Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Our brains are now being interfaced with without our consent by means of the internet of bodies capabilities. Unique sequences of EEG patterns which are being generated by our brains are being transmitted to computerized control systems where they are translated at high speed into the emotions we are experiencing and the thoughts we are thinking. In some instances peoples thoughts are being replied to by means of bio-communication where we are being forced to hear simulations of voices which we perceive as coming from inisde our own heads. This capability has been enabled by means of non-consensual implantation, ingestion and inhalation of dust sized particles which go on to fuse and intertwine with the tissues of our brains and bodies. When this occurs, bi-directional streams of low frequency electromagnetic energy connect us to supercomputers and computer networks for the purposes of remote analysis of our thoughts, words and actions. Data is then continually stolen from our brains and bodies and transmitted to unknown remote locations while other information is being intentionally transmitted back into our brains and bodies for the purposes of both physical, mental and emotional remote control.

During this process, illegal brain to brain interfacing with non-consenting and/or non-consensual men, women and children is enabled. During this illegal brain to brain interfacing, an unknown criminal who during the brain to brain interfacing process is known as an encoder and who works from a remote locations is able to control the body movements of a victim who is known as the decoder. The encoder is facilitated to achieve this undertaking by means of other colleagues who help him or her to control the facial and body movements of the victim from a distance. The encoder can make the decoder hit themselves with their own fist or fall over or even commit a serious crime and this can all be made to occur without the decoder even knowing who the encoder is or where they are located. The encoder can make the decoder speak words and whole sentences against their own wills. This crime has been covered up for many decades by using various cover stories such as the one where the decoder is wrongly considered to be demonically possessed or even severely mentally ill.
Because these illegal operations are classified under black budget military science they are being conducted under deep cover and are denied by senior unelected officials whenever senior politicians enquire about them.
Because most if not all elected politicians, most police, most main stream media personnel, most psychiatrists and most medical practitioners remain uninformed of these capabilities they wrongly assume that those who complain of being electronically harassed and tortured from unknown remote locations are mentally unwell. This then leads to those complainers being wrongly diagnosed as being mentally ill and incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals where they continue to be electronically tortured as well as also being forced to ingest neuro toxic psychiatric drugs against their wills. The aforementioned scientific and technological capabilities are patented under scientific patent number US6965816 which is also known as the Richard C. Walker internet of things scientific patent.
I and many other Irish individuals who a personally know or have contact details of are being subjected to this crime and I have been a subjected to it on a continual basis for nearly eighteen years.,
If a decision is made to censor knowledge of the contents of this email or someone attempts to discredit the contents of this email , then that individual is guilty of attempting to cover up knowledge of ongoing torture in the world which would possibly indicate that such an individual may be benefiting financially from doing so.
Please expose this crime today. Please organise to have all scientific and technological infrastructure which enables this crime to be committed disassembled and banned as soon as possible so that we can continue to live as freely as we have always done without needing to ask for permission to move our own arms and legs which is now the case for some targeted individuals.

My email address is
My website which I alone own and control is called

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