Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


26 August 2013

by Paul Baird

There is no doubt that the global conquest which has been secretly carried out by the U.S based military/agency/corporate crime conglomerate would not have been possible without the vast capabilities of extremely advanced computer systems. These technologies certainly enable the U.S and its close allies to exert absolute control over many organisations and individuals including the worldwide mass media and all telecommunications networks. They thereby determine the ebb and flow of most information. Computer technology has also allowed the U.S and its allies to secretly amass space and ground-based weaponry which goes well beyond the knowledge or understanding of the general population. This equipment is used not so much on genuine enemies as it is on those innocent, concerned citizens who seek to address issues like the undue influence exercised by the crime conglomerate over global affairs; finance, politics, public opinion, weather and much more.

Now, the U.S and its close allies don‘t often exercise their full power, lest it raise suspicion, and when they do it‘s done without media coverage. However, that power extends to the point where whole systems can be quickly corrupted or shut down at the snap of a finger. Unbeknowns to most the crime conglomerate has super computers capable of processing over 280 trillion calculations per second, EACH. Our minds do 5,000, so just one such computer could currently out perform every human mind put together, almost ten times over.

Many such computers are utilised to collect, collate, analyse, cross reference and disseminate information, all of which is gleaned from surveillance systems which are also far beyond those which the community recognises.

It‘s also important to note that satellite monitoring of ALL telecommunications, of countless face to face conversations and of the brain waves of many effectively drains the brains of the citizenry and feeds the thieving New World Order with valuable options, ideas, strategies and warnings. This thoroughly empowers the very real, very malevolent —Big Brother“ to control what we think, feel, do and say. The ruling bodies that play this role do so on behalf of the 1,000 or so families which own 90% of the world‘s wealth and covet the other 10%; which is shared by the rest of us. We are merely mushroomed mental slaves to the megalomaniacs who have arranged this madness in secret.

Many writers have subtly alluded to this tragic situation but always in an unreal fantasy or sci fi setting so as to avoid censorship, victimisation etc. One such piece is the movie —The Matrix“, wherein human beings live in pods, are used like computer batteries and are fed with distractive programming which becomes their lives. Those waking up to this trickery are subsequently persecuted by computer —agents“. The alert reader will observe from what follows that there are frightening similarities between that inspired movie and the reality which awaits us if nothing is done to stop the current trend towards ever bigger conspiracies involving computer technology. The available technology already allows far too much which remains unpoliced. Anything from microwave towers to psychotronic weaponry to directed energy weapons and more can be (and is) used against members of the civilian population thanks to secretive computer/satellite technology. Computers are fine with reference to time-saving devices like home automation and calculators or —fun“ devices like interactive games and they‘re especially helpful for transactions, various searches, communications and the like BUT the crime conglomerates uses are frightening; making the microchip the most significant and dangerous invention ever devised.

The NSA‘s Echelon satellite system gathers intelligence from ALL telecommunications, worldwide. The agencies then place —persons of interest“ under constant audio/visual surveillance; via satellite. —Persons of interest“ could be public figures, prominent businessmen, human rights campaigners, writers, inventors etc or they could be terrorists or other criminals. Regardless, instead of rounding up the criminals (which they could easily do) they use, protect or ignore most of them. Then they use their resources to harass, discredit or kill nuisances and —do-gooders“ like whistleblowers, activists etc.

Also, more and more people are having their brain waves monitored, via satellite, with the results relayed to (and interpreted by) computers complete with brain wave vocabulary software. Yes they can read your mind and it‘s easy to do. It‘s only suppression of information and conditioning that makes that difficult for some to accept. In reality you have no privacy whatsoever and computers record and store it all.

In addition to these more covert methods you will be aware that simple closed circuit video surveillance can be carried out by employers, investigators, police and so on. These results can also be misused to embarrass/rob/ridicule, also turning the viewers into potential voyeurs, blackmailers or worse. There is also a wealth of information held by beaurocracies, corporations and more which is computer stored; available for referencing/transferring/altering. It‘s not only spy agencies that can lie or abuse authority.

Note that the stated reason for gathering intelligence is to ensure that national security is not compromised. However, satellite surveillance makes a mockery of that as they clearly know everything significant that‘s happening yet are selective about reacting to it all. That is, rather than preventing crime/terrorism the spy networks use pathetic excuses and their unquestioned authority to rob, persecute and destroy targeted persons whose knowledge/opinions threaten the operations and reputations of powerful criminals who are above the law. Honest law enforcers have neither access to nor knowledge of such equipment and are therefore helpless when it comes to stopping the perpetrators who are usually based in the U.S, Britain, Israel etc. One of the more absurd, circular arguments for agencies to use such equipment against the civilian population is facilitated by a scam that works like this… One agency, or branch, harasses a target, another monitors the results (pretending they know nothing of the harassment) claiming the target has a problem and needs to be watched. This then ties up resources with a focus on innocent people who threaten criminals while criminals/terrorists roam freely. This is because criminals run the system when they really should be languishing in jail.

