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I will be sharing ... (Topic) Part - 3

Before & After - The Day They Hacked My Body - Forever I Will Talk About Them


By lots & different situations i discovered that the circle of people around me can read my inside voice, the voice when i am just talking to myself. Maybe i will not be able to share all details at this time, but i hope i could at the future. Maybe if that was right, that is the reason why i actually hacked & abused & under 24 h observation. The science reached & there is actually a device was invented that can hear your inside voice. Press the website at link; & search about it you will find that it is for real.

Please Back to Topic 2 Post & Read so You Understand what next

After along time of contacting using feeling transfer. I felt like air or a power or magnetic field that trying to move my tongue to top (roof) of my mouth and it was very slowly. And that was the reason of hacking me. At that moment it was like magic for me how they did that it was like for fun for me or super power. But now they are the same people who stole my life. But at that situation my brain wasn't hacked yet as my muscles didn't move like i am the one who moving it. But it was like something out of my body is moving it.

The day of hacking & extreme pain

At that day i felt pain i didn't feel before. It started like a headache but it wasn't a headache because it was at every place every point every piece of my brain my head it was equally distributed power (electric or magnetic field) through all my head and i swear it was biggest and highest pain i ever felt plus at certain times i started hitting my head on the table because i wasn't able to handle the pain any more. It was like burning or electric charge on your head. I was able to do nothing but feel the pain and wait it to go and disappear. After that day nothing back to normal. My body became hacked and each one of you know the rest. I will continue the next post how they was dealing with me at this transition on my life and I will be sharing everything i remember. And I don't care rather i recover my life and my body or i die talking and fighting and threatening them and i will.

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AlterEgo - wearable neural interface can read thought , so can capture v2k sent to victim's mind

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