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Gang Stalking, Domestic and International Terrorism in Malaysia



This information is never intended to be a threat to national security, only a threat to Domestic Terrorists and TERRORISM.


Name:  Kok Fook Seen


Date: 27 June, 2012, 8:00 a.m.

Presently I am a victim of gang stalking for three years encounting. I do not wish to relate my experiences at the moment but to spread and let the public knows of its existence. Normally gang stalking is operated by members of their community to prevent crime. But what I have uncovered so far is all about politics, involving government interlink departments as well as between inter governments. The main purpose of these coverage are:

  • Public awareness through open press conference, publication and broadcasting media channels
  • Past and present victims are in a better position of understanding of what is happening to themselves
  • Gather statistics and called for special international royal investigation and inquiry if required.

Gang stalking

Generally, there are two types of gang stalking, individual and commercial.

Individual Gang Stalking

Individual gang stalking are targeted at victims that is a threat towards their members or interests.


Commercial Gang Stalking

Commercial gang stalking is of a more political nature targeting unsuspected businessmen whom mainly supported the opposition front. There might be other reasons until being investigated.

Modus Operandi, Equipments and Weapons

Surveillance of areas or housing estates, monitoring residents movements and their daily habits,  eavesdropping, phone tapping, fax tapping (Data tapping), Email, web hacking, other web related activities, compile or gather information such as friends, contacts, finances thru bank transactions and business operations, any other private and confidential information that might be useful to them where applicable.

With all these information on hand, it is convenient for them to perform their invisible and silent (covert) dirty acts toward the victims without any suspicious or evidence and deniability of its existence. Electronic equipments like eavesdropping, phone and data tapping, other more sophisticated and high tech equipments Direct Energy Weapons (DEWs). DEWs such as laser guns, infra red guns, microwave guns, low level X-Ray guns that can see through walls, sound wave guns to falsify victim’s mental judgements, making the victim think that he is hearing sounds in his head that was generated or emitted by these sound wave guns.

After sufficient information is obtained, their first objective is isolation.

Individual gang stalking operation.

A high ranking officer with social status will approach all the victim’s friends, contacts, employer, colleagues and even family members accusing the victim of something bad. Normally they will accuse the victim to be a spy of some sort of organizations or country. They will then advise them to stay away from the victim, as well as to gather more information about the victim to reconfirm their surveillance findings. Thrust and credentials begin to degrade upon the victim. And during this time, the attacks using DEWs starts. Once they have confidence of the isolation, the attacks gets stronger.

The second objective is finance weakening, eviction or evacuation and to occupy. The victim might resign from his job due to unnecessary pressure from the employer or the employer will apply fault finding tactics towards the victim’s work performance and be terminated, so that the employer will not be subjected to be a part of the victim’s investigation. Thus, weakening the victim’s finances gradually over time. When the victim finds a new job, the cycle is repeated all over again. Financial instability will force the victim to move out from his/her rented house or sell off his/her house asset and other available assets. They will then occupy the victim’s house if it is rented or purchase the victim’s assets all at a price below market value.



In the end, the victim is subjected to mental problems, i.e. seek psychiatric treatment and medication due to depression. In extreme cases, the victim might end up at the psychiatric hospital, and or suicidal. The attacks from these DEWs will expose and increase/enhance the victim risk from developing tumor or cancer growth cause by the excessive gamma rays. These attacks will continue until they are sure that the victim is no longer a threat to their interest and members or might continue until they are satisfied that their objectives are met. The beggar might be better off than the victim by this time. Slowly, silently killing the victim without raising any suspicions.

All this tactics employed and used against the victim is hard to prove of its existence. A silent invisible massive organized group of killers,  extreme dangerous and horrifying are at large out there, a threat to everybody and the society.

The following analysis of what I have gone through is a very interesting issue. The purpose to conduct such an operation is of political nature.

The persons moving into the former victim’s house are probably illegal immigrants i.e. Indonesians or Bangladeshis because of their religion which is Muslim. Non Muslims might also be applicable but until now, I haven’t come across any at the moment. These immigrants are rounded up by the Immigration Department or Police raids. The illegal immigrants are then offer employment by government link companies or government related companies. Since the illegal immigrants are under detention, no information is leak out. Those who decline will be deported. The remaining interested illegal immigrants will then be issued work permits and ICs later on to legalized their stay in the country and enabling them to vote for their employers during or in the election (presumably BN coalition). Location of employment and accommodation will then be designated.  Most probably or likely an opposition strong hold. A leader will then be assign to lead the group, monitor and contain the immigrants activities to prevent any untoward incidence to the local residents. If the immigrants are well fed, chances of them involve in crime activities is minimized.

Any immigrant who creates a problem for them will be then treated as an illegal, the I.C. declared as fake, confiscated and deported. If the immigrants interests are threaten by the local victim or resident that is where individual gang stalking operation starts, followed by the attacks.

In my case, I noticed the occupants of the house beside mine is always peeping and monitoring my movements. From the outside the house, the doors and windows are all fully shut, looks like nobody is inside, but in actual fact a lot of activities is happening inside. You can clearly hear somebody is cooking and the smell of the dishes that they are attending to. The houses here are all of prewar type, partitioning is by planks of wood in front (living) and using zinc at the back (dining). When I inspect the front section closely, I noticed peeping holes are purposely made to the wood planks. Covering of these are futile because new ones are made. You can hear sound cracks caused by the wood, like something or someone is climbing a ladder that is place on the partition wooden walls. You can also feel the movements of the house caused by it. Police reports are lodged, but no concrete action is taken. Since uncovering their activities, The attacks starts after their undercover is blown off. Now, let us come back to the present issue, my story later.

