Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Whenever your human energy field is exposed to a two way digital communication screen which is attached to a digital device that is registered in your name all electrical activity which is occurring inside your body and your brain is uploaded to that two way digital communication device. If you happen to be using a two way digital communication device which happens to be registered in the name of someone other than yourself then in that case the electrical activity which is occurring inside your body and brain will be rejected by that digital device. If you should stop using any and all two way digital communication devices the information already gathered about you and which is continually being stored in an information field under your name will not be deleted. Members of the intelligence service and others can read that information field containing private information about you whenever they wish while using special reading devices. If they see you in a public location you can be automatically identified by your facial features or by a number of other methods and the private information from the information field about you which they by now own and control is made available to them for reading. These criminal elite and others can use energy stored in your energy field to immobilize you if they wish. They can also bio-robotize you by using a similar method and they have already bio-robotized a number of unwilling and non-consensual individuals in order to make them physically walk and talk against their wills. They can even force them to commit acts of evil against their wills.
I am in continual contact with these scientists and their staff via direct human communication which has come to be known as voice to skull or microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy because I myself am now going through the process of being bio-robotized through unknowingly allowing my brain and body as well as my human energy field to be exposed to my own two way digital communication devices.
The capability to manipulate the nervous system of a human being by the use of electromagnetic fields which are being emitted from the monitors of two way digital media screens is patented under patent number US6506148B2 and this patent was filed by Hendricus G. Loos.
The capability to control and immobilize an unwilling human being by controlling their central nervous system is patented under patent number US6965816 which was filed by Richard C Walker.
How do we solve the problem of unknown others being able to both immobilize us and bio-robotize us by remote wireless means. Should we ban all wireless capabilities across the world? Should we ban all HAARP phased arrays across the world because it is being claimed that they needed to enable these technological capabilities? Should we ban all microwave transmitters? Should we use pulsed weaponry to destroy all of the information fields which have been both illegally and immorally gathered on us so far? Should we disempower the unelected and privately owned United Nations because both UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 30 are both enslavement protocols. I know that individuals who work inside the United Nations and the Council for Foreign Relations and many other worldwide forums intend to enslave us by wireless remote means because I have been subjected to wirelessly transmitted voice commands and wirelessly transmitted pain and othe phenomena for many years which have brought me to the edge of dispair on many occasions. This enslavement method is invisible to the extent that nobody knows about it until they suddently become subjected to it without warning. Please act now to pull yourself back from the brink of enslavement while you still can.

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