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Gilmar Vicentini walk from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Gilmar Vicentini walk from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

As many of you know, on Sunday morning, October 2, (and yes this is historical for our community), Gilmar left his apartment in Las Vegas heading out on foot for the Brazilian Consulate in Los Angeles hoping to raise awareness of our plight along the way. At this time he's starting to enter the Mojave Desert after having left a town called Primm, Nevada a while back, which is at the Nevada/California border.


We are hoping that some TI's in the area would be able to greet him if just for a short time. It would really mean a lot. Hopefully someone who could make sure he had water and other refreshments for the journey. What would really be great is someone with a camcorder who could interview him and upload the video to YouTube or facebook.


Generally, he's very happy and carefree, although when he gets to some of the towns along the way, there is stalking activity. Earlier today, he had planned to go by this one store he knew about to have them make him some signs. But when he got there, the guy told him he couldn't make them for him because some people were causing trouble for him. So Gilmar went on and made do with what he had.


He was also stopped by a few pairs of Highway Patrol officers, including one group who questioned him and almost kept him from entering the Mojave. They finally saw that he was a peaceful person and let him continue on his way.


The last group that stopped him didn't give him a lot of trouble, though, particularly after he showed them his sign which reads "STOP Electronic Harassment!" He explained "I'm on a peaceful journey. You can call me crazy or whatever and I know that you know what this is." The officers looked at each other and smiled. Then they told him "you are a very strong man. Continue on your way. We'll radio ahead and tell the others not to bother you." So he's on his way again. Not even to be deterred by the torrential rain he's experiencing at the moment.


If there happen to be any TI's in the vicinity - Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Barstow, Victorville - feel free to call him or come by. The extra lift and support would mean a lot.


Gilmar Vicentini




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Comment by Soleilmavis on October 21, 2011 at 3:12pm

TI Participation at Occupy Oakland and Safety Summit

Peter Rosenholm

I was there for the Safty Committee meeting in Oakland California. Ken Rhoades helped me get out here because of the many events taking place. One reason I was there was to meet Jesse. He scanned me and we taped it at the lunch break. The scanner went off on the left and right sides of my head. The frequencies were then measured at 99.4 on the right side and 94.3 on the left. I believe it was in KHz but I will double check.
I recorded video of the mornings meeting where there were about 4 TI's counting Jesse and I. Police and the mayor mostly spoke of crime there. After that we went across the street to do and video the scan for implants. When done Jesse and I left, I was set on crossing the bay over to San Fransisco.
I met Elizabeth Adams and can see there is no quitting in her. Once I got settled in a hotel I went up to the, "Occupy Wall Street", after a 3000 man march. It was also the International day for, "Occupy Wall street day". I spoke to participants about the "Mind Control", taking place. There was a good crowd and I took video. Up the street was an occupation beneath banks that were skyscrapers. It is amazing to look at these massive buildings and know that so many are loosing their homes to them. There I took a number of photos of the protest signs and the occupation participants.
Earlier in the week I met with Gilmar and Sandy in the foothills near Los Angeles. Gilmar and Sandy are to walk across the country after already walking from Las Vegas to LA and visiting the Brazilian Embassy about his targeting. Sandy is actually support and driving a Jeep.
I Interviewed Gilmar and Sandy on video and will be putting these up on You tube when I learn how and how to edit them. We did it at night with the valley lit up for a hundred miles. It has been a busy 8 days but I can see things are happening.
It was nice to see some west coast TI's and Jesse has now been on the International call for TI's using Skype. I wanted someone from the west coast to participate. Jesse actually isn't the first Yana a Russian American TI has been on the call and has helped us lean about the Russian TI's who are believed to number 3 million. We TIs are now circling the globe with this call to the edges of the Pacific Ocean.. Japan, China and New Zealand on the other side and California on this side. At this point I don't know of any TIs in Mexico , Central America, or South America. If there are any we will need to at representatives.
I was surprised to see signed on the, "We The People", petition that one signer is from Hawaii and 4 other signers are from my small town in Rhode Island. It shows me that there is more activity in my small town than I had thought. I also don't know any of these people. They appear to be Asian Americans. I suggest other TIs look at the petition signers to see if there are others in there area.


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