I noticed another issue that is the common availability of RM$2.50 / 20 sticks pack cigarettes which is only available at the Muslim Restaurants (Mamak stalls), is to cater to the lower income group of immigrants to minimize their daily financial burden.

Commercial gang stalking operation

This operation is also very interesting because of its political interests specifically targeted at opposition financial supporters. The method of tracing these businessmen is easy. During the election period. Individuals registered as a voter is assigned a serial number on the vote casting form. After the election closed, the voting slips are then scrutinized and those who vote for the opposition are then narrowed out with their particulars noted. They are furthered check for business involvement and narrowed down further. The approach and tactics used are almost identical except they rob and take over their businesses silently. Using DEWs on this group of victims is on a need to basis.  

Please take note the impact of these attacks, their finances and businesses are crippled and robbed, families broken and subjected to financial hardships and their daily livelihood is at stake and bear in mind, mostly isolated. The targeted victim also suffers the same effects and trauma of an individual gang stalking victim.

As mentioned earlier in the beginning, the main objective is public awareness, past and present victims whom have no idea what is happening to them are in a better position of understanding, gather statistics of victims and those whom have been approached by the person or persons from gang stalking and decide the next course of actions.

If I am a victim at present, you, your next of kin, family, relatives and friends could be their next future target. The purpose is not creating fear to the public but awareness from this kind of horrifying, silent and invisible attacks.


Who or what organization has the human resources, manpower, create networks and access to DEWs,  conduct this kind of covert terrorist acts? Who are involved? How long have they been in operation?  To what extend is their network coverage? Origin of those DEW weapons? Is it happening in other states as well? How many past and present victims are there?  The continuation of attacks on me is proof of their success, confidence and activities. Is there any or how many political organizations involved? These are all well organized and planned over a period of time, takes longer than a term in office as Head of Government (4 to 5 years).  Is this the true concept of 1 MALAYSIA? Please do not think this as an individual case, because that is what they want you to perceive.


The answer is :

-           public awareness through the cooperation from the press publication and media broadcasting

 -          gather statistics of past and present victims

Since the friends and contacts of the victims have been approached by the gang stalking group, their identities are already out in the open.

-           gather statistics of those whom have been approached these gang stalking members.

-           past and present victims will be able to understand what is happening to them, thus minimizing their mental stress and an avenue for them to lodge their complains.

The one and only way to get to the bottom of this fiction like nonsense.  I have also taken photographs of vehicles registration of the gang stalkers but is not reveal here for security reasons.

At this very moment, they are aware of this information and am in the process of covering up their tracks.  My life is in grave danger! Their attacks are primarily targeted at my mouth, head and other vital organs. Let’s take this opportunity to uncover their web of lies and deception, terrorism, silent harassment and or their attacks.

P/S : To the politicians and any interested parties concern. They will use any means to discredit me, so use your own judgements to justify your decision. If they have no up front information on my next course of actions will they have contacted you before me? Either way, their motive is to isolate and contain these issues from the public.

As for the press media, since they know of my actions and intentions, they will say it is a ploy by the politicians, an excuse and propaganda from the opposition to blow up the above matter out of proportion, further more since it is near election. They fear that through public awareness, they might be brought to JUSTICE.

I am not a member of any political parties.

And only through press publication and media broadcasting, statistics and feedback will be available, decision can then be made on the next course of actions. At this moment they are mounting the largest operation to protect their DOMESTIC TERRORISM activities in the history. Either way, their motive is to isolate and contain these issues from the public.

All the information was completed on 28 June, 2012, 3:57 pm. It is not a back dated nor brought forward dated copy.

To be read in conjunction with Mahatir's son Blog, Mazhar Mahatir. Mahatir’s son commenting on the above subject. This group has expanded to the international level, most probably closely link to some other advance country (Russia) as mentioned by Mahatir’s son. Is it true in what is reflected in his blog? Any other countries involved?

A victim whom is a former aide (Ross Boyert) to the now Sarawak Chief Minister is found dead, debt ridden and his credentials totally destroyed in the United States. The modus operandi from both sides, here in Malaysia and over there is likely identical, to isolate and contain.

For further information, below are some of the links that I have compiled.

Can this be classified as DOMESTIC TERRORISM or INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM, for the time being, pending the outcome of the feedback statistics and further investigation.

Please redistribute this info to your friends, relatives and others for their well being from being targeted as the next victim.

Please relay this information to the following below due to denied accessibility:-

United Nations Security Council

United Nations Human Rights Council



 Mahatir's Son Web Page


 Same Modus Operandi in US as well as in Malaysia, to isolate, contain and attack.

Mahatir’s Son Web Page

US citizen, a victim of Malaysian Terrorism

An Assessment of Non-Lethal Weapons Science and Tech (2003)).pdf (DEW)

5 real-life weapons (DEW)

See-through-wall (DEWS)

Laser Gun (DEWs)

Gangstalking Journal

Gang Stalking in Malaysia

Gang Rule In Sarawak

Gang Stalking and Dews

For further information, type “gang stalking” or “types of guns that emits pulse of lights that penetrate walls” on the search bar in any www search programs.

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