Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Before addressing the severity of reading please listen the music and watch the video, with your heart and with your breath, until to be freedom. Imagine if one day this freedom there will not be more, shut inside the oblivion of humanity. What else is right getting up in the morning and shout to the world the word Freedom.

The true, I love you.

I hope that what is revealed does not disrupt your life, but if this will be dangerous read-only, you just think to that person who lived it for real, who is survived for his freedom and right to life, denouncing everything of this slavery, denouncing everything of this false illness, denouncing everything about this system of lies and conflict.

I write you for the truth of daily tortures and inner slavery. I hope this will stop the vile abuse secret.

Thank you for your reception.

Dear Freedom's world,

I am a younger, simple person. Today I write you for a serious personal situation, dangerous for the world.

My life is impossible every day. I try to live my life ignoring the problem and some times I can take relax and respiration inside myself. Last weeks this was impossible.

Please to understand with max attention.

This story started about five years ago and more.

In the spring 2009, I suffered a terrible crime. I was a simple student of university in Trieste city(Italy). Some strange electromagnetism arrived in my life on my body. This invisible magnetic presence gave me terrible pain to led me near a place. Through a system with kinds of electric shock torture on my body, I was driven near a wall of a street, with a paper on it. On this paper I could to read a animal sought, and two numbers phone wrote on it. In that moment the invisible presence moved my right arm. I was forced to take the two numbers phone to call them. I called just a number. In that moment a strange shot like laser's sound changed my life, in terrible life.

The shot entered in my head through my ear. In that moment started hell's vision in my life. It was a terrible moment. Some weeks my body did not work. My mind it was destroyed. I could not understand simple communication or simple sentences on books. The outside world became a real hell through my eyes.

Everything was rated as mental illness and was hidden the truth.

It was very hard to find a simple condition, alone in that secret.

After some months my condition was better. Some times I had a very good health condition. But in this five years I went in hospitals several times. Medicines, doctors, alternative therapies such as acupuncture, reiki, shamanism, qi gong, meditations won only temporarily for my health, but the problem was not defeated. The hell's vision often tortured my soul in these years. I saw hells and die humanity with my eyes and my soul. I suffered demonic torture. I was tortured for my thinking's slavery. I was tortured so that there was not ability in my communication. No communication of my own thoughts, nothing capacity of reasoning and of the organization. So that there was separation with other humans, so that there was no communication of thought with other humans.

One year ago and more I met some new friends. They helped me for my story. I started to say the truth about my story. I started to practice the best living and look helping. The problem it was not defeated, but I found the force to say the truth. Some months ago I went at police for denounce the crime. It was made. I gave them detailed descriptions and a practical aspect to be investigated, the phone number. Now the police investigates the crime. I wait them for further develop. Some months ago I try to write others mails to denounce. While I worked for this, it started the demonic torture another time.

Since the shot entered in my head, my own breath and my own conscience could not act inside the head. The head was conquered with violence by unknown presence of authoritarian submission of the soul. The soul had been placed in a prison of thought. Penalty for the soul to his rebellious attempts to regain his brain was punished to terminate his rights and enjoyment to live, falling into hell. What it entered into my head was reflected equally in the heads of all humans, so i saw human beings as if they had this one material in their head. While it is true that the sun makes our lives, and how the fire so the water, and the stars for the infinite universe, within absolute certainty I can reveal that the shot entered into head like a sort of insulation "magnetic rubber", through this one the soul is isolated from life emanating by sun and stars. The soul was locked inside prison of hell and slavery of thought, inside a world without life of stars. So I could see humans without breath, as dummies, no emotions and thoughts, enslaved as a robot, placed in a state of action in total forgetfulness of the living being, that is a condition where you have forgotten everything about the memory of life and love, in a state of exclusive thinking in the acts to be performed and the total forgetfulness of everything else, human programmed in a visual perspective only acting for their slave labor. While I was living this visual condition, if I tried to share any form of verbal and emotional contact, use my mind and then act toward other humans, I received punishment by the "magnetic rubber", with other kinds of demonic visions, this one was made of dead ​​old thousands of years in the same humans with whom I intended to interact. A kind of slavery hell inside the prison of every true vital pulsion. The same thinking was circumcised in a working range, it was supervised and delimited from entity boss unidentified, limiting these vital actions with blackmail hell. Lift the own head to the sky and elevate the own vital nervous force were forbidden through infernal mechanisms induced by the "magnetic rubber." The sky itself was made ​​in the visual perception as closed and finished, so to raise the forgetfulness of the stars and of the natural right to freedom, own of life's infinite.

