Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Galina Kurdina's letter to the media - spread it around everywhere you can

Dear Sir/Madam,


We want to inform you that there are individuals in Canada and around the world, victims of mass destruction Psychotronic (Mind and Body Control) Weapons, who are being targeted unjustly or used as human subjects in experiments without their informed consent. These victims of mind/body control detail the most extreme and totalitarian violations of human rights in human history. Criminals may implant people with microchips or nanomaterials and place them under continuous surveillance. They monitor the human brain, continuously alter consciousness and behavior, directly assaulting and torturing mind and bodies of the human subjects.


These are some of the symptoms that targeted individuals may experience:

 1). Voices in their heads and torture with intense, loud noise.

 2). Visual distortions and hallucinations, artificial dreams.

 3). Manipulation of human behavior: forced speech, involuntary body movements, induced actions.

 4). Induced thoughts, reading thoughts remotely, retrieving memories.

 5). Manipulation of will, emotions, feelings, and sensations.

 6). Debilitation of mental acuity: inability to concentrate, disruption of ability to think rationally and independently.

 7). Loss of memory and knowledge.

 8). Inadequate states, which targeted individuals have never experienced before (states of narcotic intoxication, depression, obsessive desires and so on).

  9). Control of sleep patterns: sleep deprivation or uncontrollable sleep

10). Cramps, seizures and spasms

11). Excruciating artificial pain in any part of the body and other serious medical conditions.


Talented and hard-working people are chosen to be guinea pigs in experiments with programming of human behavior and physiology. The perpetrators carry out experiments on targeted individuals, their children, and grandchildren, following them for periods that span decades. Whole families are destroyed. Psychotronic weapons are used to terrorize people morally, physically and financially, furthermore, they can transform normal people into alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, thieves, and even killers, since mind control results in zombification, or mental impairment, of human beings. A person takes the messages, implanted subliminally in his mind by “operators” (criminals, who manipulate victims), as his own and carries them out, for example, carries out orders to commit crimes. The perpetrators operate from remote, unseen locations and commit crimes by means of manipulated targeted individuals. The perpetrators themselves stay inaccessible and unpunished.


Victims of mind control may acquire many diseases as a result of Psychotronic weapon attacks, such as: heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other fatal diseases. Some victims are subject to harassment and organized stalking in their communities. Some victims receive false psychiatric diagnosis and in addition become victims of the system from which they are seeking help (medical institutions, as well as law enforcement).


This neuro experimentation on innocent civilian people is real nowadays. Military organizations, medical and pharmaceutical corporations, IT companies, universities may use these experiments to develop their technologies. These experiments may be used in “scientific” research of various types, such as influence of different kinds of electromagnetic radiation, chemical and biological substances, computer technologies on the psyche, physiology, genetics, and reserve capabilities of human beings. The MK-Ultra behavior modification experiments, carried out in Montreal, are well known to the world. There are at least two institutes for bio diagnostics in Canada (in Manitoba and Nova Scotia) that carry out experiments on two-way brain-computer interface (human brain can influence computers, and vice versa, computer programs can effect and manipulate human brain).


Victims of Psychotronic (mind control) weapons have contacted Canadian Courts, RCMP, police, Security/Intelligence Agencies and other Government institutions over and over and over again, but have had their appeals for assistance and protection completely ignored or suppressed, and all lawsuits dismissed. The government “doing nothing” in this situation is a form of sanctioning these horrendous, fascist mind control experiments on innocent and defenseless people.  That is why the Canadian Government is responsible for these crimes. The government of Canada must uphold the rule of National, International and Human Rights Law and protect Canadian citizens by these laws. Instead, we see the huge disconnect between its professed principles and values and the reality. Ordinary people do not need these weapon of mass destruction. If the Canadian Government needs it, it can carry out its testing and debugging on themselves, their relatives and loved ones. If the criminal elite need it, let them test it on themselves as well.


The misuse of such brain and body manipulation technology directly undermines the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, therefore victims of mind control request that you start an independent journalist investigation to get to the bottom of these gross violations of human rights based upon the evidence collected by victims for many years. Goals of the investigation should include:

· End of misuse of the mind control technologies

· Compensation of involuntary human subjects for their damages

· Removal of any materials implanted in human subjects, such as microchips or nanomaterials that send signals to their mind and bodies

· People responsible for these crimes should be exposed and brought to justice for these unspeakable crimes against humanity.


It is our responsibility to record and alert the world to these horrendous crimes and the extreme danger that these technologies pose to democracy, human rights, privacy, mental and physical freedom, health of all people. These are the most terrifying weapons and crimes imaginable, and the people, using them, are mass-murdering conspirators, pursuing fascist, totalitarian, fundamentalist schemes.


Doctor Joseph Mengele and other Nazis, who started developing these techniques in concentration camps during World War II, were brought to North America from Europe after the war to continue their atrocities. MK-Ultra was the first of these illegal and immoral experiments with unwilling victims, we are the latest victims. THIS MUST STOP.  We ask only that our human rights are respected, and your investigation gets to the bottom of this most serious matter based upon the evidence collected, intercepted, and compiled by victims for many years.


Please, help us to get this torture, abuse and experimentation stopped URGENTLY!


Yours in the search for openness and respect for human rights

Galina Kurdina,

Mail: Unit 601, 50 Tuxedo Court, Scarborough, ON, Canada, M1G 3S8, Phone: (647) 343-0716. Mobile phone: (416) 529-8684


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Comment by Sally on December 1, 2016 at 3:08pm

This is such a precise and accurate explanation of what we endure.

Comment by Wayne Morin Jr on December 1, 2016 at 9:49pm

So very true I will be using a lot of the above written article in a new petition I will be releasing with my new commercial made to bring to light about our TI Community - I will keep PP updated as I proceed. Many well written paragraphs.
In Jesus Christ Services
PS I will @ and ask Galina if its ok to use sections first. 


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