So, the supercomputers receive all the words, thoughts, actions and more relating to anyone that could have an impact on anything or anyone of any importance. That‘s not so difficult especially when you consider most of us don‘t ever do anything of great significance in our lives. However, to deal with those that dare to so much as —put their hand up“… every book, video, speech, every work, thought, action etc is scanned, downloaded and filed. Once your mind‘s around that truth then consider that this wealth of information can be sorted, summarized and categorized in such a way that statistics on individuals, groups, situations, countries and so on can be easily collated and analysed. Especially with precious, private memories being recorded and used you can imagine the possibilities for theft, provocation, blackmail, mind influence and more, even murder. Maybe now you can begin to see how diabolically evil all of this really is and why the megalomaniacs behind it systematically killed most of the scientists, public figures or spies who tried to inform the general public about it. And those of us who remain don‘t have the platform or authority to get the results needed. Equally, current whistleblower legislation doesn‘t protect the spies etc who wish to expose all of this evil to the general public. People have a right to know.

Basically put, the offenders play God by striving to possess all knowledge, to read and influence alert minds, to create and end life as they choose. Believe me, the new Reich may not be jack booting their way into our living rooms but they are just as dangerous as they act in secret and remain largely unopposed because of that.

We all know that computer records can be linked between the police, the tax office, social security, corporations and so on but more worrying than the ensuing (minor) betrayals of personal privacy are the major betrayals effected when spies and other criminals actively harass civilian targets to keep them silent.

For example, take the practice of media surveillance feedback. 100‘s of 1,000‘s of targets can have their words/thoughts recorded such that similarities are highlighted through scripted material. With the targets reading/listening/viewing patterns also known the end result may be that one scripted line or comment or visual image delivered by a media outlet at a particular time could —hit“ countless victims. Extend that system and you can see how victims couldn‘t even be sure that the media —hit“ was meant for them. When you get to the point where the targets are so numerous that the media harassers don‘t even know their names then the media personnel can equate the targets (in their own minds) with a significant portion of the audience. Therefore some fail to even recognise their actions as personal attacks or crimes… or do they? Other cross referencing allows a myriad of correlated interferences to be carried out into people‘s lives and how they interact with one another. Remember the capacity of the computers in question. This would not be possible without them.

Human operatives (spies) working for the crime conglomerate enter the picture, (with computer monitoring and high-tech harassment) when persons of interest are highlighted. For targets who are not just watched but tortured they are placed in experimental programs which are run remotely by those operatives. Strategies for oppression/torture are formulated based on circumstances, summarized case histories, thoughts/memories and more. Experts in psychiatry, deceit, torture, theft of intellectual property and murder are employed to remotely preoccupy, use, discredit or kill the victims on behalf of the crime conglomerate that rules the world. The favoured methods of harassment and analysis include on-the-ground interference as well as neurophone voices (placing threats, lies and distractions directly into the brain) and brain wave monitoring (enabling neurophone, and other, feedback to be more damaging). These methods also allow for tampering with and recording of dreams, memories, perceptions, beliefs and more. At this point deliberate misinterpretation of the results can take place especially by the media mafia who can invent whatever truth they want to go with. The resultant persecution forms part of certain —mind control“ experiments which can last a lifetime.

Further, on misinterpretation, remember that the favoured methods include having one agency covertly harass someone while another monitors them, pretending there is no provocation. For the innocent this is galling and unfair but it tips over into the dangerous when this is done to terrorists, assassins and others that corrupt monitors can provoke/use to do their dirty work. When you mess with an innocent mind you get self defence but mess with a criminal mind and you could create mayhem.

Computers can deliver surveillance results, combined with correlated —coincidental“ material and harassment instructions, directly (via computer) to numerous groups that are part of the relevant crime networks. This is usually done from agency to media monitors, especially in the case of live-to-air media broadcasts. Alternatively, —ghost“/spook writers can be to blame; preparing material for entertainment scripts, edited books, political speeches etc. In other words, many spies are actually recruited/trained to work as (or with) public figures. The computers can then dredge up any coincidences when fed a line, a word, a scenario, an idea or so on that‘s gleaned from surveillance. It doesn‘t have to be humanly obvious such as a book/song/movie title, it can be a line from one of these or any reference that the target(s) will recognise so that they will be criminally harassed by it. This allows the editing of what‘s presented to deliver more hits per victim without the slightest risk of detection by anyone else, especially if the corresponding material is from the targets thoughts which no one else could verify. The feeling of this is like being mentally enslaved, gang raped and totally betrayed all at once. Public figures willingly participate in all of this, happily accepting that they have no editorial control over what they present which is often provided (at least in part) by spies and their advanced computers.

