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How to block v2K/Voice to Skull technology

There is a guy called Gary Owens, who has started up a group called Targeted Individual Awareness, or TIA, he is really interesting to listen to and knows what he is talking about - please join this group, a lot can be learned. This is what he said could be shared about how to stop v2K:

There are only two ways to block Voice to Skull, and you can spread this around and maybe someone with sort it out and help me! You can block the signal with a jammer, you need a broad spectrum jammer same as the prime minister users to clear an area of all potential phone calls so a bomb cant be triggered, this works. An anti RF fabric round your bed in a frame, you need to use several layers, each layer weakening the signal top and bottom as well as sides, no gaps.

Or you can block the signal by matching the resonant frequency of your body with and exact same match opposite in nature, this will cancel out the scaler waves leaving it neutral and so no sound.

It depends which version of voice to skull you have as to what you do to stop it. I are working on several methods but i dont have the funds to mess about experimenting etc. There are earthing issues re the bed cover idea must be earthed to drain it.

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Comment by brian bovo on April 8, 2017 at 10:26am
The whole blocking is a trick. It's more about balancing ionic, electrostatic flows.
Comment by K Ok on April 25, 2020 at 12:51am

Hi, I really need your advice. I have been a victim of voice to skull for over a year now and it has been torture for me.

How do you use a signal jammer?

Also you said you can block the signal by matching the resonant frequency of your body with and exact same match opposite in nature, this will cancel out the scaler waves leaving it neutral and so no sound. What exactly do you mean by this? What does one have to do to achieve this?

Comment by superhello on April 25, 2020 at 5:41am


Nice to discuss electromagnetic with you, we could help each other I wonder


Tunnels has a depth of 2000meters etc , which could against electromagnetic and find on the website ?

mine tour, part of the 1600-meter mine, which also could against electromagnetic and find on the website ?

Please pay attention to the health and safety of COVID-19 and comply with the law?

Comment by K Ok on April 25, 2020 at 11:58pm

Hi Sperhello,

I don't understand your comment. Can you explain what you mean?


Comment by mcEBSTACTICXX on March 26, 2021 at 7:29am
I too am also a victim of v2 k and these yucks implant thoughts of child molestation and rape . One time I was having sexual encounters w my boyfriend and these yucks were in my head telling me my daughter was being raped . They tell me that stuff so my guys and private area would hurt and it did hurt .wat can u do too tell me things to block it. Like in laymen's tems ?
Comment by PeaceWarrior on June 9, 2021 at 11:43am

Glad to find a place where others are experiencing what i know is genuine .. But it is grievous knowing this is going on. if only there was a way to fight back, making it so annoying for that they feel the opposition. Why i wonder is there not an authentic method for just blocking this. if this can be created, then why isn't there an anecdote. i understand that the radio hearing effect is the interceptor and i have been having to do this every single day. so grievous knowing that this is what my future days hold. I am pressing on and doing my best to try deliberately to enjoy life. What i hate is that stalkers (who ever they are) have any power to change the course of a persons life. for example, while i love music, i would not blast it this loud every single day during the main hours that i have to. its like dodging dodging; thats not freedom, however it helps. If only there was a way to send it back right to their heads. Oh God why does this have to be our life experience! Sending Love and light (and prayers up) for you all!


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