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He wants to copy your brain:

Ray Kurzweil track record is long as an arm . He is the inventor , author and visionary future . He has been a pioneer with his inventions in optical reading, speech recognition, electronic musical instruments, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

"We can combine the current advantages of human intelligence , especially pattern recognition, with the things that machines are obviously better at ," says Ray Kurzweil .

His name is on the synths and the Swedish Academy used his technique for optical reading when its dictionary were scanned and made available online.

Ray Kurzweil has started nine companies , and he has received many awards, including the U.S. National Medal of Technology .

The 57 -year-old Kurzweil does not mind being controversial.

In his latest book, "The singularity is near : When humans transcend biology" , writes Kurzweil to human intelligence and computer intelligence will eventually merge . We will not be able to see the difference.

In an interview with Computer Sweden's U.S. sister magazine , he explains how he thinks.

Your idea of ​​copying the human brain's structure seems pretty wild .

- It was not until recently that we could image the brain with sufficient resolution . But now there are five or six new brain scanning techniques. For the first time we can see what happens in the brain when we think .

- The amount of data we collect about the brain is doubling every year. The fact that we get data from specific areas, we can quite quickly put together detailed mathematical models of them.

- A conservative estimate is that we have access to a very thorough and detailed simulation of all brain regions in the late 2020s.

- Ten quadrillion [ 10 raised to 16] calculations per second is enough to make the same calculations as the brain all share. Japan has just announced that two supercomputers going to make it in 2010.

- Question to ask is whether we are intelligent enough to understand our own intelligence. Maybe it is a property of complex systems - that they can not be so complex that they understand themselves. But it turns out that this is not the case.

But why should we recreate the brain that software when we already have it in biological terms ?

- It becomes very powerful . We can then combine the existing advantages of human intelligence , especially pattern recognition, with the things that machines are obviously better at .

What will happen to the computers in the future?

- When Moore's Law is obsolete , we will have three-dimensional molecular computers . In the late 2040s , a cubic inch with nanotubkretsar to be a hundred million times more powerful than a human brain . On the software side , the machines in the 2030s to access their source code and improve it in a faster, iterative [ with many retakes ] design cycle . So in the end , these systems much more intelligent than humans. They will combine the advantages of biological and nonbiological intelligence. I do not see this as a non-human invasion of intelligent machines . It is something that grows within our society.

- Long before computers will become a worldwide web of computing capacity . When you want to come to , for example , to gain access to a million computers in 400 milliseconds.

- At the beginning of the next decade, slides to be projected directly onto the retina. How do we get monitors that are very small , while they are big ? You put them in glasses and displays the image directly in the eye.

What do you mean by that computers will disappear?

- They disappear in our clothes and in our environment , and they become very small. We will also drop the notion that computers are connected to a network , but not part of the network. Instead, each computer node in the network. You will not only send and receive your own messages , you will pass on other people's messages. It will be constantly self-organizing , all communication links are constantly looking for the most efficient route.

And what do you mean we humans merging with technology?

- We will be able to have intelligent machines , nanobots [ nanotech robots ] in the bloodstream. In the late 2020s , such appliances considerable capacity for calculations , communications and robotics. Nano Technology of white blood cells would be able to download software for a particular pathogen and destroy it in seconds. It takes hours for biological white blood cells. And you can let billions of nanobots enter the brain through the capillaries . They can improve our ability to think and really broaden human intelligence .
- We will go outside the limits of biology . Your current " human body version 1.0 " is replaced with a dramatically improved version 2.0 with a dramatic extension of life.

What can the version 2.0 do that we can not already do?

- A scenario is virtual reality directly from the nervous system. Nanobots can turn off the signals coming from your sensory organs and replace them with the same kind of signals you would get in a virtual environment. One can then move their body in the virtual environment . This can work for all five senses and for the neurological counterparts of the senses. One can visit the virtual environment along with anyone else that a meeting. And you can archive experiences.

Will our innate biological intelligence less important ?

- The non- biological portion will increase by a factor of a thousand every decade , so the biological part will eventually insignificant. People are considering this and are horrified . They think that now we become machines. But when they think of the machines we have today , and it is very simple machines .

What are they working on it for the future?

- The good news is that it becomes more and more important. Finally consists increasingly important in IT . The trend is towards specialization , so what IT people can do is try to get people in highly specialized areas of communication, and get their computer systems to communicate.

Are there any downsides to this ?

- I am very worried about the wrong sides . There is already an existential risk - that we can wipe out all of humanity with nuclear weapons. But now there are other existential risks. We can construct biological viruses . The tools and knowledge needed to do it is much more dispersed than the tools and knowledge on how to build an atomic bomb , and the adverse effects can be much worse.

