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Hi, hoping to get a discussion going about email encryption, as ive not seen much talk of security precautions with people exchanging emails and phone numbers. Have browsed a few basic guides showing alotof options but assuming most people new to it, myself included prefer something with the least setup requirements, preferably minus the special passwords, have checked one out called Sendinc which has no setup requirements and very easy to use, others of a similar nature would be Hushmail and Jumbleme

These are web based encryption email providers, keeping all traffic within their own servers. With Sendinc users create a free account using their regular email address, emails are sent as notification keys to recipents regular email address, and the recipient just needs to log in to their own Sendinc account (or create one upon getting the notification) to access it. However its not so safe sending notification key emails to people who've yet to create an account cause perps whove hacked their email could beat them to the punch creating their own login passwords which is all thats necessary to create the account, so recommended to have recipients sign up before hand. 


Other things to keep in mind with Sendinc's free account are that they only keep emails 7 days, dont show recieved emails in the sites interface, only accessable via the notification key email, and to keep a copy of a recieved email need to download it to pdf. Also for some reason sent emails arent accessible to view later, theyre listed on the sites interface, but only show recipient and date, no content. Its a very minimalist service


Btw a somewhat useful way to check if others have logged into your gmail is checking the activity logs which show the last 10 IPs and times of access, but this feature also seems to automatically recheck once an hour if remained logged in all the time. Its at the bottom right of any gmail page where its got "Last account activity: xx minutes/hours/etc ago" and "Details" underneath

Anyway, curious to know what others have tried or think look good. Spotted Sendinc on howtogeek and noticed it also recommended by one of the contributing editors of Pcworld herehere, and here


And on a side note about webmail encryption addon/extensions, noticed most/all peacepink users whove linked to email use gmail, and howtogeek and makeuseof articles refer to a popular chrome extensions called "safegmail" but it doesnt appear to be available anymore, have seen another called "securegmail" which looks the same, but if going for webmail addon/extensions, the main recommendations at makeuseof looks to offer better solutions, except for Firefox users, Penango's current v2.4.3 isnt compatible with Firefox 2.2.0, so if thats upto date, keep an eye on this page to findout if it gets sorted with 2.4.4. Wanted to see if using that along with Comodo's "secure email certificate" would allow me to send regular unencrypted email from gmail with the added feature of the certificate proving itd come from my computer, without requiring recipients to install anything

Ps: theres also a couple of articles about creating better passwords here and here 


thanks for the likes :)

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