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False shoplifter claims at stores in Munich using the strange security alarms. (Vidos for the crucial evidences, MUST SEE!)

I'm still living in Munich and recently encountered frequent security system beeping at the stores. It started about the beginning of this Month, and it was only beeping at the entrance or at the exit. It started right after the day I went to Karstadt and bought a box of chocolate and dropped my mechanical pen after paying at the cashier. I put the pen in my bag after a woman stood near the cashier pointing me where my pen dropped. The first beeping was at Karstadt in Münchener Freiheit where I visited the supermarket inside. At that time, there was a family with a baby cart going out in the same entrance and I thought they got alarm beeped. Right after visiting Karstadt, I went to DM, a drugstore, near by and after paying at the cashier, the alarm beeped. I bought a pack of toilet paper quickly and that was so strange to find the beeping happened. I tried twice and twice beeped. At the third time, I filmed. At that time, the beeping did not happen. That is on the video GSA 11.
Few days ago, the beeping happened at the entrance of DM in Karlsplatz and at that point, the cashier asked me in English to check my bag. This time, I filmed the beeping at the entrance and as well as the conversation at the cashier. She said that my netbook was the problem. Somehow, the alarm beeped while nothing was around and even the woman after me at the cashier line passed, the alarm beeped. These incidents I recorded in GSA 11 film.

Here is the GSA film link.

Few days ago, I went to Tengelmann, a supermarket, at Karlsplatz. At the entrance, the security alarm did not beep but at the cashier it beeped. And at this time, a man came and he opened my bag but he did not do anything. So far, someone checked my bag twice at two different stores in one week. I've been in Munich for few months, but it never happened at all. And here is the video.

On Friday, Sep 28, I went to Karstadt at München main train station and I checked the alarms around. This time, I found the one near the S-Bahn station beeped. I entered and went through to another entrance on SW. That one did not beep. Later, I checked ther two security checkpoints and they did not beep. I have no idea how that happened but only one security alarm beeped. From these video, I can prove that I'm not the shoplifter but there are something wrong with the security alarms in the stores in Munich. I thought these evidences are quite interesting for your research as not so many people are claimed as shoplifters in such a strange way.

By the way, when I lived in Sarajevo, I experienced the baby pigeons dying one by one at the hostel, Srca Sarajevo. I tried to keep them in safe place, but they died in very short time. One occassion, one black baby pigeon died in less than few hours. It was normal, but suddenly get sick and died. I filmed how it died and later brought the body to the vet. department of Uni Sarajevo. The autopsy in English shows that they could not find the actual cause of death.

There used to be police cars and Feurwehr cars and amburances frequently showing up on the street. But nowadays, it stopped for awhile.

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