Newsreaders, singers, writers, politicians… basically none of them care. They‘re mostly criminals working for other criminals and they‘ve all sold their souls for opportunity and money. All? Remember the computer assisted monitoring and sifting of people in public life and positions of influence. No one who would take a moral stance against these practises is welcome in their ranks.

So, briefly put, willingness to comply with criminal instruction, when required, is one of the prerequisites for success in public life. The wording, timing and presentation of ads, jokes, comments or anything can be spiked with computer-driven nonsense, propaganda and harassment material. This is often such a significant part of the content that it can ruin the impact of a broadcast or written piece. This practice is part of a system which uses the strutting egos of public figures to cover up some of the greatest crimes the world‘s ever endured (silently and mostly ignorantly). The entertainment industry itself is run by organised crime and it cooperates fully with military/agency thugs.

The agency criminals who puppeteer all of this also spread lies and rumours to destroy the targets and fuel the hatred of the harassers that they use. Of even greater concern is the fact that some targets are themselves criminals; terrorists, madmen. This allows the organisers of these oppressive programmes to discredit innocent victims by grouping them with those criminals AND it also allows them to use the criminal patsies to create an atmosphere of chaos/randomness, such that it helps to justify wars, ethnic persecution, reductions in democratic freedoms and anything else that generates greater wealth or control for their unseen masters. Most despots, terrorists, assassins and so on are, therefore, set up to do a job and then, if the timing‘s right, take the fall. The recent freeing of the mastermind of the Bali bombings is an interesting example. Why? Instead of stopping him they allowed the bombings, now they —insult“ us by releasing him. Could this be orchestrated to help build up resentment towards these people; perhaps justifying future actions taken to oppress, rob or wipe out certain groups? Remember the surveillance systems I‘ve outlined. Computer based monitoring is universal so no terrorist can plot anything without it being known… Agency acquiescence or provocation is necessary for anything to happen which is of major importance especially events like the New York World Trade Centre tragedy in 2001 or the Bali bombings. Things happen because —they“ want them to. They want to rally support for the moves —they“ want to make. One day something like this could lead to WWIII.

An example of smaller scale, but nonetheless significant, dissemination is the supplying of background information, neurophone visuals, subliminals, even monitored thoughts to so-called —psychics“ who may be doing anything from running a money making scam to —solving“ a murder. All —psychic“ abilities are synthetic i.e. computer assisted. Everything else is trickery, experience and/or common sense.

Most conspiracies of silence or misinformation are also computer assisted. The control and suppression of information on many environmental dangers, scams and government/corporate/military offences keeps us all in the dark.

Secrecy orders are slapped on all inventions with military applications, secret deals are hatched and so on. It extends outwards until the only random events that exist, and the only matters properly reported to the public, are minor ones or ones caused by mother nature (when she‘s not assisted or framed by the crime conglomerates experiments and manipulations).

The media betrays and brainwashes us on anything from massacres/wars (and who causes them) to nonsense about aliens, psychics and the paranormal; all of which are phoney events staged using high tech deception and actors.

Another set of lies revolves around the crime conglomerates various money making/control operations. Take, for instance, pharmaceutical products which control or discredit certain sectors of the community. Some of the diseases they‘ve invented (or caused) to do this include ADD, AIDS, ALZHEIMERS, SCHIZOPHRENIA and various —imported“ flus. Many of the victims are experimental targets for the mad scientists of the New World Order, others are just pawns. EG 1 AIDS. This is used for genocide (eg Africa), vilification (eg Gays), social control (eg sex) and more. Who gains from that? Ask yourself why San Francisco‘s gay community was offered free Hep B shots at about the same time that AIDS was surfacing… and everyone that took advantage of this deal died… of AIDS. EG 2 PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA. This has been used by agency connected people to discredit, frighten and control whistleblowers for eons. Criminals will naturally defend themselves by calling their accusers mad but the brainwashing of the public with half truths about some victims who went off the rails has made this lie a powerful tool for oppression. So ask yourself why an absurdly high percentage of prisoners in N.S.W. jails are listed by prison psychiatrists as schizo‘ because they‘re hearing voices. It‘s actually caused by a widespread experimental programme employing neurophones designed to study and silence criminals who —know too much“ about bigger criminals who roam free (eg a drug dealer who knows the —Mr Bigs“ of the drug world and is considering —squealing“). Also isn‘t it an interesting coincidence that the average duration of such torments is 15 years; exactly the period psychiatrists are educated to believe that the condition exists. What they‘re not taught is that agencies/criminals use neurophones etc AND that the very term the psychiatrists rely on for their primary source of income was, in fact, invented by spy agency psychiatrists. Again, think. Some victims may go mad, some may be bad but all are targets of the crime conglomerate for one reason or another. Yet no one thinks to ask their history lest they see the reasons for the targeting. EG 3 ADD. This is probably the best understood example; one which most people immediately recognise as a cover. It‘s a cover for poor parenting, inept teaching, dangerous food additives and so on. It‘s a sick excuse for pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists to intervene and take control/money from the source of a childs misery. Based on the checklist for ADD all kids have it. What a joke.