Now I can go on, but I am a victim of slavery in the head and soul every day. I would like to feel the truth's world near my condition, maybe with any respond and communication and feeling and action.

Now I am living, luckily. Now this is the problem.

There is in myself a sensation like a electromagnetism wave near the solar plexus and the heart connected at the head. This wave manipulates my vital energy. This wave subdues my vital energy and my soul. It is like a device of control on my psyche-mind. It is like a false program of soul. It wants to stop my understanding of the way of life. This wave stops my choice to look inside myself, it stops my ability to guide my choices and my soul to wisdom, compassion and happiness. It kills awareness. This wave stops me every inside action and every personal intention. It stops me my good wish, my mind, my rational thinking, my nervous reaction force, my will, my freedom, my free thinking, my free life. It wants govern my inside world, it wants govern my life. It wants give me bad feeling and bad action. It separates the connection between my soul and the life in the human peoples. It is like a boss-machine. It can generate false voices, pictures of various ideas and information within the mind and body to program the direction of life. It subdues my soul and my will. It gives me visions in the world. It gives me illusions and negative sensations. It kills the love in the heart and in the soul. It stops my harmonic respiration giving me bad feeling with others humans. It is a principle of separation and conflict between human peoples. The wave's presence moves between my head, my heart and my spinal dorsal. The wave's presence gives me bad feeling, demonic torture, than It says me: I am god, I save you, you are a bad person, or, you are a good person I am god and I choice to live inside you. In this way It gives a sure inner slavery. I can't to study and to read a book with peaceful, the wave torture me and my understanding. I can't write or communicate my own thinking, the wave gave me demonic torture for this a lot of times. The inner slavery's wave can to program the wake-sleep circadian rhythm, it can to destroy my sleeping and resting. This wave can soffocate my respiration. This wave can hold the breath. It can separate the brain and breathing. It can steal the breath from its own natural essence and natural condition, it can program brain and breath.

The wave stops the action of consciousness to go in the back of the head, brain and spine. The wave separates the forebrain and hindbrain. The wave can separate my thinking and my head from the consciousness of the spine. In this way separates the thinking and the physical perception of the body. So think may lack the physical consciousness and the relative quiet of the soul into the body and its present. The body consciousness undergoes an arrest of thought and then action. Body consciousness without thought or action without peace and oppression continues on the breath. It is a torture's system to get a bad action without glossy choice, but only a consequent reaction to pain. The wave can stop the ability of understanding and reasoning toward own body, how you're using it and how you can improve. It can stop any self-observation. It can stop any mental faculty about the understanding and self-rehabilitation. It can stop everything about the power management, including self-education of own body, in order to limit the actions toward execution mode without self-awareness, lack of self-observation. It is possible to act without understanding about what you are doing and how you do it, without the ability measuring, understanding and discernment between what you would like to freely choose and what you are doing. The commands of own will mental are deprived of the ability to observe, to measure, to understand and resulting free choice, so acting toward execution without understanding, without lucidity and awareness. The consciousness that observes his own body in action can be suppressed, so it is destroyed every comprehension and rehabilitative measure of self. The same observation can be masked by false ideas of what is observed and thus deprived of the true reality, it can be stopped in the knowledge of real experience. The arrest of the ability to observe and measure understanding are the foundation of this slavery.

The vital consciousness of the will, which runs through the spine between the sacrum and the cerebellum to reach the brain, it was stopped toghether with the breath, it was dropped to the base of the spine. The brain consciousness is separated from that spinal will. The brain consciousness is kidnapped, so it is led in a world of illusions, forgery, lies and slavery.

What is this slavery?

The will of the consciousness is enslaved. Any intention by your breath can be instantly hijacked from its choice and direction, it can aim to a different location of goal. The intentions are arrested, abducted and programmed at a time instant. The programs create new actions. The program stops the actions, it diverts the actions.

The programs take place for the intentions that precede their own choices and their own internal states of mind. The wave can program the perception of oneself and one's state of mind, projecting everything on the cerebral visual consciousness. So a forging of their own moods and personality is set within its own body, breath and heart.

