Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Female territoriality is insane, if you are challenged in any medium is no war. We become beasts to die fighting the enemy.
I am a victim of electronic harassment.
For more than four years ago a group of women talking directly to my head with psychotronic, are trying to absorb my attention constantly with his pensamiento.Ya is not to connect me to defeat humanity, is that what they do is deprive me of my own conscience, my beliefs based on experiences of my own emotions is a struggle to do something for myself to normalize my life and be like the rest personas.Estoy reflections by terrorizing me realmente.Ya is not controlling my physical and I believe my viscera migraines or used for research, is that I'm being forced to address them as women and that creates me a fEMALE WAR state that men can not even imagine.
Female territoriality is insane, if you are challenged in any medium is no war. And my are forcing me to think about things that never gave me the desire to think, as the defeat as a woman to life, and self-pity ... So there will be no war and war. The lot of women is untouchable because it is ours. Whether it's emotional, intellectual, human, the cave of ignorance, whatever ... if anyone dares get in our circle of security we charge.
Everyone knows how we are women, we feel not obey anyone ... but much less to another mujer.Y everyone knows that when a woman takes it into his head to do something for a reason not cease never until I get the obgetivo.
Now please think of a time in my person, I am very stubborn Taurus, I'll pinion to get answers and get obgetivos. Ladies astral, which aim to immerse myself in a world between pink and destructively negro..El depressingly horror.
They are using the field with psychotronic mind that directs sound to the head to educate people and create ideas that had no reality, with simple IMPRIMACION cognitive system PSYCHIC cognitive system, a drift of ideas with emotions of a glass another ... to create a society with certain suitable ideas. As Argentines say all this to my shits me! because I am guided by logic alone inspire me healthy and true emotions even if they have a destructive logic.
Imagine cocoa there is in the whole country, Spain, with nationalist hatred, racism, barça-madrid, misogyny, etc ... People are confused mentally and just needs to express the tension that is in and it is not known exactly how occurred.
We create stress with electroacoustic sound that irritates us and make an accumulation of stress and urge us with crazy ideas to believe things that make no sense.
There is an entire infrastructure of people who believe that religion and spirituality is transmitted palabras.Esas people are transmitting religious words alone are transmitting personal things that neither they know exist in their mind.
Do we hear psychically tell us what words we hear just emotional states and what is stored in the consciousness of psychic rapist, which can be any stupidity like this that good cheese! and I am so happy to kiss the blonde ... And from those emotions realities are created ...
There are a battalion of stressed and questionable features about obtaining their titles therapists, who are advising us from the astral with psychotronic how we think and make decisions ...
Imagine a stubbornness licenciadita woman with an enormous haughtiness for who is willing to implement parallel professionally emotions regarding algo..HORRIBLE theirs, to use any emotional or virtual resource, such as the use of bioresonance quantified to teleport ghost Perceptual skills which impress feeling to accept the idea that she wants ... enterao of what the psychotronic porquees urgent that we all know.

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Comment by David ofTomorrow on October 30, 2014 at 5:18am

Maria, i appreciate your point of view. The robbery of our rights is horrendous. 


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