Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Hi the perps are convincing me Im in hell, that life is an illusion, this is
hell and there is no such thing as a God of goodness, or that the God of
Goodness is also the God who tortures. I know this is completely illogical but
my brain is being seduced. I have discovered that EVERY person who has been in
my life has been involved in my abuse, starting first with my immediate family,
then extending to realtives and friends. No-one has ever truly loved me and they
say it has something to do with what ive done in past lifetimes. If they've all
been like this I can see why. I live with my mum and she's now forcing me to
take medication and suggestively threatening me with torture. They want me to
submit to their way or they are going to abduct and torture me in person. I have
dug thru my past, letters and photos and my whole life has been a staged event.
Maybe they are right, I am a tortured soul in hell for eternity they want me to
Im so scared now Im passing the point of hope, they have even convinced me Jesus
is a lie, good religion is a lie, the entire world is a lie.
Please someone give me some hope, some light....LOVE is true isnt it?? Its not
just a programmed concept thats been installed in my mind. I am lsoing hope,
losing my mind, losing everything I believed was reality.

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Comment by Soleilmavis on June 27, 2011 at 7:53am

Mind Control torturers are followers of Satan and Beasts

Comment by hassanmcv on June 27, 2011 at 10:41am

Hi Sue,

Please never surrender, dont give up! Be strong! Stay on the good path as much as possible, God will help you if you keep faith in Him. Don't loose faith.

They lie to you. They lie to you! And to force you to belive to their lies they broke you down. After broke you down, they found a way to make you believe in what they repeat constantly into your head. That way they found, you can break it by having more faith in God. Read the scriptures, pray, enhance your faith and keep away your doubts, they use victim's doubts about God to make the victim doubt more and moreon Him and on life. But they might succeed only after break down the victim.

Keep fighting Sue, resist, ignore what they say. Ignore them is not easy, I know, when those evil people talk into victim's mind and torture her/him physically and mentally.

Ignore them and not communicate with them is the way I use to fight them back, mostly I cut the communication when they talk/ask/suggest/broadcasting my thoughts/saying triggers into my head by saying to them "GO TO HELL:"(in french "ALLEZ AU DIABLE!"). Sometimes I just laugh at them or insult them.

Dont let them fool you. And resist when they torture you.It s a warefare they do to us. God give us the strengh.

Even you would do all they want you to do, they would ask you more and would never stop to torture you. Never surrender!Never give up! Never obey to them! They will never win! It s them who are the big loosers. Even if they can control our brains and body and organs, they will fail! They will fail to control our SPIRITS, our SOULS.They will fail to control us! We fight to stay free and never obey, convey with them!Coz we know how much they are criminals! We know how much they are evils!

We are here to expose and to show them and to the future generation and the public that they will fail in their evil project to control the people. They ll never succeed. We ll fight for FREEDOM til the end. No matter what we loose in this life but we ll never loose our freedom and never be their slaves. And we ll be the winners in the hereafter. This day will be our revenge! And I hope and I m sure that God will punish them in this life, if myself,I dont see that day in this life, I m sure to see it in the hereafter!

It s them who are slaves. They are slaves of their master who order them to do what to do to torture us and break us and then control us;they are slaves of their masters, and their masters are slaves of Satan.

We, we are not slaves of evil. Never! We do all our possible to resist and keep good and FREE!

We keep our goodness, they lost it.

We fight for FREEDOM, they lost it.

It s them who are in the illusion with their evil power and money, they are not free  any more, they sold themselves to the evil people.

We keep our soul, they lost their souls. They sold it!

They are the BIG LOOSERS, not us!

It s an illusion they want you to believe that they are living in power,money,love family and hapiness,and  us under tortures seeing our life stealed. Yes we suffer so much but in fact they lost everything as they lost their humanity by doing all that evil they do. In fact they lost everything when they ll enter into the Hell for ETERNITY for what they did, and we, we ll success when we ll enter into Paradise for resisting and bearing all the sufferings and keeping our faith in God.


I totally agree with Soleil.


God bless you Sue and Soleil and all the victims of tortures of mindcontrol, wars....


Comment by hassanmcv on June 27, 2011 at 10:52am

They make us live hell (with a little h).

They ll live Hell (with a BIG H).

Can someone tell me who are the BIG LOOSERS?

God bless you all

Comment by D. Brown on June 27, 2011 at 2:29pm

And remember,

I and others on here may not know you personally outside of this forum, but I guarantee you that you have love here.  Based on my conversations with you online, I think I know your heart a bit and I can truly say that I love you and I care about you and the pain that you are going through.  And like someone else said recently here (can't recall who at the moment) we are coming together here for a reason.  There are a few liars here and there, true, but all in all the majority of those here give a damn.  So never feel like you are totally alone even if it is just some poor soul like myself across the damn globe somewhere.  But in this case, I do hope that one day we ARE alone when it comes to this.  This ain't the happiest of occasions to come together and unite.


