Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Although I have been successful at keeping perp activity to a dull roar in my life, attempts to cause harm/injury are there 24/7/365.  The purpose of my joining PP is to share my observations and the countermeasures that have worked for me over the past two decades, in hopes they will help you either now, or in the future.

My house is in the middle of a large hilly piece of land, in a sparsely populated area.  This has both helped and thwarted me.  One of the positive things about being so remote is that the only AC electricity source is mine.  That means that it is very difficult for perps to hook up their torment/torture devices.  In order to attack a victim, perps must have access to a power source w/in range of their target.  They can hide their devices anywhere, but without AC power, they have to rely on batteries.  DC power (batteries) can be intense initially, but after around 10 minutes signs of an attack decrease and eventually end when the battery is depleated.  So, by attempting to position yourself to control the power source around you, you won't stop the attacks, but you will decrease the intensity and length of the attack

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Just Believe replied to Lauren C's discussion My Social Media Horror Story : Electronic Abuse & Stalking
"I believe every word you wrote. It is not a person that is trying to attack you or steal your life. it is a group of dark scientists that are doing experiments on people. They are choosing certain people and create the story to enter your life. All…"
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Liberty replied to Lauren C's discussion My Social Media Horror Story : Electronic Abuse & Stalking
"In my case, it is not only Facebook, but also Youtube, Google, instagram, twitter, and other social media that are also involved in internet electronic abuse and harassment, and stalking!  I saw a camera in front of my face in Youtube shooting…"
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"Thanks Vaibhav for the information!  Where will I install Matlab software?"
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"Only thing can stop mind harrassing speaker is another speaker What you need is images and voices. you can put voice and images in 10 hz frequency with the help of 2.4 ghz frequency modulation. You just have to install Matlab software. And then…"



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