Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


1. Spray the sky with highly conductive metal particulates such as strontium, barium, aluminum and titanium in order to ionize the sky.
2. Transmit three beams of bi-directional electromagnetic energy to an area of the sky and cross the beams over whatever area that you wish to show the God image.
3. A moving image can then be projected onto that area of the sky.

In past centuries, images were mounted on a rotating disk and then projected through a magic lantern onto a screen such as the while gable wall of a church and this method would produce a moving picture. By this means and others, people were fooled into believing in organised religions. A confused and fearful citizenry are easy to control and manipulate.
When we inhale and ingest highly conductive metal particulates and other artificial nano material they enter our blood stream and pass our blood brain barrier. We can then be made to feel strong surges of electricity pulsating throughout our bodies. Our muscles can be made to move against our wills by the use of neurological weapons. Digital signals can be transmitted to the motor cortex of our brains and to our central nervous systems which allow others to take control of our brains and bodies for short amounts of time. One of the cover stories which is being used to cover up this scientific and technological ability is demonic possession. Demonic possession is a hoax which has been entirely created by the use of science and technology.

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