This wave claims to be God, it remains between head and heart, it program you such as a robot.

The wave stops every will from the area of the heart, through its jet magnetic from the head. So it stops everything about the free observation.

The focus of consciousness can be stopped and diverted to the surrounding world against own intentions and will, so led on the particular environment that you want more or less, in any case it is moved, no free. The focus of consciousness can be reprogrammed in a distorted perception of reality, in a world of illusions, most beautiful, ugly or demonic, however false and which do not correspond to those that are natural and real phenomena. Then, the wave of demonic torture claims to be the god who defeated the demon, within projecting perceptions of the soul in the worlds of apparent beauty, falsification of reality. This lie wants to pay back the soul of torture, and in the silence of this secret and slavery.

The wave separates the soul's connection with the nature of the planet and stars in the universe.

I was tortured for my will to stay in nature, between trees and flowers, for my will to enjoy the sea, the stars, the sun, the moon and flowers. The wave does not want the soul's connection with the universe and with other human souls; the wave uses demonic or mental torture to separate the soul from the whole of life.

The inner slavery kills my freedom and my life. The suffering is to much because the wave's presence can separate the soul and every life's essence, this is terrible.

Slavery of consciousness/brain has no limits. Everything can be stopped, destroyed and re-programmed: thoughts, moods, emotions, feelings, intentions and will. Did you know what is a robotic emotion? A false program of the Soul? It is a terrible torture,it is to live without life.

Everything can be stopped and re-programmed. Listen to some music, feel the rhythm which stimulates the pleasure of dance and movement, this can be completely destroyed. The feelings and emotions that music can arouse, everything can be completely stopped, wiped and reprogrammed through false ideas and information with no life, no real pleasure of life. The same applies to all life experiences, especially for the experiences of contact with other humans, and with all the essences living. Every real experience can be stopped and re-programmed by false ideas and information, without vital nourishment, without vital pleasure, as death. The wave can deny the real-life experiences, through locking systems of perception in the soul. In this way, the wave claims to be God, for your slavery. Every real experience becomes the property of this wave, false god. All authentic feelings, emotions, intentions and thoughts become the property of this wave. All attemps of reasoning, all rebels attempts of observation and understanding are stopped by this mechanism. This wave claims the name of god or the name of an ego which It tries to disguise itself through false ideas personalistic, inside the true personality of own original essence. Intentions and reasoning are stopped through others words too. Between heart and heads, these words( god, I, beautiful, illness, ..and others..) aim to confuse and inhibit trust, and any attempt rebellious action of own true nature.

Everything can be reprogrammed, completely separated from the universal essences that make life and pleasures in their natural state.

This wave/god claims to be the boss of world. Everything in this world is the property of the wave/god. Every perception of things, food beverage and any tangible property of any size, everything is acknowledged as the property of the wave, absolute boss of the world. This boss gives you the living in this world, it gives you the projecting about your living in this world. Through its system of illusions torture and pain, this wave brings you in a perennial escape from your present and a consequent and continuous possessive and morbid attachment to material goods of this world , in the absence of any true enjoyment of soul.

But I am a simple person, these are some my values: affection, family, the humans relationship, tolerance, thinking's freedom, soul's freedom, truth, friendship, the hugs, the kisses, the tenderness's contact.

The inner slavery can to stop every good intention and every will near the others humans. It works with an invisible inner torture. In these five years I was tortured with demonic visions for my will of love, for my will to meet others humans in love, for my will to express affection and life's optimism inside humans relationships, for my smile and my laugh with people. This is the most terrible situation of life.

But I act for non-violence.

I would like to cry, to express my pain, but the wave can stops the flow of my emotions. I would like share the joy with friends but sometimes the wave can stops the flow of my emotions. I would like express my active force everyday but the wave can to stop my actions. It stops my soul and my will.

But I want love. I act for the love in myself, with my family and friends. I act for the truth of the soul. I act for the love of the soul.

This my life is impossible. There is a bad in myself without love but it is not me, it is a manipulation by some unknown power.

Please answer me and help me.

Now I prefer to stay anonymous.


..What else is right getting up in the morning and shout to the world the word Freedom..

Please leave comments or personal ego in the silence of this universe. Contact for solidarity actions and resolutions to these atrocities.

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