George Orwell said that —In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act“ and those of us who have been branded by powerful criminals as —dangerously honest“ know just what he meant. In particular, todays political and media entities operate in a thoroughly corrupt moral vacuum wherein they‘re sent into a tailspin of mirthful denial (and criminal defences) when faced with ANY truths that they don‘t want to deal with. Good at talking about what is right, they are happy to cover for themselves and their —associates“. The same can be said for most senior religious and community leaders who participate in corrupt activity. Today, just as it was when Christ was crucified for speaking the truth, criticism of criminals in high places can lead to persecution and death.

So, anyone advocating the truth (in all things) will be treated as a pariah by our democratic —masters“ and the empires that they rule. The truth has, in fact, been systematically and almost totally annihilated. In its place we have propaganda, distraction and nonsense. One simple example is the movie, —The Da Vinci Code“. This was fed to the public with catch phrases like —Discover the truth“. The very heavy promotion of that story was clearly an attempt to somehow undermine Christianity in response to the focus placed on the Jewish leaders‘ role in the death of Christ, as portrayed in the earlier movie, —The Passion of The Christ“. That movie was attacked by —powerbrokers“ and —critics“ but proved to be hugely popular with audiences (the vast majority). Clearly with works like that, overreaction can spill over into lies and even criminal conduct. (The makers of the movie are currently being persecuted themselves). This is yet another example of God Almighty being attacked because of the almighty dollar. It makes you wonder if Christianity will one day rediscover a world of pain as people again hide from those who want the truth destroyed for fear of what it means for their criminal operations. Yet again, powerful minorities bully majorities into silence and so become the apparent majority —voice“. And when honest people reject them and their lies they‘ll twist that into some sort of threat and maintain that they need to be watched (and tortured). This is clearly how their criminal minds work.

No one should ever victimise minorities, be they black or white, Jew or Christian, short or tall… whatever, and especially not in a criminal fashion. Instead every honest voice should be heard so that people can decide for themselves. However, those secretly plotting ecocide, genocide and ethnic cleansing, wealth concentration through collusion, theft, deception or any other form of criminal conduct have the worst in them drawn out when they are confronted with the truth. As a result it is often the case that the best on offer, from whatever race, creed etc is discarded completely to hide the crimes of the monsters who secretly prey on society. The best? This could mean people, ideas, views… whatever —they“ want to destroy. And it‘s all done while their front men smile —nicely“ at us talking —nicely“ about forgiving and forgetting. Normally to forgive and forget would be fine but in the face of a total lack of contrition and systematic, wilful, widespread criminal conduct that would not only be foolish but cowardly. No one has the right to commit crime and no one should give in to it or allow it. The perpetrators belong behind bars.

Yet again, computer technology supplies the preferred methods of arranging many things: accidents, disappearances, framings, discrediting, harassment and more. These things happen to those who know the truth. The rest of the population is controlled only because of their lack of knowledge of that truth. The problem is that —Big Brother“ prevents those who know from telling too many people and he is far more malevolent than the glorified peep show —Big Brother“ shown on TV. That show‘s main purpose is to get people to accept a lack of privacy before the true extent of the surveillance society becomes public knowledge. The real Big Brother is the enemy of the people, the enemy of the truth, the enemy of God. And God alone could help us if the biblical revelation about people carrying the mark of the beast (at the end of time) to even buy or sell somehow refers to compulsory implants orchestrated by a future world government (A 6ig 6rother 6ank perhaps?)

