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HAARP Facility Shuts Down 07/15/2013

HAARP Facility Shuts Down

Origenal Page Soarce

Yea HAARP is gone which supports my idea that V2K is being done outside the house

or from a neighbors house. Watch out for radar guns. At close range hidden under a coat.

They have a radar speed gun that looks like a cell phone. Each shot at close range is the

equivalent of 250 X Rays. Having the same habits, same stores is an easy way to set you up.

You can be shot while your sleeping through the window. Cancer danger is very high.

When they say Prison Planet they do not lie.

Many have complained about parasites going wild, radiation can do this. I have seen several

of my perp's wearing zink oxide to protect them selfs. The book cancer is a fungus. I truly believe this and the underlying cause for cancer is Candida albicans. Knowing your enemy's name and habits. Natural Anti Fungal's

Coconut oil, Palm Oil and others are very helpful. The parasites are greatly affected EMF AND LMF.

Weak magnetic fields will make parasites go carcinogenic/Cancerous. Try reduce your Electromagnetic signature.  An AM Radio tuned off freq can be use to hear leaking RF.  Turn Wifi off go wired keep the cell

phone away from you. Make sure your house power is properly grounded. 

Good Luck to all the perps.    J     :)

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Comment by Jon Smith on July 30, 2013 at 5:38pm

LoL Did U get the right vid here here is one of my Fav's Obama

HAARP is gone !  I cost 300k a day to run that failure.

AK residents are PO'ed at the lost revenue. They will live.

Later J

Comment by David ofTomorrow on July 31, 2013 at 4:12am

There are many HAARP-like facilities around the world- . Also, There is some evidence that this is being accomplished by Satelite without HAARP. The idea that this is being accomplished by hand held weapons is not substantiated by the evidence. Many TIs have been in in Airplanes and out on the sea and still get harrassment.


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