Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

HAS YOUR INCOME DROPPED since you've become a target?

Since it appears to me that social isolation is the primary goal of those being targeted, please advise others how you've been affected.  

Do you live alone or with your spouse and/or other family members?  How has your health been affected and/or the health of any other family member (should that question apply to you)?

How disparate has your life become?

If you would like to contribute to my previous thread HOW DO YOU CONNECT THE DOTS, please do so.

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Comment by Jake Maverick on October 31, 2013 at 1:21pm

got really bad for me for about 8 years ago. already been put on the blacklist for jobs about 3 years before that. then forced from my home, lost all papers, bank account etc. been homless ever since. locked me up for a bit----lots of memory losss fromt hat period. been dossing down with so called family ever since.

no benefits for eight years and not allowed to work without papers. try to make a bit of money from building computers----but they nick the valuable parts, vandalise others....just wnt stop. had a little bit of money from my gran when she died few years back, which enabled me to start doing that. viertually nicked the lock...leaving me very little to but buy and sell with

it wdn't usually make economic sense to persist on this scale- but i try, just to try and contribute soemthing/ keep myself busy. last few years been targetting me through my ebay account in somebody else's name as well....just few weeks back had some psycho smash up my face, the front door...nicked about 130£ worth in cash and parts----then suspected pigyobs threatening me and my disabled dad over it few weeks after that.....that was the last of my money, every last penny i had so cost me far more than that as i have nothing to make any with now....

looks like my front teeth are going to fall out as well....

Comment by Annie on October 31, 2013 at 2:19pm

Jake, makes me really miserable reading about yr story. For what its worth, you are the winner still standing after what has been done to you. They lose. Destroying a persons life, make people lose not only their families and friends, belongings, savings and even push people over the edge, leaving this life, can never ever be anything else than a gigantic failure. No matter what the reasons would be, justifying this in the end, when this is all over (and here I am assuming one could be, "we did it for science-saving lifes and curing deseases in future"..) It is, and will for ever be just such a gigantic monumental failure. Take care/Annie  

Comment by Cedric on November 1, 2013 at 1:22am

Yes, because of numerous hospital bills this year due to electronic harrassment. I was able to work last year and lost my job due to the difficult conditions and the savings i put aside is drastically diminishing.

Comment by djgTheMediaLady on November 1, 2013 at 7:25am

THANK YOU Jake, Annie, Carrin, Cedric and Chanath:  I hate it when people say, "You're not alone."  But in this case; I'm going to say a version of that.  If it were not for the work of PeacePink and this forum for discussion, good humans like all of us would be walking the Earth like zombies, near death (if not dying from complete disgust), reticent to recourse.  There ***is*** light at the end of the tunnel (another one of those sayings I dislike) but the train tracks in the tunnel are filled with bumps, head banging, side streets, got cha's, poking and proding...  and pure absolution THAT we suffer.  The world in which we live seems to be DESIGNED to injure.  Supported by the judiciary, emergency management systems, lawyers, paralegals, health care sciences, retailers, wholesalers... INJURY is a commodity that requires 'fixing' and everyone has their hand out wanting a piece of the pie.    THAT there appears to be the 'doers of evil' (sabotage) whose sole purpose is to destroy a person's ability to "make it" in life is what this madness of TI's is about.  And the foregoing is why I asked the question of economic disparity.  The hidden vices of mankind (the secret societies, et. al.,  as it were) might be well advised to 'let up' and cease and desist.  There ***is*** a higher Order to life and it's about ready to release to those who have suffered at the hands of the mal-users of the Earth.  EVERYTHING comes full circle... everything!  Thanks for taking the time to respond everyone!  ~Debra (djgTheMediaLady)  Florida, USA

Comment by Jake Maverick on November 1, 2013 at 9:38am

thanks Annie, djg and folks....

but no winners here....

i know i'm targetted for political reasons--- can't see how i could possibly ever been much of a threat to them. so mostly because they enjoy it.

if there is a light at the end of the tunnel the laws of physics have been supsended again and it collapsed asymetrycially into it's own foot print long time back....

fact is i been homeless for eight years- but no livng expenses though. not a penny in income all that time....cost of food and this prison not paid for by me....if family dies b4 i do what then?


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