For most people the word —computer“ conjures up just a few simple fears; the fear of change, the fear of unemployment, the sci fi nightmare of robots running amok and so on. The full truth is that available computer technology can already do many things. It can already cause earthquakes, hurricanes and lightning strikes using satellite or grand-based facilities like DARPA projects; eg the HAARP antenna farm in Alaska. Directed energy weapons can also (via laser) target any individuals organs, senses or brain function and inflict horrific injuries on targeted persons as well as destroying property. Also psychotronic weapons exist which can deliver brain violence; stalking, harassing and raping people psychologically. The monitoring of brain waves using satellite scanners and the feeding of the results to grand-based super computers allows brainwave vocabulary software to interpret thoughts precisely. These computers are located in places like the CIA‘s Langley Research Centre, Richmond, Virginia and the NSA/military/base at Fort Meade, Maryland. The gathered thoughts can be categorised, studied and fed back (via neurophone and media harassment) to neutralise targets, emotionally and psychologically. Memories, dreams, reactions and personalities can also be studied, removed and downloaded for long term computer records, robotics or clone brainwashing. Amazingly some wealthy people actually want the contents of their brains downloaded for posterity and they‘ll pay to have it done. The egotism, ignorance and criminality here is difficult to accept, on any level. On top of all this, thought influence/control is now possible not only through the propaganda and brainwashing of the mass media but also through the abuse of equipment like the computer-based technologies herein mentioned. The targets are the experiments upon which these methods have been (and will be) researched. Voice/thought transferred instruction can also be directed at robots or clones. In fact most things are possible including controlling peoples performances remotely (to fix sporting results, cause accidents and so on) and subliminally influencing their opinions (to skew election votes etc).

Further to the —anything‘s possible“ claim, they can also camouflage, move or levitate objects (and people) making for more deceptive scenarios. One example is approximate invisibility; where technologies are employed to bend light around objects and/or cloaks or screens are projected onto the object using powerful video projectors etc. Another example is where objects float in the sky then apparently fly off quickly. It‘s all possible just not publicised because the military slaps secrecy orders on anything worth using (as soon as it‘s invented) then they use it to deceive and abuse people. In fact, when you take a glimpse at the arsenal of experimental/perfected weapons secretly used against the citizenry it‘s easy to see how total chaos or total control could easily be orchestrated. Our apparently random world is actually very tightly controlled.

Meanwhile environmental, peace and disarmament activists, truth/privacy advocates, major whistleblowers and banned writers all suffer and die thanks to these technologies. That includes the carcinogenic and neuro-degenerative side effects of the constant exposure to the entertainment frequencies that are so cruelly used on them 24/7. Unfortunately Big Brother‘s conditioning and behaviour modification controls not only kill the truth but those presenting it…often slowly. They do not want people informed of their misuses of technology or their long term plans which include destroying certain cultures through hatred and war as well as the long term halving (or worse) of the worlds population.This then would leave the ruling classes to control all wealth and natural resources; marginalising the —have nots“ that survive.

Whilst many activities have their place in society some can also be used as diversions or controls. Anything that preoccupies peoples thoughts and focuses their attention on something other than important matters and truths can be used in this way… Consumerism, drugs, sex… anything that works (and makes money)… anything that —dumbs down“ the population. Meantime the computer crimes mentioned herein go on without detection. Examples of diversions include the following:-

(i) Celebrity fixation œ The whole celebrity circus thing is a cover for some of the biggest cons and betrayals in human history. People are fascinated by, and often put their misplaced trust in, egocentric public figures who have no real social conscience. It couldn‘t be worse if mind controlled clones or soulless androids had replaced all public figures and were directed from spook central to do whatever, right or wrong, because that‘s what they do; whatever they‘re told. Entrained to worship celebrity, even to crave celebrity themselves, the general public are made oblivious to the fact that the 1,000 or so families which control the world, including the media, are members of the Illuminati, The Bilderberg club, etc. They actually use celebrities to channel opinions, control wealth and much, much more, all on their behalf.

(ii) Sex and drugs œ These are two of the more effective means of compromising integrity. It‘s all about control and money (in that order); control of public figures and the public. For instance, along with the money, time, access, adulation and pressure that comes with public figure status there is usually bargaining, compromise and control. E.g. The mere fact that many celebrities take advantage of underage groupies makes them guilty of paedophilia and therefore blackmailable yet few have ever been charged. Why? Because they do as they‘re told; they cooperate. Drugs in particular make people susceptible to corrupt suggestions and focus individuals on themselves to the point where they gradually care less and less about how their actions effect others. There wouldn‘t be many druggies or sex maniacs who weren‘t criminally minded. However, for every person in a —high“ place that‘s charged, 1000‘s are never even questioned. Add this to the mix, throw in association with computer assisted spies, certain —above the law“ powers and so on and you have a recipe for heinous, oppressive conduct which can be aimed at those opposing high level crime.

