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Here is Toronto Police report on Non Lethal Weapons I reported.

Here is Toronto Police report on Non Lethal Weapons I reported. Please see their statements highlighted with colorful lines.


Highlight 1 ( page 2):

“He also supplied an information sheet on “ Sound as a Weapons”.

Highlight 2 ( page 2):

“He speculated that the rays might have been nuclear in nature.”

Highlight 3 ( page 2):

“Subject but had been to his doctor and had been told to move out.”

Highlight 4 ( page 1):

“The subject related what seemed to be a totally implausible situation.”


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Comment by Lez on May 10, 2013 at 5:48am


For TIs who have, or will have one day or  the other,  to deal with officials , whether doctors or police officers , it could be important to read what Eleanor White wrote  . It is specially written for TIs,  to help them  be listened to, and  eventually with some consideration or at least seriousness. . The text is very clear and easy to read  . Iis on her random collection  at OSHI .

We should  also keep in mind that most police officers KNOW the kind of situation , of evil doings by or with waves ,  but they are not supposed to start investigating on this subject. In England they ( policemen) once  used pulsed waves on peaceful women demonstrating for their rights. ' see Barry Trower 'stestimony on this matter)

Unfortunatly , if NGO, media , and journos  do not speak up  with more determination,or anger   then  w'll go on exchanging shielding infos ( which is of course  extremely important and vital) and   we shall keep on backing up each others.... only. , which is also extremely important , of course.

In Europe , we probably need  mass  street pacific demonstrations to make more people aware of the problem and situation, and change the police attitude towards TIs

Am I an idealist ? 


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