Much luv

Comment by D. Brown on June 27, 2011 at 2:30pm

Hi Sue.  Well one thing for sure is that they have not only made me doubt that God loves me but on occasion have succeeded in making me actually curse him.  I mean by saying, "F--- God" when they tell me that I am evil and that they are doing what God wants them to do.  Just remember that God is waaaay more intelligent and aware than we humans give him credit for.  Don't know why I guess it's just the pride that we all have to believe that we know so much, including what God thinks and feels lol.  The truth is that no matter what the perps make you feel like and what they make me blurt out sometimes, THEY DO NOT KNOW GOD!  No one on this green planet knows him including the so called holy man of God on sunday besides what he chooses to reveal to us in the bible, not saying anything against all preachers but let's be honest.  We all know they there are some shady people claiming to be God's gift to us.  Well for some reason my and others perps including yours like to claim God.  I have come to find out that at least some of my perps belong to the church of SET.  How do I know?  They used to tell me that they were all set.  I figured it meant they they were financially secure until I found out about this NSA perv.  Google it.  It is Michael Aquino's satanic cult, a highly respected NSA cat and he used to be the lieutenant colonel of the U.S. army and the head of the army's mind control program.   So you know that if the NSA can appoint a known satanist with a high ranking job, then this stuff here is definitely satanic and don't let ANYONE including some TI's tell you that there is no such thing.  Obviously a dude like that in the NSA believes in the shit and no matter if it is a fairy tale or actuality, the dude is pure evil regardless and the NSA supports this guy.  I  am not disrespecting anyone's beliefs or non-beliefs so I am sorry if it comes out that way.  But facts are facts and to be truthful, we don't need satan and his demons to be attacked by wickedness.  Mankind does a pretty good job of being evil on their own and this electronic harassment is one bit of proof. 


With that being said though, look at it from the perspective of your faith being tested.  And obviously they don't want you to have faith in God or Jesus because for one, it gives you hope.  Hope equals strength and that just makes the perps job that much harder when you wake up in the morning and you believe in something other than their dumb asses.  And one more thing for certain.  I highly doubt that God would be sending his 'servants' to tell you to stop trusting in him.  Smile babe.  If anything they are just jealous of your strength, something they CAN'T have because they are wimps.  And also, remember that most of the time it is a recording and not live voices.  If it keeps repeating itself like a needle at the end of a vinyl record then there is your proof.  Calm down and think about what you are hearing and why.  You will come to realize that they are trying to destroy something valuable that you possess. Which is faith and love.  You can shake faith and maybe even destroy it, but love is the most powerful force in the universe.  No one can take that from you Sue.  Love is still alive and well these crazy last days.  It's just that we have to align our expectations with today's reality.  And going through something this crazy and painful, we tend to become extremely needy of love especially when it seems that everyone is against us.  And if we will only stop trying to FEEL love (especially around perps or people who just don't care) then we will become more stable and grounded and not be drained when people aren't what we expect them to be.


Keep your head up and hold on to your inner beauty.  Let the ugly stay ugly.  Don't let them turn you into the animals they are.



Comment by hassanmcv on June 27, 2011 at 10:06pm

What they do to you with your beliefs, they do the same with your questioning about some events happened to you on your youth, Sue.

They use your questioning, fear and doubts on what happened when you were young to confuse you and lead you to believe their lies.

So easy to them as they can get access to some of your secrets. So easy to them to manipulate you after broken you down by 24/7365 tortures.

Get up! Resist! Fight! Don't let them take over you!

Get your freedom back!

It s all we have left.

If we accept their lies, we ll never get free from this crap!

Comment by hassanmcv on June 27, 2011 at 10:44pm

And Hope, Sue. They use your hope in a better life, your hope in the end of this s...

And give you false hope, false explanations, lies. They know your weakest points and know where to put their tricks to make you believe them, trust in them and have hope(false hope).

They said to you: "life is an illusion", oh yeah for sure they use illusion, not only on you, on us, victims of mc, but also on all the people around the world (politics, media, education, entertainment,....).

I mean, Suzy, they can make all that people believe in their lies without targeting them, what s about us who are victims of their experimentations!

Easy to them to make us believe that our family and people around us are involved by make us hearing voices (they can morph any sounds and any voice and imitate any relative's voice). And even if in some cases family are involved, if you can your family, forgive them (by the love of God), if you can't, God won't force you(to forgive), just do the best you can with the help of God.

But dont believe them, you dug through your past and they manipulate you, they lie to you and you know that! You know they are wrong! You know that deep inside of you!

It s just you re so scared so they manipulate your fear too.

It s just you want to still hope so they manipulate your hope.

If you loose your love to God, you ll loose everything! (love,freedom, hope, strengh, wisdom.......Paradise).



Comment by steve ahmann on June 28, 2011 at 3:11am
they did this same crap to me...just hold on and you will get through it.
Comment by suzy on June 28, 2011 at 4:35am
thanks guys........what about all the people we are surrounded by with mental telepathy. Do you really believe its technological or are they demons. Every person i come across now has esp on me and not using it for my good. I guess its coz my family are involved my entire reality has turned upside down, this is what has made me think this must be hell!!
Comment by Annie on June 28, 2011 at 5:24am
Suzy, Its not demons, its technology and we are by most certain all their labrats. Pls try to understand that most likely, your family is not involved. The ones doing this to you/us wants you to beleive that, so that you will be even more vulnerable. They manipulate with your perception in your brain to get things twisted and make things look what they aren´t. Its psycological torture and brainmapping./Annie  


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