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Interdimensional Question and Space as an Option

Hi there, 

I've read some stuff on here suggesting solutions. 


-be hopeful but also logical. 

-there is no point spending what little money you have on technology to 'shield' you, think about it. 

-they have all the blood money and decades of research to ANTICIPATE what you would use. 

-this cannot be fought scientifically. 

NEXT, there is a lot of evidence from TI's that there is a manipulation of TIME, therefore REMOTE VIEWING or interdimensional travel is being used. 

-this does not have to mean that ALIIENS are involved, automatically.

-it means that the world government/ humans have had enough MONEY to research how to do this. 

-my guess is something to do with TESLA, research it. 

-this also means that your only solution for this is SPIRITUAL. 

-I know that sounds crazy but I am not just makes sense. as well science is beginning to discover that physics are actually driven by CONSCIOUSNESS. 

-so here you are, a helpless guinea pig in a maze... trying to understand what is happening to you.

-you have been chosen for the very reason that things you do, choices you make, would actually threaten this dark side and have a significant impact, do not be discouraged by 'them'....focus back on your connection to God and belief that this will end. do the best you can to remember goodness, do NOT let them take it away from you, THAT is the point, as unimportant as you may feel, there is a reason for everything and you are not just an average person, read what other ti's have to say and realize they are people who did not sell out, who had big hearts, who believed in TRUE FREEDOM. 

-like the bible says, in the last days, you will not war with flesh but with spiritual powers. 

-that being said, your best weapon is FAITH. develop it. 

-i know that's the last thing you could have in a time like this but it really is your best hope. 

-these people believe they are doing the 'work of God' just like nazis tortured in the name of discovering knowledge to help them. 

-you have to understand that they are just like religious zealots, cults that have no questioning ability, almost like zombies, they think you are a human sacrifice to better humanity. 

-also called 'the great work' or for the greater good. 

-study their belief systems and realize they don't believe anything is evil. they believe in balance and that evil and violence are necessary. 

-the devil has convinced them and you can never outsmart the devil, only refuse to listen and then turn to God. 

-as for escaping to space, I can't say I have the answers but I do know that the technology we have to end this war are already implanted naturally in every human being, choice. 

-you have an inner communication system with higher powers, USE IT. 

-you can consciously decide that you want higher powers to intervene. 

-DO SO. 

-prayers done with a clean heart that will harm no sentient beings are far more powerful than anything done for revenge. 

-do not ask for revenge. ask for this satanic presence that is gaining its power over the masses and has been planning this take over since before kennedy was assassinated, to be removed from earth, forever. 

-ask for all of humanity to be brought back to God.

-ask for intervention from the highest power, LOVE.

-keep praying because it is the strongest energy.

-remember to pray with no attachment or impatience, just know that it is being heard. have faith. 

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Comment by Avneet Kaur on August 29, 2015 at 12:57am

Ok, well honestly, survivors need to know what's really going on...and in the beginning they don't. They think that people are getting some minor bonuses like u mention cellphone plans. No, actually, look deeper and you'll realize that they are all required to follow a cult, masonry. This cult is the pawn handling system for the higher ups. It is a genius form of control to organize the masses of pawns they have working for them.

The reasons they do it are many and as intelligent as the puppet handlers are, they've used human psychology to cover every base. Here are some layers, social acceptance. This one is big. What they use against us, they use for them. Us, ISOLATION, them, complete social ACCEPTANCE AND LOVE. 

They know the use of this angle. An online video game creates addiction through group belonging. Humans NEED a group and human contact, love acceptance and will do ALMOST ANYTHING depending on who it is to achieve this. Most of what we do, is propelled by this need. Buying cars, clothes, marrying, following social norms and morals, all to belong in a group. 

Next, they give them a sense of IMPORTANCE. They tell people they are 'saving the world' and that they are 'superheros' 'angels' is also a big one. 

Next, the indoctrination and total obedience into their RELIGION which is really what it is, comes slowly and in steps. Another part of IMPORTANCE, they are told they are privy to 'secrets' only for the CHOSEN. 

See where I'm going with this? Try to imagine the average person denying this...Now blend in FEAR. Fear that if you don't join them, YOU will end up like the target. That is not a good alternative...which would you take? 

So their religion slowly creates a belief change as they show parallels of Jesus and Horus, and then intelligently parallel all religions...which is so much more logical to believe than being brought up in only one. The questions every human has about the meaning of life are actually ANSWERED. This creates a stronger belief. Also they don't ignore questions about evil and why bad things happen in Africa to starving kids, for example. They answer them. 

So eventually, even though the initiate can see that they are praying to a new god, one with a horned head and that believes in sacrificing others for power, and strongly encourages black magic etc, could go on and on...but even though a sneaking suspicion may wiggle it's way into the subconscious , that 'hey this isn't really right, is it"....the initiate continues. 

Ask why. 

Would you be willing to tolerate and look the other way, if a satanic religion offered you a better lifestyle, friends who acted like 'family' a brotherhood, they ACTUALLY call each other brother so and so, or 'sister so and so'....they recognize each other in public. It is a protection against dealing with the real world. Like the rest of us 'profane' do. Imagine going out into the world and feeling protected and cared for. They take care of job prospects, loans, court rulings, education...finding love. YOU NAME IT.

So would someone sign up if there was nothing offered in return?

Would you agree to follow the devil, if it didn't mean money and friends and hollywood connections? 

We won't know...because right now, this is the NEW WORLD RELIGION that was predicted by many...and i'm not a christian or an aetheist...but i know that many religions say the devil will easily rule in the end times. Judging by the fruit of these people, their self righteous arrogance, their aptitude for torturing without remorse, for judging without waiting for God's judgment, their approval of revenge, hate, actually they LOVE people who have a lot of overpowering control over others. They believe in having a strong will and overpowering another's will. Which is what causes fear in so many. But their darwinian leanings mean that survival depends on fighting it out. 

Anyone who read that people would easily follow the devil, couldn't imagine anyone blindly following satanism. But the fact is, the devil is the deceiver, so it's very tricky and a slippery slope that these people get trapped in. They don't realize what's's a seduction. Period. 

I cannot over emphasize how clever the seduction is...that it would easily claim many by showing how easy life can be...and I don't mean just money. I mean not having to worry about friends, family acceptance, who you are in this world. I have researched their religion and I myself was lured by the symbolism, the folklore mythology, the beauty and the relaxation of having theories that figure everything out for you. 

Furthermore, imagine these people as being like the kids who got to go to the secret clubhouse. They get handshakes, symbols, jewelery and signs everywhere that THEY BELONG. They are very power addicted as well. Imagine seeing the white house and every church or corporate building with a sign of YOUR CLUB. This is what we're dealing with. 

At the end of the day, resist conforming to the seduction. Remember who you are. Remember God and YOU KNOW deep down what God is....LOVE. Love would not condone torture abuse rape implants, EVER. 

You would never forgive yourself for being a part of as little as u can, day by day, get thru this dark time in humanity. Have a little faith that something good will come out of what u have to, to escape the pressure and night mare. Food, walks, tv, ANYTHING is a LIFESAVER and u are a good person...most of all....STAY ALIVE. 


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