Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS FOR LOVE, PEACE AND HEALTH TAKE ACTION ON Tell Secretary Napolitano to Stop the Raids TAKE ACTION ON Dear (Sen. John F. Kerry, Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee, and Rep. Howard Berman, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee), TAKE ACTION ON "Congress should change its rules to require that non-emergency legislation and conference reports be posted on the Internet for 72 hours before debate begins." TAKE ACTION ON Our work means nothing without your support. Your feedback will help us do our work better and provide you with better tools and communications. Thanks for taking 3 minutes to fill out this survey. TAKE ACTION ON Help America’s Children Get Off on the Right Foot for a Heart-Healthy Life! TAKE ACTION ON Support President Obama's Budget TAKE ACTION ON Demand your Senators make bailout accountability the law! TAKE ACTION ON Let States Set Their Own Marijuana Policies TAKE ACTION ON Call Your Member of Congress: Give D.C. Residents a Voice in Congress TAKE ACTION ON TAKE ACTION ON Across the globe human rights defenders face various forms of persecution in their everyday struggle for human rights TAKE ACTION ON Call to help Obama pass his Budget! TAKE ACTION ON TAKE ACTION ON Support Development Funding for Afghanistan TAKE ACTION ON Help protect women's health. TAKE ACTION ON TAKE ACTION ON Speaker Pelosi is Under Attack for Speaking Out TAKE ACTION ON Don't Let Our Tax Money go to Undeserved Executive Bonuses! TAKE ACTION ON What do you think of our current health care system? TAKE ACTION ON Help Stop Bus & Subway Cuts New York TAKE ACTION ON Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Down and Paycheck Fairness Act To Go TAKE ACTION ON Over $100 million to AIG execs? Help get federal stimulus money to the people who really need it. TAKE ACTION ON Free Burma's pro democracy prisoners TAKE ACTION ON A New Foundation for Growth TAKE ACTION ON Help Michigan's Children Breathe Easier: Say No to Coal! TAKE ACTION ON TAKE ACTION ON Tell the FDA that You Do Not Support the Ban on P5P! TAKE ACTION ON TAKE ACTION ON
Urge Your Rep. to Work For Middle East Peace TAKE ACTION ON TO: Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa — President of Mexico
=&country=1&desired_interest=&redirect_url=&city=&email=&dob=&address2=&DownloadID=&country=1 TAKE ACTION ON is an independent rewards program for consumers and is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by any of the listed products or retailers. Trademarks, service marks, logos, and/or domain names (including, without limitation, the individual names of products and retailers) are the property of their respective owners. TAKE ACTION ON As you know, we're in the middle of redesigning our Web site and merging Connect for Kids, the Youth Policy Action Center, the National Youth Development Information Center, the Forum for Youth Investment's InfoBank and Child Advocacy 360 to create a one-stop powerhouse of news, views and action alerts from across the child and youth field. TAKE ACTION ON Congress must give patients the power to decide who can see, share and sell our most sensitive information on earth -- our health records TAKE ACTION ON Support the president's budget, stop the carbon lobby TAKE ACTION ON Congress must pass the Local Community Radio Act. This important Act will open our airwaves to more low power FM radio stations across the country, and bring diversity of news, views and music to your radio dial. Sign the petition below. Your elected officials need to know that the public supports LPFM! Click here to read the text. TAKE ACTION ON Join us for a FREE interactive webcast this Friday, March 20th, 2009, 1:00 - 2:30 PM (EDT) TAKE ACTION ON Support Economic Development, Not Escalation, in Afghanistan
%252Fmobilize%252Fissues%252Falert%252F%253Falertid%253D12833881%2526type%253DCO TAKE ACTION ON TAKE ACTION ON Urge Congress to Support a National HIV/AIDS Strategy TAKE ACTION ON Health Reform Must Be A Priority! TAKE ACTION ON Ask Nicaragua to Withdraw from the SOA TAKE ACTION ON Take Action: Citigroup MUST stop using bailout funds for anti-worker lobbying TAKE ACTION ON Protect our right to water. If you don't speak out, our access to clean, safe, affordable water is at risk. TAKE ACTION ON Dog The (Blue) Dogs TAKE ACTION ON Urge Congress to Support Essential International Affairs Programs TAKE ACTION ON President Obama has introduced a budget proposal that provides the tools to fix our broken health care system. TAKE ACTION ON A New Foundation for Growth — Call Your Representatives TAKE ACTION ON TAKE ACTION ON Tell President Obama: Take Nukes off 'hair trigger' alert! TAKE ACTION TAKE ACTION ON President Obama has proposed a terrific budget that invests in education, health care and job creation. But special interests are pulling out all the stops to squeeze Republicans and some conservative Democrats into opposing Obama's budget. TAKE ACTION ON Thank you for sharing your story! TAKE ACTION ON New Networks Must Be Neutral TAKE ACTION ON TAKE ACTION ON Stopping genocide is only a phone call away. TAKE ACTION ON Think Outside the Bottle Pledge

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bernard blundell replied to Lauren C's discussion What shielding methods worked for all of you?
"Hi..I was wondering what the speaker system method consists of to deter intrusions? Thanks B"
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Download people fast videos

What are Twitch clips and what are they on the platform for?It must be taken into account that this platform offers its users various alternatives so that they can increase the visibility of your channels, nevertheless it is also necessary to create some resources that will help increase the visits to the channel twitching has offered what the clips are .From this momentum thanks to clips, viewers have the opportunity to quickly share the best moments of the broadcasts and thus the streamers…See More
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At G7 Summit, they all promise democracy , freedom and human rights for the whole world. Please send this.

You all must receive all evidence about why I launch   international (legal  ) proceedings against "them" because they have committed  terror, psychological torture and MK Ultra. Now, I provide further documents about their ongoing brutality and evil...For 17 years, I write, write, speak out and stand up. Maybe you are tired of what I am doing. But, please see what OMCT stated recently after contacting them : "Torture Destroys Societies " ; " Global Voice For Ending Torture"At G7 Summit, they…See More
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Jeremy C A Paul left a comment for davidfulton3
"Fucking unreal what happens in Australia.. with the public mostly unaware/ oblivious"
9 hours ago
Jeremy C A Paul left a comment for davidfulton3
"Yes David..  * They're now threatning my safety  - in the process of writing a complaint to Aust Human Rights Comission to be forwarded as Allegation Letter to the United Nations (hoping that it'll be sent to the Aust Federal…"
9 hours ago
davidfulton3 left a comment for Jeremy C A Paul
"Hello Jeremy ; I have personally abandoned trying, to get accountability, through any conventional avenues of accountability...I instead focus on trying, to educate the unaware, about the true origins, & purposes, of  East German Stasi…"
14 hours ago
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Victim Certificate for Evidence on Court

"How do I get this device?"
18 hours ago



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