Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

How has it been allowed go on for so long? Leaders who turn their backsand a Congress that ignores our pleas for help?.It’s called organized gang stalking combined withtorture/ terrorism using high t…

How has it been allowed go on for so long? Leaders who turn their backs
and a Congress that ignores our pleas for help?.
It’s called organized gang stalking combined with
torture/ terrorism using high tech (emr) weapons of war. It is, at
least in my case, primarily being carried out to cover up human
guinea pig experimentation and research & development engaged in
by the industrial - corporate scientific/ medical establishment, a
community with everything to gain and also the means to cover it up.
This writer lost her right to privacy in the year 2004 and began being brutalized by electronic weapons in 2007.

Stanford Research Institute, intelligence contractor to the Pentagon – trail blazers in cutting edge technology with a history of abuses of involuntary American civilians used as human guinea pigs for
high risk, amoral and unethical standards; so much so that there isn’t
a formal Institutional Review Board
in this nation, or any other country that would give its stamp of approval for criminal activity.
So, they get to cover their hides in top secret black budget
projects... labeled “ top secret” and “national security” so it doesn't
get leaked out to the masses and wake up someone on the block.

My personal case involves SRI in collaboration with U.C. Berkeley Military Weapons Laboratory, IEEE, Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, et cetera and Lockheed- Martin, black budget aeronautics industry giant and black budget profiteer who brainstormed to carry out this horrific terror campaign being waged against me.

HOW does this happen in the United States?

HOW are evil demonic little men allowed to commit these crimes against humanity? HOW can our leaders point a finger at countries using
torture for control of a population when our own government ranks right up there with the best as top contender in human rights abuses?

We are living in a country that allows children to be sexually molested, raped and abused and the rest of us used as voodoo dolls for their pleasure... “pleasure” in this case comes in the form of pain and suffering and death threats. Depraved “elite(?)” individuals wielding powerful glorified weapons that do for them what they
cannot do for themselves, and they get to view it all from a nationwide electronic surveillance network by means of electronic satellite technology. These pseudo respectable members of society get to mix themselves a martini, sit back in front of the television screen and watch what is going on free of charge for their personal sexual gratification when they need to feel good about themselves… And, as an added bonus, they get to do it all hiding in the shadows from a remote location! And, who would ever be the wiser? ........until the day
comes when they are standing in front of me in a court of law and are no longer feeling quite so emboldened.

Spy technology and weapon technology that has been underway for decades with even more advanced applications to do even sicker things being patented all the time – technology designed to be able to invade
every organ of the human body to cause illness, disease, torture and
death to an individual OR large populations of people. With these
weapons in existence and the people who are behind the weapons
running the show, no one will ever again know if their arthritis,
rheumatism, crippling, illness and disease was manufactured by
artificial electronic means or luck of the draw.

Because the weapons are stealth – silent and undetectable, they get away with it and as Retired Colonel John Alexander, a career military man referred to as the father of
non-lethal and psychotronic weapons, USAF officials and other top
military leaders were reassured that – "...anyone
who speaks out and complains will be considered delusional and
mentally ill."

Stanford Research Institute, Lockheed-Martin and all of the John Alexander’s who exist in the established order of things and think that it is okay what they are
doing have turned torture into an art form. I wonder if ret’d Col.
John Alexander received a Congressional metal of honor for his hard
work and dedication. I know his chest was covered with metals.

Countries listed as the worst violators of human rights abuses has the United States of American on the front cover. Human scientific medical experimentation to keep the United States on the cutting edge of technology and daring to go where no man has gone before with no consideration for ethics, human dignity, decency, integrity or honor – things that once made this country a great nation.

This country's new value system seems to have been revised by Corporate American and the ideals are now power, greed and control. That these people exist, are in charge, and apparently in very large numbers within the government is truly frightening in terms of any kind of future that one would hope for.

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