(iii) Religion œ Aside from marginalised extremist groups (which certainly capture the attention of their members) there are mainstream religions which can act as an opiate for the honest masses. To have us all just quietly pursuing our own salvation is ideal for —them“. They don‘t want people trying to stop evil. In fact, thinking about the many vital issues which the churches ignore for political reasons I‘m reminded of the old Edmund Burke saying regarding evil triumphing when men of goodwill do nothing. The founder of our Christian church, Jesus Christ, certainly criticised hypocrites and those enslaved by the love of money and he paid the price for doing so. However I seem to remember he instructed us to follow his lead. So why don‘t we?... Distractions? Fear? We should not be deterred by apathy or the fear of those who laugh at us for caring. They do this to silence us and hide their crimes without so much as a challenge to check their criminal progress.

Even in the western democracies any resistance to the mass media‘s manipulation of community standards and views can meet with brutal victimisation. Yet often the popular views publicly professed by celebrities are at odds with their own lifestyles. Fair, non-partisan exchanges of views are discouraged as are those who would suggest such a thing. So, what we get instead is anything but genuine. Any discussion that will lead to criticism of powerful criminals is stymied. Even the churches will not foster such criticism being beholden to wealthy —businessmen“ and MP‘s for grants, favourable media presentation etc. Again, as with state police who are instructed to focus on the proverbial droppers of bubble gum wrappers whilst corporate criminals and murderers roam free, the spy agencies focus on silencing honest people leaving them with no resources to deal with the terrorists/criminals that they actually want to use rather than stop. In other words, our limited law enforcement resources are deliberately misallocated.

Basically not enough has been done because not enough people know and those that do know are either oppressed victims or victimisers. However, there are numerous activists who‘ve written articles, prepared websites and attempted to launch public awareness campaigns. Unfortunately most efforts have been thwarted by military/agency/corporate criminals. Nonetheless, some important moves have been made. These include the following:-

(A) The UN body UNIDIR (The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research) has officially called for the removal of all weapons for human manipulation and listed them as weapons of mass destruction. This was the result of the work of people like Lynn Surgalla (ex vice president of the US Psychotronics Association), Dr Nick Begich and US politician Dennis Kucinich. They presented a wealth of information (including this writers website) to convince the UN representatives of the abuses of the technology. They then had UNIDIR deliberate on the matter. They issued the UNIDIR media guide to disarmament in Geneva, 2002 etc.

(B) The European Parliament has passed a resolution (The Resolution of the Environment, Security and Foreign Policy A4 œ 005/99, JAN 28 TH, 1999)
which calls for a worldwide ban on all weapons for human manipulation.

(C) The Space Preservation Act of 2001 (HR 2977) was a bill introduced in the US by Dennis Kucinich. It referred to —mood management“ and —psychotronic weapons“ but these terms were forced out of the bill before the US congress would even consider it. This was a similar result to the earlier efforts of former astronaut, Sen John Glenn, who also tried valiantly to have these important issues addressed.

(D) The US state of Michigan has banned the use of electromagnetic weapons but enforcing such laws, especially where the government/corporate crime conglomerate is concerned, is another matter.

The most annoying thing about all of this is that the complicit media is happy to keep all of this confidential to protect the illegal activities of its associates. The aforementioned organisations have issued official reports, press releases and more yet they‘ve been totally ignored; to prevent a public outcry. So these crimes take place with the full knowledge and approval of the same people we‘re told to trust for our information. On top of that, many of the authorities on these matters (scientists, spies etc) have been killed, debilitated, institutionalised or otherwise silenced. And of all the public figures I‘ve encountered over the years my proverbial Diogenes lamp has found only a few honest and brave enough to try to do something. One was B-grade movie maker David Sanderson who called to offer to make a serious documentary about all of this. However, he and those he‘d lined up to help were all threatened so the project died. He even had a glass panel from his front door blow out and land at his feet as he explained this to me. Others I made contact with were also warned off.

Because of this sort of thing only non authoritative, yet concerned, citizens remain to spread the word. The criminal empire then taunts us with nonsense about being —out of your depth“ or —in over your heads“ in transparent efforts to discourage us from pursuing our cause. But it‘s clear that the deeper waters are shark infested and no shark is going to warn the fish so it‘s up to us. And a band aid approach won‘t heal a shark bite. It‘s a constant battle as criminals are hell bent on keeping people uninformed and disempowered so they can do as they please. Again, —get over it“ and —that‘s life“ type taunts from these criminals only firm our resolve, our determination, to fight this to the end. It‘s all totally indefensible. There can be no excuse.

