Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

The approximately three hundred families who privately own most of the central banks throughout the world wish us to believe that which is false so that they can more easily control and eventually enslave all of us.
They forcefully impose a false regimented worldview on to the minds of their fellow men and women. Most if not all organised religions, state controlled education, main stream media, academic as well as the entertainment industry is under the private control of those private banking families and their allies.
They are doing all in their power to suppress alternative information from getting through to those who use the internet by using pre-programmed algorithms which are based on each individuals private computer use to firewall relevant and enlightening information off from appearing on their computer screens.
They use the overwhelming power of ridicule on anyone who challenges the false worldview they are forcing upon us by suggesting that the challenger is mentally deranged and by having pretrained government personnel detain any challengers of the enforced false reality inside psychiatric hospitals.
They are secretly using the science of Remote Neural Monitoring to transmit specific commands into the subconscious minds of the masses of individuals through the use of electromagnetic radiation waves.
They use transcranial magnetic stimulation which is being employed from a distance to disrupt portions of the human brain which are associated with cognitive reasoning and narrative comprehension in order to force individuals into believing what they would normally never believe and to also force them to disbelieve that which has found to be true. Whenever neural pathways have been set up in our brains through inculcation our enemies can then stimulate those neural pathways either through constant repitition and images of a daily basis and also through the aforementioned Transcranial Magentic Stimulation of those already formed neural pathways.
They are now using a hoaxed pandemic in order to keep us isolated from each other so that we might have no choice other than to use smart phones and smart computers to communicate with each other because they are aware that they can control our behaviour, thinking patterns and emotions while we are bathed in the type of artificial electromagnetic radiaiton which comes from all smart devices. Do not purchase an electric car or an electric bicycle because those types of of electric vehicles can be immobilized on the road by remote means by those who have the knowledge to immobilize them.
The aforementioned three hundred families who privately own most of the central banks throughout the world now have the means of introducing cultures into human neurons through a process called transfection and this process would enable those human neurons to make or express encoded proteins which would then allow others to use a process known as optogenetics to remote control the physical body of any human being that accepted such cultures. Largely unaware people would be manipulated to accept those aforementioned cultures via vaccines because they would be wrongly led to believe that they were protecting themselves from a virus by accepting such a vaccine. After the culture grew inside the body of the human being they could be paralysed from a remote location if they dared to challenge the dictates of the worldwide dictatorship.
The most important lie which the three hundred families and their allies are attempting to conseal is the fact that the earth is flat and fixed and because of that not everybody is being subjected to full spectrum dominance and that not everybody is being sprayed with conductive materials from the skies over our heads. Madagascar has been pinpointed as the possible lair of those who wish to enslave us without our knowledge or consent. They have invented false enemies in order to distract us from who they really are such as extraterresterials, sentient artificial intelligence, supernatural spirits, climate change or viruses, none of which are true. Our enemies are a group of megalomaniacs who through hoarding knowledge and money for multigenerations now believe that they have the right to control us by our central nervous systems now.
For further information on the process of transfection please listen to the online lectures of Celeste Solum.
For further information about remote physical control of human beings via their central nervous systems please study a subject called optogenetics.

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