Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Injectable Programmable Electrodes are being used to enslave us.

To Whom it Concerns,
Weaponized programmable nano technology is being embedded in our bodies where it is being externally remote controlled over long distances by individuals who have malicious intent towards us and they wish to make us suffer or die if we refuse to agree to be their remote controlled slaves as well as to sign over all of our property to them. Do not trust a rushed untested so-callled covid-19 vaccine which has been created to treat a virus which has never been isolated by any government.
I believe that the covid-19 vaccine will contain dust sized electrodes which will permeate the human body and brain. These dust sized electrodes would then be used to remotely measure, stimulate and control the muscle activity of the human body. By stimulating different electrodes inside the human central nervous system a variety of different body movements can then be generated. Also by stimulating different electrodes inside the central nervous system the human being could be remotely paralysed by unknown individuals who would do so from an unknown remote location. Therefore I believe that if you accept the covid-19 vaccine you will be physically remote controllable and remotely enslaveable.
I believe this because it has already happened to me. My physical body is under partial remote control and has been so for nearly eighteen years. It is becoming more so as the years go by. I can not prove this because when my muscles move others believe that I move them of my own free will which is not always the case.
For further information of how spinal cord electrodes can be injected through human skin for the purposes of affecting and partially controlling neurological function please listen to an online lecture by Professor of Bio-Engineering , Douglas Weber who works at the University of Pitsburg, U.S.A. The aforementioned lecture is to be found at the youtube link
According to information some of which I obtained online from Alison McDowell who has a youtube channel called Alison McDowell and whose biography I include at the bottom of this email and according to other information which I obtained from a worldwide financial expert and former United States senior politician called Dr Catherine Austin Fitts, Bill Gates has been tasked with having us all vaccinated with nano technology in order to colonize us down to our cells so that we are then transhumanized. Once the nano technology is inside us it will then fuse with the tissues of our bodies so that we can be remotely analysed and so that our body and brain data can be remotely harvested. Further to that, other information could then be transmitted into our bodies and brains for the purposes of controlling our beliefs and thoughts as well as for the purpose of partially or fully controlling or physical movements including our speech. Our data such as our thoughts, words and actions and our bodily functions would be digitalized. That means that the data being generated by our brains and bodies would be turned into ones and zeroes so as the enable digital harvesting of or data as well as digital programming of our brains and this would occur against our wills and without our awareness or consent in most cases at least. Through harvesting our data the would-be slave masters would know if we were complaint with their laws, many of which are unjust laws. Further to that, according to the information I obtained from the aforementioned online sources, United States politician Michael Bloomberg would run the worldwide police state/open prison. Your body would be your prison and I believe that if you were non-compliant you would not be legally allowed to leave your home or worse, your neurological function would be remote controlled in such a way as to render you physically unable to leave your home.
JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sacks would collect the data which is harvested from your body and brain and their computerized system would analyse your life to find areas which could be improved upon. You would then be denied access to certain goods and services in order to lower your carbon foot print. JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sacks would then take a profit fro this so-called service. They see individuals as burdens on the world with a carbon credit rating. We would all be given smart contracts with corporate slave masters to the extent that we would not receive a universal basic income unless we were compliant with their demands and unless they were enabled to harvest all of the data from our brains and bodies.
In order to set up and maintain this transhuman enslavement system they need Block Chain Identity as well as both 5G and 6G in order to track all of us in real time in the surveillance state. Our human genomics will play a role in how we are profiled. Stake holder capitalism is fundamental to this human enslavement system. The would-be slave masters create a derivitive market which would then be worth trillions of dollars they they would profit off of our misery. They would then make big money on the creation of Hedge Fund Markets which are not funds that benefit human kind. Hedge Funds are funds that concentrates wealth and power in the hands of the super rich. Debts attached to us are being bought up by Soft Bank, The Vatican, The Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund and others. Ian Galloway is the name of the man who is the central figure in the San Francisco Federal Reserve who is setting up the bond markets necessary for this human enslavement system to work.
The type of people who the would-be slave masters need to help them build the world wide police state are those who work in smart energy, big pharma as well as coding.
The wearing of masks is submission signalling to the slave masters. The covid-19 pandemic is a hoax. People are dying from electromagnetic radiation poisoning from the switching on of 5G and other people are dying from ordinary flu and their deaths are being miscategorized as covid-19 deaths. The lockdowns would continue until such a time as there is no freedom left and until there is no independent income left. We must resist the lockdowns as well as the wearing of masks and we must also resist any and all vaccines. As soon as our duly elected politicians are fully aware of what is really happening they will quickly have all wireless enabling infrastructure disassembled and banned forever. However, they are now under attack from bio-digital programming because they are forced to work inside smart grids almost every day of their lives where their thoughts and beliefs are easily externally controlled.

The following is a quote from Devvy Kidd to be found at the following online link
" Is Dr. Anthony Fauci Guilty of Negligent Homicide?, Oct. 27, 2020: “In 2009, Dr. Anthony Fauci co-authored a paper about the Spanish Flu Epidemic that rated it as the most devastating modern pandemic. It swept the entire planet in the wake of the First World War and caused millions of deaths.“In studying this major and actual pandemic, what did Dr. Fauci and his colleagues find? They discovered that most of the victims of the Spanish Flu didn’t die from the Spanish Flu. They died from bacterial pneumonia. And the bacterial pneumonia was caused by…. wait for it, wait for it…. wearing masks.“The intention then, as now, was to halt the spread of the disease by wearing masks, but what actually happened was that an “unobserved” pandemic of bacterial pneumonia was unwittingly created instead.”

Alison McDowell – activist and independent researcher from Philadelphia has being extensively bringing to the surface for years now the harsh reality of what the likes of the world economic forum, agenda 21 and the fourth industrial revolution has mapped out for the global population. In her work, Alison covers a great deal on the future of education and how children are being turned into data commodities even as early as being in the womb onwards. The block chain smart contracts, block chain identity, machine learning, social impact bond and impact markets for behavioural engineering. Alison has given online youtube presentations where she talks about the Vatican banks ties to all this, Bill Gates, Goldman Sachs, Walt Disney being the main funder to Unicef’s innovation fund that is drones, AI, VR and Blockchain too name but a few. The Covid trigger, Id2020, silicon valley and the datafication of all life under a one world surveillance state.
Dr Catherine Austin Fitts (born December 24, 1950) is an American investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush. She has widely written and commented on the subject of public spending and has alleged several large scale instances of government fraud.
I myself am a victim of wirelessly enabled remote controlled technological harassment and torture for approximately eighteen years. What I am experiencing is known is being remote neural monitored combined with being remote neural manipulated. It is also known is being wirelessly connected to the internet of bodies. I believe that it is a fate worse than death but I could be forced by external control means to say that it is a tolerable or even pleasant ongoing experience which is definitely not the case. I have the contact details of about fifteen other Irish individuals who are now experiencing the same experiences of being wirelessly harassed and tortured by unknown individuals who work from unknown remote locations as I am. We are not being believed by officialdum. Why is that? Are state officials under the same or a similar digital control process as I am?
Yours Sincerely,
Margaret M Fahey aka Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, My landline home phone number is 0949360901
My website which I alone own and control is called

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