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I'm being harassed, in spite of the details having surfaced....

I'm Dr.Bineesh Balakrishnan from Kerala, India. I was organisedly harassed since 2000, by an eminent Entrance Coaching Guru of Thrissur. All the details have surfaced about the harassment scheme, including the amount of money involved, how extensively electronic harssment was used on me, & so on...But since Kerala is such a shameless society, the harassment has only escalated. My perpetrators kept me jobless for nearly 6 months, & then gave me a job in a very famous hospital in Trivandrum( the political capital of the state). Inside the hospital false evidence that I'm disoriented was accumulated by the nurses, doctors & other staff. Now logically speaking a person who is living a day to day life(waking up at a fixed time, going to work on time & leading a normal life), can't be disoriented!! The only reason these false eye witness accounts were accumulated is because money is involved, & more importantly the whole society in Kerala was exposed to be perverted & depraved...After amassing false evidence against me, the doctors filed false complaints & got me fired from my job.....The fact that I was harassed to extremes, when I was kept jobless & also while working in Trivandrum has come out....The fact that the Entrance Coaching Guru provided High profile jobs to the relatives, & friends(most of whom were underqualified), who harassed me, has come to light...Two friends who tried to help me, ended up dead in 'accidents'....The shameless society is now trying to get rid of me & pretend to be 'a normal society'....This is farther from the truth, than anything else...I'm a specialist doctor with a Masters Degree & National Diploma....The whole society is working concertedly to destroy my future somehow....

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Comment by Sue on March 12, 2019 at 4:04am

Hi Dr

Sorry to hear of your difficult circumstances. You are not alone. Many people the world over are being abused in this atrocious way. What is a bit unusual about your case is that you are a doctor. I have not come across many doctors/specialists that are being harassed. There is one...Dr Robert Duncan. Usually they target ppl of lower socioeconomic background.

Its not unusual for the targeters to drive victims out of work. This is usually one of the first things they do, hurt you financially to make you poor and isolated. I havent worked for 9yrs due to being driven out. The way you were made out to be disorientated/delusional is also a favorite tactic they use. They did the same thing to me but through my family. The operatives of this abuse can somehow illicit people to do their dirty-work and join in to abuse and harass you. I have had family and friends and strangers all involved in my harassment.

Im sorry to hear about your 2 friends. This is an extreme thing of them to do. Do keep in mind that this covert harassment/abuse comes from higher up then just the ppl around you. The people around us are just the puppets used against us. There is much speculation as to who the operatives of this abuse are. 

Do they let you work now?

Comment by Dr.Bineesh Balakrishnan on March 12, 2019 at 11:59am
I can work well though I'm harassed..... I'm looking for a new job now...


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