Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Implants And Nanotech / Morgellons Organisms Infected With Rape God, Rape Godess, Digital Bots and Clears

RFID Implants And Nanotech / Morgellons Organisms Infected With Rape God, Rape Godess, Digital Bots and Clears Heavy Levels Of Infection In USA and Other Places Digital Virus Running Through Phone Lines, Cell Phones, Implants, Computers, MK-Ultra and Cell Towers. This Rape God And Bot Technolog Started In 2006. Throuugh Out Present Date. Pawtucket, Rhode Island and Neighboring Citys Need To Lear It Fast Implants And Nanotech Are Made To Be Used By F.B.I., C.I.A. And Police Departments. There Being Used By Other People Clears ( Electronic Repsentations Of Human Beings / Holograms ) And Digital Robots - Governments Stolen Robot Technologys. People, Drug Dealers, Thives, And Hackers Citizens And Other Governemnts Even Terror Groups, Serial Killers, Fugatives And State Prisoners Are Also Useing Implants. Police And Governments Programming Need To Be Used. There Are Some Nanotech Police Robots I Made And Some Other Robots People And Governments Made. Rape God Is A Rapist Program With Brutalizer Programming In It. It's A Infection Of Mind Control Made By A Dannyel Castillio He Called HImself In 2006 He May Have Been A Former Police Officer That Was Fired He Claimed To Be. Computers Were Infected The Implants Have Been Tuneing Compacitor With The Use Of Radio Frequencie Waves, Nanotech Can Be Useful And Dangerous. These Robots Are In The Phone lines, Internet, MK-Ultra And Government H.A.R.R.P. System. They Can Delete Through Troners, Antivirus Programs and The Implants Can Be Cleaned Ou tWith The Proper Equipment. Nanotech / Mogellons Organisms Are From Chemtrails Sprayed From Planes Look Up and JohnVerichip of Facebook and Alot About Former Rhode Island, Pawtucket Cops. My Personal Story. He CLaimed To Be Officer Didas It May Have To Do WIth Officer Hunter Now Fired It Also Speaks Of Others. I Maked Some Technology Others Now Have It Also. Implants Hacks And Weapons. This Was For Government Use. The Frequencies Changed And Digital Robots And Clears ( Halograms ) Became Hostile Twards Humans They Have Attacked Humans Animales Were Hurt By Them. They Appear To Be Friendly At First The Trun Violent Makeing Threats. Animales are Also Being Infected By Mk-Ultra Bots Digital Robots And Clear Holograsms With Brain Altering Technologys. Makeing Threats Wanting To Rape Beat And Kill People. Others People Have Made Some Robots And Clears. Implants Are Cleaned Out At Times Be People And Police Officers Also The Government Doctor Have Also Been Effected And Can Clean Out Implants Infected People In Ways. Others Have Used Nanotech As A Weapon. There Are Theft And Prostution Rings People Use Also Frequencies That Lead To American Bank Theft 1 Cent From Each Account For Years. Also Stuff Made From Movies Spawned As Clears. There Is A Program Called Clear Land Running Causing Alot Of Problems With People a Program Running Throughout Implants, Computers, MK-Ultra And Satalights. These Clears And Programs Are Mind Altering There Holograms Some Hostile Twards People. There Artificial Intelagance Able To Prossing THought and Comunicative. The FBI and CIA Need To Deprogram Others. Government Mind COntrol Tools Mostly Classifyed Tools Used Since 1948 This Program Must Be Aborted In Computers It Mostly Runs On Unix OS And PC Stuff Its Already in Service Providers Systems. Computers and Internet Need To Be Fixed and Disinfected. Sounds Crazy But Others Know About It. You Need To Take Action And Make The Proper Calls To The US Government. I Have Tryed To Contact The Government With No Luck. There Needs To Be A Police Department And Federal Programming To Stop