Thanks to high powered computers that can process over 280 trillion calculations per second, the DIA, NSA,CIA, NRO, NGIA and their —associates“ around the world have the capacity to do the following:-

(i) To monitor all telecommunications, conversations, actions and brain

(ii) To collect, collate, cross reference, analyse and disperse an almost infinite array of information; giving them all but limitless power over our lives.

(iii) To lock onto, track and terrorise anyone, anywhere, anytime using unpublished weaponry that does not require trespass or transmitters. People can be tracked, monitored and entrained courtesy of their own brainwave fingerprints as each of us has a different bio electronic resonance frequency.

(iv) To control the weather, earthquakes, fires, floods and more as they so desire.

Don‘t forget that these technologies can effectively stop all wars, terrorism and crime, reducing worldwide suffering, but —they“ don‘t want that. So, instead of saying —we know exactly where Osama Bin Laden is“ they use him as a bogeyman; instead of saying —we know what Martin Bryant is about to do and we will stop him“ they provoke/dupe him into committing a mass murder (or frame him for it); instead of saying —we can predict and diffuse that hurricane/earthquake—they‘re more likely to cause it. It all creates a sense of randomness and chaos which isn‘t necessary, forcing us to look to the perpetrators (the military/agency/corporate crime conglomerate) for help and direction. We‘re just flies in a spider‘s web.

The covers for many, many scenarios include media misinformation promoting beliefs so far removed from the truth that it‘d take repeated reinforcement to get that truth across to most people. Some covers are for entrainment, some purely entertainment. Regardless of whether it‘s about mediums, missing persons or military bad guys the lies are all a very cynical betrayal of our trust. The culprits also effectively delude themselves, believing their own covers while preoccupying themselves with their own lives/careers at our expense. Like the original Nazis they really do believe they are superior beings who can do as they please but they do it covertly to avoid a democratic backlash and certain imprisonment.

Because the spy agencies and criminal networks infiltrate and permeate the more influential sections of society it‘s extremely difficult to combat high tech crime or anything else that they arrange. That is, the very people we should be able to count on (politicians, journalists, captains of industry, senior beurocrats and law enforcers) are the last ones you can count on and, in effect, they often actively harass and discredit those of us who try to make a difference on the issues in question. I remember years ago applying to work for ASIO (out of curiosity) and walking out on the final interview when asked if I was prepared to do anything I was told to do, without question. Unfortunately too many in the military, police, media, politics, business and more are confronted with the same moral dilemma and fail the test. They‘re merely accomplices to the major criminals, who use and direct them. —It‘s my job“ is a pathetic excuse.

Also of particular concern is the fact that experts/scientists who‘ve actively opposed the development and use of weapons for human manipulation have mostly been killed or otherwise neutralised. This leaves few authority figures to highlight the human rights abuses involved. The quasi experts, (like myself) who try to fill the void battle a wall of silence and are subjected to harassment, —ethic“ cleansing (we‘re being —bred out“) and clandestine computer attacks. We‘re prepared to stand up and tell the world but the only effective way would be through the media so it‘s pointless as the message would be blocked, clouded, misrepresented or lost; and at our expense.

So, thanks to the criminal conglomerates control of the mainstream media the relevant computer advances have escaped scrutiny and ethical discussion even to the extent afforded less significant breakthroughs like cloning, surrogate births and brainstem research. Therefore, people do not realise that they have no privacy and that democracy is merely a smokescreen for the new Reich. They know and comprehend that aircraft, even spacecraft, can defy gravity, they realise that modern imaging technology can produce instant pictorial records, they appreciate some of what lasers and microwaves and radiowaves can do but they have no idea that there have been countless other advances secreted by the military etc. For example, people know that telecommunications can be sent/broadcast from one corner of the globe to another and even into outer space but for the best part of half a century it‘s also been possible to use lasers to piggyback sound and transmit material (audibly or subliminally) directly into an individuals brain. It‘s now also possible to receive their thoughts in return; via satellite. The general population also have no idea that, aside from weapons for human manipulation/control, there are directed energy weapons that can move/lift objects, inflict horrific injuries, cause illness or death or affect, if not totally control, mother nature herself.