- In my book , I wrote that the last thing we want to do is lay out the genome of dangerous viruses on the web, but that is exactly what the U.S. Department of Health has done with the 1918 influenza virus.

What really far in the future?

- In the 2100 's, we have filled up all the matter and energy in, on and around the globe with technology to support computer processes. Therefore, intelligent calculations to be spread to the rest of the universe. If this transfer to the rest of the universe goes fast - in a hundred years or so - or slowly - billions of years - because if we can manage to circumvent the speed of light as an upper limit to how fast information can spread . I think it's possible.

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Comment by Sally on November 30, 2013 at 12:59pm

What a disaster in the making. If they used these technological advances for the good (like killing viruses) then great but it will be controlled by the wrong hands and used for evil as it is now. When are these crazed scientists going to stop trying to turn man into machine, it goes against every law of nature.

Comment by Richard H. Lovelace Sr. on November 30, 2013 at 2:39pm
This is against GODS law if people think that they won't use this for biological warfare like they did after the cold war with diseases they are being fooled.none of the above will take place,GOD created man in his own image.These people don't understand they don't fear GOD what so ever and they harm GODS children with their technology and this is against GODS law.RAY warned them about the dangers of nano technology if it was used for evil purposes and this is going on today,they used this anyway.I have try too make them understand but there not listening and this is more dangerous for humanity than anything. GOD holds all power over heaven and earth and the earth is his footstool.All this needs too be changed and set GODS people free from harm,control and diseases.The love of money is the root of all evil. THANKS AND GOD BLESS.
Comment by LIM SC on November 30, 2013 at 9:10pm

hi, i like to throw in my 2 cents here for discussion.  I saw this gadget on internet ( detector for human presence by detecting heart muscle electric field, which makes up over 90% of human body emitted electric field, to ensure the heart keeps beating and doesn't stop.    Does it cross your mind that heart muscle electric field maybe the interface to track TIs ?  And it also provides interface to interupt the brainwaves ?   Implants near heart area ?

Comment by Warren on December 1, 2013 at 9:00am

As for mind uploading technology, yes it is a huge potential disaster that may already be occurring. It can result in illegal mental cloning and enslavement of mental clones that is difficult to track. There needs to be stricter regulation to stop cloning without consent.

Watch out for perps dividing us from the scientific community altogether though, it leaves us without weaponry contacts and blinder to the sciences involved.  Perps seem to love division tactics.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on December 1, 2013 at 9:15am

I personally dont think GOd has a hand in this for good or bad. That means humans may be developing technology that mimics the tissues that make up our brains and bodies-after all we are simply complex machines. As our current systems break down, we may be able to utilize new developed tech to prolong our lives. I dont see a GOd who cares enough to stop this torture and abuse of technology much less making anyone live longer. All the bible is is a bunch of words. If it helps a person believes in some all powerful being, thats good, but when it comes to something actually happening, Like everlasting life, then we as humans need to come up with the ways on our own. SO I see this tech as something that is being abused and misused but the tech itself bears much promise for our future. 

Comment by Martti Koski on December 1, 2013 at 9:55am

I believe that we cannot undo inventions. The nuclear power in good and bad is invented, and we have to live with it. Only think what we could do is make ethical and moral framework how new inventions would be used. There is bad examples in history, counting black people nonhuman etc.

In worst case Annies brain could be copied, and after some parts are taken out, as undesirable, and put put some other person brains on this place instead. After this copied brain is patented, and sold 900 dollars a piece for people who need some human thinking. Of course this brain is not counted human, and it has no human rights but everybody who has bought it , can use it how he wants. This is the way we are going, and if we cannot people aware, nobody will stop this.

There is a good piece of it on my favorite online magazine Veterans Today. Naked transhumanism I wrote about same thing on my diary:

I have made a new link on my mindcontrol page. It is Sophia Smalstrom about one hour lecture for   synthetic biology, Chemtrails and Morgellons disease.

 We live now in  world a bit like  George Orwell  described in his book  1984 , although it is many way different than Orwell imagined it. Orwell did not imagine telescreens, that can be used also for listening people  thinking, remove parts of memory,  change personality, and many other things.

Sophia Smalstrom  gives a hint ,  on her lecture, what our world would look in future. It has some similarities  of   Aldous Huxley book “Brave new world”, with industry needs based  production of Alpha ,Beeta, gamma  and epsilon humans. Of course - similarly as George Orwell book  - in reality  future would have much  differences for world that  Aldous Huxley imagined.


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