Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I write to request you to download and save this album for torture evidence. It contains 29 pieces of evidence.

Dear UN Human Rights Council                                                                             Page:1/4

Dear UN Committee Against Torture



CC: To whom it may concern



I write to request you to download and save this album for torture evidence. It contains 29 pieces of evidence. Although my request does not conform with your standard process, I don’t have any other options because Toronto Police, Canadian torturers are now hacking, blocking everything, that is, anything you can imagine, especially, after UN contacted me.  What is your case all about? To what extent is your torture case developing? How series is it now?  Please see these three links below:







2. r...





“ After UN contacted me, please see how Toronto Police, Canadian torturers are torturing me by heavily hitting my condo’s roof and ceiling over my head and body through the whole nights. There are two Canadian police men living my condo. One is Toronto Police. Please see this video below.” 









As more and more evidence and facts are being forwarded and disclosed to some international human rights organizations and UN, they begin to express their serious concerns about my case. And, they all advised and encouraged me to stand up for my basic human rights and file a complaint  against Toronto Police and Canadian torturers with UN. I, with other torture victims tried everything in the State Party, such as, demanding a public inquiry, filing complaint with the Court. However, our processes were dismissed without exception and without viewing any evidence I/we provided. In the meantime, their acts of torture by Toronto Police, Canadian torturers have become more atrocious and more dangerous.


The state Party once guaranteed to UN Committee Against Torture that the government has no information about victims who were or are being tortured directly or indirectly by the government officials. Is that true? I received many letters regarding Toronto Police and Canadian torturers from Mr. Attorney General of Canada and Mr. Prime Minister of Canada, which you have read. In addition, all Canadian media says they have torture list in their office.


This is our situation. This is why I stated in my previous letter to UN, “our lives are at imminent risk.” As for what kind of serious consequences they are due to their acts of torture, I don’t have to mention them in here. Based on the above reasons and taking everything into account, I write this  request to you.


To sum up, I have to cite Mr. Kofi Annan’s statement again, “ Let us be clear: torture can never be an instrument to fight terror, for torture is an instrument of terror.”


Thank you for your consideration. English is my second language. Plus, I am a citizen. There must be something you cannot understand. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in any of the following ways that are convenient to you.



Best regards,



Robin Yan







Evidence list:



1)            My first report to Toronto Police, which they hid and refused to disclose and forward when being asked. Will you believe any statements and any explanations  from Toronto Police and Canadian torturers?

2)            Statement of  the Department of Justice, Canada

3)            Toronto Police report shared by the Government which did not mention anything about my first report to them. ( 3 pages)

4)            Toronto Police’s memo

5)            RCMP’s letter

6)            2 letters from Mr. Prime Minister of Canada

7)            2 letters from Mr. Attorney General of Canada

8)            Telephone intake index between Toronto Police and The Scarborough. They fabricated this intake. They refused to disclose it to me.

9)            The Scarborough Hospital’s handwritten note which testified they induced my family doctor. But, my family doctor refused them.

10)        The Scarborough Hospital nurse’s diagnostic report ( 2 pages). This nurse conducted mental status examination in my home without my informed consent. From her report, the fact that  Toronto Police induced The Scarborough Hospital to intervene can be found.

11)        2 letters from The Scarborough Hospital, stating destroying my medical record according to the law and their standard process. Meanwhile, they refused my request for the access to the voice recording to mental status examination and the voice recording of the telephone between Toronto Police and The Scarborough Hospital ( One medical expert told me they must have them.)

12)        Letter from The Scarborough Hospital’s CEO did not respond to my concerns about “destroying my medial record according to the law and the standard process” and denied my request for the access to my full medical record. On the contrary, he induced the special supervisor of Ontario.

13)         The Scarborough Hospital involved psychiatrist’s handwritten notes of mental status examination. The Scarborough Hospital stated they destroyed them. How could I get this? How did I go for second mental status examination by The Scarborough Hospital’s psychiatrist? How did Toronto Police induce my family doctor in his office? What did he say? I have explained and testified them to UN Committee Against Torture and UN Human Rights Council.

14)         Here is the memo to testify Toronto Police induced my family doctor.

15)        The Scarborough Hospital’s mobile crisis program. “ is available for individuals who are experiencing a mental crisis.”

16)        The Scarborough Hospital involved psychiatrist’s medical report. How did they fabricate this medical report? I have explained it too. ( 2 pages)

17)        Part of my previous response to The Scarborough Hospital

18)        Letter from Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services. He lied and conflicted with Mr. Attorney General of Canada’s statement. ( 2 pages)

19)        Response from The Government

20)        My transcript ( 2 pages)



Evidence album’s link:



If you can’t open any links I provide here, I believe you can find out who is hacking them.





twitter’s :


Robin Yan



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