brain in order to eventually achieve direct behavioural control over you. When the cognative model is complete the supercomputer can predict and influence in advance the reference choices of the victim during thought composition.
People who are being covertly remote neural monitored are having thoughts which they think are coming from their own minds but they are being transmitted into their heads from a distance by operatives who control the technology. This technology can be used to sway opinions of individuals or groups and it can be used to turn individuals against each other. It can be used to turn married couples against each other. It can be used to manipulate not just our thoughts but also our emotions and behaviour. This technology is being used to physically control people from a distance. This technology can be used to make a motorist drive their vehicle into a group of bystanders. This technology is being made to force people to speak against their wills and also to speak words that are externally transmitted to them and which do not originate in their own minds. This technology can be used to force someone to admit to a crime which they did not commit. This technology can be used to make people appear to be mentally ill. This technology can be used to make either one individual or whole groups of people hear voices which they perceive to be coming from inside their own heads. This technology can be used to make people appear to be demonically possessed. In fact demonic possession was invented as a cover stroy in order to cover up the existence and abuse of this technology which has been in use for many decades. This technology is being used to murder people from a distance. This technology is to be rolled out throughout the world and every man, woman and child is eventually to be under the influence of this technology. The true control grid is this technology.
Here are some links to where I obtained some of the information which I have presented here about DNA bio-resonance frequency technology.
Bryan Kofron
No Chip Required

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