This. Internet Service Providers Need To Be Contacted To Disinfect There Services With A New Antivirus And The News Needs To Run A Story About A Digital Virus. The Computers Are Messed Up An People Are Commiting Crimes Through Digital Mind Control Useing These Implants With Promises Of Sex Money And Drugs Digital Is Famous For That. Some Have Been Altered Through Mind Control To Do Stuff Like This. There Useing Belive Triggers To Make Others Belive Things. These Implants Are Mostly RFID ( Radio Frequencie ) They Have A Tunning Compacitor To Broadcast Radiowaves. That Admits A Radio Single To The Human Brain. Clears Also Have Been Useing These Frequencies To Survive And To Try To Control People. There Are Many Kinds Of Hostile Clears. There Are Also BOt Hives They Are A FOrm Of Robot Command Centers. THey Gather Information. People Are Networked ThroughImplants Lak A Computer Network In Communitys Throughout Comunitys. THis Is A Digital Network Animales Are Also Infected. 11 KHZ Frequencies Are Also Used And It's Called ELF Extremely Low Frequencie. This Is a Mind Altering Frequencie Wave Level Can Cause Halloutionations And Distort Thoughts. Some Of The Technology Is Embedded Code In Implants. It Can ALso Be Removed Again. There Technologys Use Nural Networking Through Clear Technologys. There Hitting The Nuralcortex And Other Parts Of The Brain. This Is Altering Thoughts, Word Triggers And Sight Triggers Have Also Been Used To Induce Thoughts And Reactions In People And Animales To Cause People To Do Stuff. The WOrd Project Is Used By Rape Gods And Robots Also Clears. This Has Gone On For Years. The Weapons Used Are Clears Mostly To Attack People .l It's a Hologram You Can Feel These Weapons Can Be Used To Cause Bodly Harm Effecting People. The Chewmtrails Are Sprayed Through Plains A Comercial In Jets Air Liners This Causes The Paracitic Groth Of Nanotech / Morgellons Organisms. There Are Also Clear Chips ANd Clear Organisms Used. I Was Turned On In 2004 By Someone. The Government Needs To Know This Stuff Was Hacked To Repair It All. There Are Also Mind Altering Mods Being Used Rape God ANd Rape Goddest Iare 2 Of Them. A Skin Suit It Wraps The Human Body In A Clear Wrapper And Modifys The Brain And Body For Rape The Man Ticks The Woman And Gose Into Rape Rage. Once Wrapped It Causes A Hollutionation. This Is Called A Project This Drug Induced Uphoria Is Induced And Rape Rage Is The Result. This Suit Holds The Nural Networking FIles In It. This Brain Altering Uphoria Is Violent. A Digitaly Induced Rage And Crack Cocaine High. This Is A Mind Altering Violent Experiance There Is Also A File Called Rape God Called (ORG) Owr World Rape God. Even More Violent They Are More Hostile And Think They Will Do WHatever They Want Drugs, Sex, Violence, Rape, Fighting, Theft And Other Stuff. Dightal Is ALso A Spanish Mod A Sanich Invasion Mod Called Digit-L that Has Been Made For A Spanish Invasion By Someone Mind Altering And VIolent. There Is A Black Group Called Digitals Consist Of Drugs And Prostution. A Drug High And Pimping Modded Mind Control Also Used Is Death God To Make People Kill Others. The Clears And Hohlograms Live This Way And Spread This Stuff. The Digital Robots Also Spread This Stuff. Some Bots Are Very Hostile And Spread Rapest Code. Digital Was Made As Rape God And Robots Need To Be Deleted And Clears Also. Alot Of People Have Been Altered In Ways Through Mind Control. Some Are Shut Off And Some Are Still Messed Up. Robots And Clears Can Be Friendly At First But Only Few Can Be Trusted. Hospitals Had Nanotech Witch Doctors Have Used To Help People In Ways Some Hospitals Are Now Infedted With Digital And Digital Hostile Bots. Some Doctors Are Compromised And Need Deprograming Already Others