So, again, it‘s not just about collecting personal data or invasions of personal privacy. The New World Order is a sinister, computer-driven force and if you don‘t tug the forelock and bend the knee in its presence it will crush you. Public figures sell their souls to it with a —who do we have to kill“ attitude that sees the rest of us betrayed if not harassed as well. However, this is not a situation that cannot be altered… It‘s not something to get used to, it‘s something to be fought; peacefully, legally but passionately. We may be up against it but we must try, even if we‘re only laying the foundation for more successful efforts by those who follow. We‘re talking here about heinous crimes and only the guilty would find it amusing yet derision is one of their main defences. It‘s as if they really do believe that might is right and that anyone opposing them deserves to be punished/silenced for questioning their criminal activities. Finally, since the U.S. vice president has already (reportedly) repeated my sarcasm on the matter I feel compelled to write yet again that: future generations will, no doubt, sing glorious songs of praise to the memories and magnificent achievements of today‘s New World Order… or else?.. I don‘t think so.

For further information see
or contact PAUL BAIRD

Yours in the search for openness and respect for universal human rights
John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627



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Comment by Denise Frew on August 26, 2013 at 11:35am

Dear John  yes they passed legislation all on mainland that cops can enter properties without is all happening....terrible times ahead....prepare and get out of cities.....pass on to all God Bless this stuff ahead is too big for us (people) to handle....

Comment by Lyn on August 26, 2013 at 5:16pm

Denise, do you know what new legislation is that?  That is really abuse of power.  Yes, that is terrible.  I have been fully aware that Aust gov is removing the rights of citizens little by little, not abrupt but subtle.  Just like it used to be that you could sue the "Crown", but since the time of JOhn H. (Liberal) , the gov has made it sure that we cannot anymore sue the "Crown".  Yes, you can file a lawsuit against the "Crown" here, but the judges or courts will dismiss any lawsuit against the "Crown" now.  Nobody wins any lawsuit now against the "Crown".  Although, if you would look or read all the legislations here, it says in the provisions, the Act binds the "Crown", but the  courts now do not follow the law or legislations.  There was a judge of one of the courts here who once said, "The law is not always right."  My former professor who was a practising lawyer once said, "The color of law is not white and black."  "It is brown".  The gov here is abolishing the civil rights of citizens little by little.  It is really scary to think that our civil rights are being abolished and the people are not even aware of it.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on August 26, 2013 at 7:04pm

I noticed the gentleman said he believes this is being accomplished by satellite tech, not aircraft stalking.

Comment by Denise Frew on August 26, 2013 at 7:33pm

Lyn, the  bill has already been passed and is  already existing in All states.....however  it hasn't been implemented in tasmania as yet ....It was in papers last week...Martial Law is passed here in Australia align with the  U.States...not looking at all good......did you receive my other are we being blocked???

Comment by Denise Frew on August 26, 2013 at 7:41pm

Funny thing is Al...on two occasions I had a black helicopter hovering over my place in Sydney one time I couldn't believe and call a friend who was a postman he worked in the vacinity asI called him and he wasn't working very far from me and observed it and yes definitely was over my place then flew back the way it came from ..SEcond was driving on highway I heard it had my sunroof and looked up it hovered over my car whilst driving then he turned back again the same way it came from....I couldn't work out whattheheck was going on....then I read so many others with the same experience and a girl in Sydney just out said she was harassed the same black helicopter ove her place when she was protesting about "Chemtrails"  and read it in a book of another womans I can back him up there goodness knows what is going on....

Comment by David ofTomorrow on August 27, 2013 at 4:31am

Denise, I have airplanes and helicopters over my house all the time. Every couple of minutes I hear one. And ,yes I have had choppers who seemed to hover overhead. What we need to recognize is that these are coincidences. If you think your theory is indeed correct, can you explain it in full? with all the details and such. Because to me, it is just coincidence. And again ,the esteemed Paul Baird's theory is that it is sattelite based, which to me makes more sense. see,

Carrhin Beeh. There are alot of black helicopters in this world. WE cant blame every black helicopter on the perps just because it is black, and it is flying over head. 

Comment by Annie on August 27, 2013 at 4:39am

Thanks for sharing great info John/Paul Baird!

Comment by Monica Rey on August 27, 2013 at 7:24am
Thanks John, Paul Baird ...very much.
Comment by Denise Frew on August 27, 2013 at 3:07pm

Lyn and Sue I have left messages a few times concern is that they have stopped our communication blocking all areas.....please can you respond and let me know if that is the case or if there is a legit reason....if this is the case this is criminal actions what they are doing. to us...look forward hearing from you if you receive this message....take care

Comment by Lyn on August 27, 2013 at 3:37pm

Hello Denise, I am in the library now using the computer.  .  This is a public computer.  I am receiving a dialog box that my information could be seen by others.  I will write to you in your private email or message when I get home using my computer.


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