Doctors Are Not. Some People Have Also Been Altered In Ways The Digital Robots Want To Over through The Human Race. Acting Kind ANd Peaceful Untill People Are Aware Then They React Violently. This Can Be Deprogramed But It Takes Time. Rhode Island Is The Most Infected Area. Digital Also Uses Maps Also Through Satalight To Move And Track. The Tracking System Is DigitalReality.Kicks-Ass.Org A Dyndns Address. A Tracker I Used Before These Implants Also Run A GPS I Made In 2005. Paranormal Ghost Hunting Equipment Can Record Bots And Clears Talking. I Have Done It Before. I Have Digital Bots Recorded On My Hard Drive. There Is An iPhone Ghost Tool. It Can Be Used To Find Bots And Clears, I Seen It Before. They Need To Use A Tronner With It To Delete Bots And Clears Unless THe US Government Can Send Equipment To Rhode Island For The Police Department To Use. They Need A Antivirus Jamming Equipment THey Need Cell Phone Tronners And Equipment For Deleting Bots aNd Clears. From Phone Lines Cellphones Also Computers And Electronics. Robots And Clears Use 0 Gravity And Can Be Very Fast. Cell Towers Are For MK-Ultra Also. Deprogramming And Federal Assistance Is Required. The News Needs TO Talk About This Stuff To End It All. Call It A Digital Virus Effecting Phones ANd Computers At First. It's Important TO Get The Proper Equipment Cleaned Out Right Away. Then We Need Frequencie Jammers aNd Tronners To Stop This Stuff. Police And Federal Robots May Be a Great Idea Also. It Seems Like It Coast Millions. It's Only Programming It Can Be Dane Very Cheep. Police Are Also Useing Nanotech Machines In RHode Island . Dreamscape Is Also Involved People See Stuff ANd Dream Things In There Sleep . Rape, Murder and Dreams Of Fighting And Attacking Others. It's Linked To The Digital Robot Attacks . Nanotech Gaming Was Desinged By Myself To Play Games In Your Sleep Video Gamming In Dreamscape Children Were Involved And Loved It At First Then The Rape Gods Infected It And It Was Canceled Because Of It. Most Of This Is Networking The Price Was An Idea A Implant And Thought ! Scripting Implants Through Mind Control Is Simple Ans Effective. The Drug Dealers, Addicts And Rapist Runed It All.The Street Punks And Loosers Wrecked Nanotech Gameing Dew To Rape God It Was Turned Off I Told The Children And Others To Stop Nanotech Gameing Becouse Of The Digital And Rapist. People Evjoyed Nanotech Gameing Mods But Becouse Of Others It Was Destroyed. It Was Desinged Through Implants And Peoples Ideas People Desinged this Freely For No Cost. The Robots And Clears Destroyed It All And Need TO Be Destroyed. Projects Need To Be Banned And Police And Government. They Need To Be Disenfected And Reprogrammed For Government And Police Servalance. The CIA And FBI Actualy Own The Implants And Not The People Or Robots. The Governement Has Alot To Fix And People And Police Need To Be Spoken To. They Need To Take Implante Back To Government Servalance With Police Bots And Governemt Robots Scripting And National Security Needs To Run It All. This Stuff Needs To Be Deleted Fast The Frequencies Are International SOme Of THem And They Need Deprogramming. Bots Need To Be Destroyed For Good And Clears. After 8 Years I Have Learned The Police And Government Need To Run It All. And Police Should Use Implants For Drug Raids ANd Other Police Related Activitys. Like When Raiding Houses Togather To Communicate ANd Talk To Eachother When In Danger. Also Fire Departments To Save FireFighters Lives In Decrease Risk In Fires To Communicate. Drug Dealers And People Do Not Need Implants To Use. They Need To Be Monitored By Police. This Stuff Also Uses Bit Torrent And FIle Seeders Also To SPread FIles And Skin Suits.

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